November 28, 2012


PARTY TIME: A Holiday Party Style Guide

It's the most wonderful time of year! Prime time party season with a complete line up of holiday socials, great feasts and the biggest bash of all... New Years. Yet with every soiree we need another suave look to compliment the occasion. This is, after all, the last impression we will make in 2012. So let's make it memorable!

Cocktail Parties and Office After Hours

This is where you can cut loose and let the stress fly away....just don't cut so loose that you end up hitting on the boss...(unless you think it might actually get you that raise...wink wink... ) I always suggest that for cocktail parties sleek and chic are the best way to go. Fitted slacks or dark wash denim (clean cut - no rips, tears or abrasions) with a smart dress shoe is always a good fit. Pair a sophisticated plaid or solid button down with slim fit V-Neck sweater (fun pop colors this season; Robin Egg Blue, Kelly Green & Orchid/Purple). Don't be afraid to play with texture either. Delve into some velvet or corduroy to add an air of elegance.


Bring on the Roast Beast!

This season always brings together family and friends, and there is no better way to celebrate such a gathering than a grand seasonal feast! There are several great style options to help you look your best while sharing a meal with your loved ones (however if Mom is serving her legendary ChurDucken...perhaps you shouldn't wear your skinny jeans to the table...just sayin'') Keep it casual and don't over think the look. A simple button down shirt or sweater always matches well with a fitted jean. Accessorize with a vest or blazer to give a snazzy flare! Depending on how casual the meal is, you can rock a fun devil-may-care look with a vintage tee under a vest paired with a converse style shoe or weathered boot. Bon Appetit!


New Years - the Ultimate Party

This is your last, you better make it work! The ball is about to drop and it's your last moment in 2012... you must look your best! Start the night off right, choose a fitted dark denim and a crisp button front shirt and top it off with sleek blazer. The look that you want to convey is one of sophistication and seduction. After all this is your last night with Lady 2012 and you want to make it memorable! This look is perfect for the pre-party, drinks with friends or perhaps a light dinner. As you move closer to midnight take off the blazer, roll up your sleeves and loosen a button it's time to hit the dance floor! The time is getting close....5..4..3..2..1....


Universal Gear has amazing style options to fit you for every holiday event. Check out our Blazers, Button Down Shirts, Holiday Sweaters, Seasonal Denim ,Pants and Footwear


September 02, 2012

Limited Edition Reebok Sneakers Inspired from Keith Haring Cartoons

As a company that boasts it's fashion forward nature, Universal Gear prides itself on regularly looking at the past for inspiration for the future. Among the most inspiring pieces we're set to receive in Spring 2013 are these sneakers by Reebok that don the designs of the late cartoonist Keith Haring.


Born in in Reading, Pennsylvania in 1958, Keith Haring was a world-renowned artist that was dedicated not only to producing art for the people in very public forums, but also pieces that depicted strong social messages. While studying at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, Haring experimented with several mediums such as performance, video, installation, and collage but always remained committed to his first love: drawing.

It was also during this time that Haring developed close collaborative relationships with other performance artists, musicians, and writers who were also members of the burgeoning art community--like those he surrounded himself with, Haring was determined to find an effective canvas for which he could spread his art (and social messages) to the masses. Eventually, Haring began creating chalk drawings on blank paper panels throughout the subway system. Between 1980 and 1985, Haring worked feverishly on his subway drawings, producing hundreds during that time period. He also became well-known with the public, as several New York commuters would engage the artist in conversation as they passed by.

Even after being diagnosed with AIDS in 1988, Haring continued his endless efforts to spread art and awareness to the public around him. The next year, he founded the Keith Haring Foundation--an organization dedicated to providing funding and imagery to AIDS organizations and children's programs, while also expanding the audience for his work. During the last years of his life, Haring used his artwork as a medium to speak about his illness as well as raise awareness about AIDS.

Although Haring sadly died in 1990 from AIDS-related complications, his brief but intense career that spanned over the course of a decade has made him a cornerstone of American art and pop culture. Since his death, Haring has been the subject of numerous international retrospectives and has his art featured in major museums worldwide.

It is because of his beautiful creations and relentless dedication to social messages that Reebok has decided to produce a very small number of limited edition sneakers that will feature Haring's cartoons. Universal Gear is very excited to have a limited number of these shoes coming to our stores in Spring 2013 and look forward to honoring Haring's legacy to social awareness and creative integrity!

January 19, 2012

Secret Sale - BEN SHERMAN



December 05, 2011

Naughty or Nice

Naughty or Nice

Jingle Bell Blues? Don't worry...grab yourself a peppermint mocha and perk up! I come from a large family and have an even larger extended family, so trust me, I know a little something about shopping! I came up with a fun way of shopping for the holidays that is both fun and practical. First you will need to divide your list into Naughty and Nice (Now, just a warning on my list Naughty means something entirely different . . . don't judge), then you must check it twice (ok so I may be a little OCD).

As a rule I only buy for the main members of my family (sorry Uncle George's 2nd cousin on his moms side. . .) this way I don't spread my budget too thin, but If it's a family gathering and I don't want to feel guilty I always bake holiday cookies and hand them out as a holiday token of my cheer and goodwill (Ok, so I don't actually bake, but if you put chips-a-hoy in the microwave for 20 seconds no one will tell the difference). Now back to the list, I like to keep it light and fun, unless you are engaged to the person or they recently have given you some vital organ there is no need racking your brain for that "perfect gift". Below are some of my favorite gifts to give this season for the people who I have come to think of as Naughty and Nice this holiday season!

