February 17, 2012

Sticks & Stones...


Sticks & stones may break my bones but New Denim always excites me! With our recent onslaught of new Denim from Diesel & G-Star we couldn't wait to do a promotion to showcase these hot new styles! And I must say I love this new ad campaign DENIM: Fit to be Tied!

Check out models Damien & Tim as they get down and dirty in their dark wash spring denim.

UG Unzipped exclusive: Behind the scenes with the models - COMING SOON

--Dustin Schaad

September 10, 2010

Photoshoot in Potomac, Part II

Not too long ago, we brought you Photoshoot in Potomac, Part I. Below you'll find the video sequel we promised you. But first, a quick word about the shoot from the lovely and talented photographer who made the magic happen:

"The shoot was super fun. Jeff Sachse was a great host, and his place served us all so very well. The boys were all fit and tasty, just the way UG likes 'em. It was fun to mix ambient and strobe light in the house, with really great rooms and spaces. The challenge was racing the clock out on the dock when the sun finally went behind the trees." --Scott Henrichsen

Thanks again to Scott and models Dean, Edward and Kyle! It was an absolute pleasure working with all of you.

August 30, 2010

Photoshoot in Potomac, Part I

This past Friday, Universal Gear headed to Potomac, MD for a lakeside photoshoot. Our three models - Dean, Edward and Kyle - did an awesome job rocking new denim, boots and underwear. After six hours of shooting, we have some super sexy images that you'll start to see in stores and online next week! Until then, here's Part I of our behind-the-scenes coverage. Part 2, which will feature video coverage of the action, will be on our blog in the near future, so check back soon!

A special thanks to photographer Scott Henrichsen for making this photoshoot possible. We promise you won't be disappointed with his work! Make sure to take a look at his impressive portfolio online at





August 27, 2010

Photoshoot Behind-the-Scenes Video

He's back! Dylan D. stars in our latest behind-the-scenes video and has some fun while he's at it. New looks from Diesel, Ben Sherman, Scotch & Soda, Penguin and Rebel Yell (plus lots more!) are all available in store (DC & NY) and online. Enjoy!


May 14, 2010

Model Focus - Dylan F.


I met Dylan interestingly enough on the 18 & up night at Town-Danceboutique, a local DC night club, he was with a group of mutual friends. We started talking and If any of you have noticed our recent ad campaigns, you'll understand why I was drawn to his charming James Franco-esque good looks. As it turned out we had a few things in common like cheerleading and a love for all things Lady Gaga. At the time Universal Gear was looking for a new model so I asked Dylan if he would come in for a few test shots . . . and well, the rest is history as they say. Want to know more about our newest Model/Gymnast? Check out his Model Focus interview below.

Where are you from originally?

I was born in Nashville, TN and raised in Columbia.

What do you do when not modeling?

When I'm not modeling I work as a freelance designer. I specialize in website development. I also own a business creating cheerleading and dance music for competitive teams nation-wide (

How old are you?

I am 20 years old and can't wait to be 21. Nov 5th!

What's your workout routine like?

I am an ex-competitive cheerleader. While competing I worked out for 3 hours, 4 days a week plus an additional hour a week of weight training. I currently lift 5 days a week.

What's your favorite body part?

I am always a fan of some well built arms. Good arms and pretty eyes and I'm sold.

What body part gives you the most trouble?

The chest is the hardest for me to develop. It'll slowly but surely get there ;-).

What's your least favorite body part?

Feet are definitely my least favorite body part. I have yet to meet anybody with good feet.

5 years from now where do you see yourself?

When I'm 25 I see my cheer music company going international while still getting the occasional freelance design job on the side.

What's your favorite vacation spot?

I have never been out of the United States but I would have to say that Los Angeles is my favorite vacation spot. Beautiful weather, beautiful city, beautiful people, what more could you ask for.

What's your favorite piece of clothing on

I would have to say the Wet Cement T-shirt line is my favorite.

What brand would we find most in your closet?

I currently have a lot of G-Star and Armani Exchange in my closet. Flashy and creative, thats me.

Boxers or Briefs?

Are those the only options? I love all kinds of underwear. If I had to choose I would pic the trunk. Classy, sexy, and comfortable.

What do you like to do for fun?

For fun I enjoy going out with a group of friends. Town Dance-boutique on U-street is a personal favorite for a Friday night outing.

What's your favorite place to just hang out and relax?

My house on college park is a great hangout spot. Give me a bowl of popcorn in front of my big screen TV and I'm set.

Funniest thing that has happened to you?

Oh, where to begin. I have been mistaken for James Franco and David Bromstad modelblogskimp.jpga couple of times. I just accept it and go with the flow.

Most embarrassing thing that has happened to you

Competitive cheerleading is full of embarrassments. Gotta love throwing a new skill and landing flat on your face. Most of the time the embarrassment hurts more than the fall. :-/

If you moved where would you go?

After I graduate from UMD I plan to move to NYC. Rent an apartment in Hells Kitchen.

What are you passionate about?
My astrology sign is Scorpio. I am passion. Currently I am most passionate about my career. I plan to make $1,000,000 in one year before I'm 30.