Note: Probably not appropriate for your Dad or Gramps, If you've made it on the Naughty list you can expect to get more than a lump of coal from me this year. I love the Toddland Santa Briefs; a gift that's bound to cause a giggle. The Pipe College Jock is a fun cheeky gift…great stocking stuffer! This one is surely meant for the naughtiest of all, the Pipe Commando jock. . .the picture says it all. True Religions Drifter Gift set everything Santa's Naughty little help could want
If you've been a good boy this year you are in for a treat! Archipelago's Parfum Noir Silver Candle tin & 2 votive boxed gift sets make wonderful gifts for practically anyone. A great gift for the man about town, the Kenneth Cole Leather card case, is a thoughtful and useful gift. Travel in style with the Molten Brown Kaleidoscope gift set.

--Dustin Schaad

July 25, 2011

Hot Swim

As the heat wave of Summer turns scorching I suggest that you take a dip in the pool to cool off. And what better place to shop for fun new swim wear than right here at Universal Gear! Check out UG's full swim wear collection.

Fabulous styles from your favorite brands like Andrew Christian, LASC, Hugo Boss, Ben Sherman, G-Star, Timoteo, Pistol Pete, and many more.


--Dustin Schaad

May 20, 2011

It's a SHORE thing - Summer Trends


Shop Swimwear - Shop Summer Casual - Shop Summer Footwear

It's a SHORE thing - This seasonal trend is all about Summer fun, laid back days at the beach, and soaking up the sun. Now, while I don't condone fist pumping (although I do think GTL is a pretty good motto) I love spending my summer on the shore side. Walking the board walk in a pair of cargo shorts and a tank, relaxing on the beach or catching up with friends at a late night bonfire, all of these things bring back great memories of Summer for me. Check out the latest from Universal Gear. Shop SWIMWEAR

*Summer Must Haves: Tanks, Cargo Shorts, Cut Off Denim Shorts, Board Shorts, Tinted Mirror Aviator Sunglasses

* Speaking of Summer by the Shore I am proud to announce the opening of our Newest Universal Gear in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

46 Baltimore Ave
Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971

-a full bio on the latest UG coming soon

--Dustin Schaad

November 12, 2010



NEW DIESEL featuring the ZATINY-8D4 and the VIKER-8E7.

Click Here to Shop Diesel

November 03, 2010



September 03, 2010

Fashionista Pick of the Week: The Deep V


Just in time for my yearly trip to Southern Decadence in New Orleans, Universal Gear got in a new shipment of Deep V's from Andrew Christian. (I'll be taking one in every color!) Deep V-necks are fun and sexy and definitely lend to accessorizing with longer necklaces and chains. They are also great for showing off your hard earned chest! For more bold Deep V styles check out the new Andrew Christian lineup at!

--Dustin Schaad

August 25, 2010

Fashionista Pick of the Week

Not your Daddy's Slacks! This season we are seeing a wide range of fashion friendly men's pants from brands like Diesel, G-Star, Ben Sherman, Life After Denim and many more. When people think of wearing pants, they often get this whole image of a suit and tie (ball and chain... boring!). Not the case with this season's slacks! I find that pants are a great way to switch it up a bit in the wardrobe department. Dress them up or down so that they have a look that can stand on its own. Play with color and texture. But most of all, dare to step away from the norm!

--Dustin Schaad

From left to right: G-Star Rapid 5620 Narrow Pant, Life After Denim Ribbon Lean Fit Chino Pant, Life After Denim Lean Fit 6 Pocket Pant, Life After Denim Grey Cargo Pant

August 10, 2010

Fashionista Picks of the Week


With lots of brand new styles rolling in this week and many recent arrivals already available, it's no wonder that customers and employees alike are so excited these days! This week's Fashionista picks are four employee favorites. The Ben Sherman True Blue Woven (top left) and the Scotch & Soda Relaxed Slim Asher Jean (top right) make for a super stylish combo. They have yet to make their online debut, though, so keep checking back! On the other hand, the Levi's Chinchilla 511 Skinny Stretch Cord (bottom left) and the Fortunate Sun Marley Bob V-Neck are already yours for the taking both online and in stores. Another perfect pre-Fall pair, if you ask us!

August 04, 2010

Fashionista Frugalista Pick Of The Week

Hey, Fashionistas! While I live for style and trend, this frugalista LOVES a great sale. As I was picking through Universal Gear's Sale department, I put together a fabulous pre-Fall outfit for one hell of a bargain. Get into it!


The woven is from Civil Society, the ultra sexy slim slacks are from Ben Sherman, and the smart cardigan comes from the geniuses over at G-Star. If you ask me, this makes for a great all-around brand selection. And you know I love to accessorize! I found this great day bag from Christian Audigier and then couldn't decide on shoes; it was a toss-up between these comfortable, trendy Converse and the Italian Replay High Tops. I'll let you decide!

Don't forget to check out other great styles at Universal Gear's Summer Sale!

--Dustin Schaad

June 21, 2010

Fashionista Picks of the Week:The New Prep


A New Spin on a Classic Style. I love these new chino style pants from Ben Sherman & Diesel 55. They have that preppy touch with a twist; the slight tapering of the leg mixed with a clean design makes for a smart and, might I say, dashing look! The 55DSL Tan Prowler Pant (center) & the Ben Sherman Bravo Chino Pant (tan & stone grey) are must-haves for the hip professional. To make the look a little more casual, pair these styles with a hot new polo from Fred Perry or a sexy layered Henley from our latest Spanish import, ES.

--Dustin Schaad