--Dustin Schaad

April 20, 2010

Model Focus - Chris


You may have noticed him in our Scotch & Soda promotion but I'm sure you'll take note of him in our Life's Short campaign, which launches Thursday. He's 21, likes to sweat 7 days a week and is passionate about.... well, you'll just have to read that for yourself. To try and say anymore about our new model Chris would be like trying to describe... well, Chris. Enjoy the out takes from our photo shoot.


Where are you from originally?
The Big Easy

What do you do when not modeling?
When I'm not modeling Ill work as a personal trainer and bar-tend for special events.

How old are you?
Just turned 21 and loving it!!

What's your work out routine like?
Sweat 7 days a week!

What's your favorite body part?
Biceps are fun, you can really get a good pump.

What body part gives you the most trouble?
Abs, there hard to maintain and one of the most boring muscle groups to workout.

What's your least favorite body part?
I'm good with all of them.


5 years from now where do you see yourself?
Most likely still in the DC area.

What's your favorite vacation spot?
My bed

What's your favorite piece of clothing on
I like the diesel lines, the shoes are hot!

What brand would we find most in your closet?
See above

Boxers or Briefs?
boxer briefs

What do you like to do for fun?
Working out can be fun. I also enjoy a good nap!

What's your favorite place to just hang out and relax?
My sofa watching a good movie next to someone I can chill with.

Funniest thing that has happened to you?
Asked for a beard trim at the barber shop when I was 7, it was the cheapest option.

Most embarrassing thing that has happened to you?
Peed in my pants in first grade spelling bee. I won the spelling bee!

If you moved where would you go?
Its going to be hard to top DC, but I would like to check out Europe for a year or two.

What are you passionate about?
Food fun and f*#-+*#@

What more can I say to that?


July 20, 2009

Model Focus - Dylan Davis


You might have noticed this young man recently if you've shopped our stores or surfed our site, Dylan Davis has been our lead model in several campaigns as well as our head model for I thought it was high time we take a deeper look into those baby blues and find out, Who is Dylan?

When I first met Dylan, I was seventeen and crashing a dorm party at the Ringling School of Art and Design. If you've seen any of Dylan's ads you can tell it wasn't hard for this then wide-eyed teen from small town Florida to spot him from across the room. We had a brief conversation and he introduced me to a few of his friends, Dylan seemed like a great guy, little did I know that in seven years time he would be modeling for a company I worked for and I would be writing about him. Earlier this week I sent Mr. Davis a questionnaire, with the standards and a few fun questions thrown in for good measure, Surprisingly what I got back was a great deal more.

Dylan was born in Evergreen, Colorado but by age four he moved to Panama with his mother and two sisters to live with his grandfather, the Ambassador. Growing up in Panama, he learned to speak both Spanish and English, when he was six, the family moved back to the states and Davis feeling insecure and awkward about his bilingual abilities he forwent the usage of his Spanish tongue, something he regrets to this day. Dylan developed a taste and skill for the arts very young and during his junior and senior years of high school went to the Interlochen Arts Academy. Dylan found this environment intellectually stimulating and freeing, after finishing boarding school he completed the first of many commissions over that following summer. Dylan proceeded to go to Art School at Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota Florida where he graduated with the class of 2005. Following School in Florida he spent two years in NYC and is coming on his second year in DC. When Davis is not hard at work in the studio he makes a little extra on the side bartending. District residents who frequent the popular 17th street lounge, Cobalt, all know Dylan. " It's had it's up and downs, but right now Cobalt is a very positive work experience. I feel EXTREMELY lucky to have a job where I go in, make drinks, get compliments, and have plenty of time to paint." Dylan says. (Trust me, he makes one mean Cosmo!)

Recently Dylan had a show here in DC that was a huge success, something he attributes to the power of Facebook and good friends. Besides being modest, he is also quite the model, Dylan has modeled for Universal Gear since the winter of 07 starting off doing various fashion shows and then on to ad work (that's right I may of had a little hand in twisting his arm to do the first fashion show, guilty). Currently he is "painting more then ever, living on my favorite street in DC (14th and P) and enjoying urban life." If you would like to get to know Dylan Davis a little better check out his model questionnaire below.

dylan_0000_Layer 5.jpg
What interested you in modeling?
Well, I've always pursued art in general, which includes photography, so I actually was quite uncomfortable in front of a camera. Tending bar and having people take pictures of me shirtless (aka hundreds of shirtless pics of me untagged on facebook) helped me learn to be more natural and relaxed in front of the camera. Generally people have asked me if I model and that's where you came in again Dustin. You were one of the first people to ask me to do something more serious when you asked me to do a runway show for universal gear. I had fun with it and after you referred me to the universal gear website here I am posing every week for the new arrivals and email ads.

Do you see a future in it? Where do you want to be in ten years time?
I definitely see a future in modeling. I never really pursued it and it kind of found me, and if that's not a sign, I don't know what is. As for being the cover of GQ I'm not too sure about that, lol. Right now I'm just having a great time posing for your talented photographer Will Gordon. We shoot the shit and have fun. I think we have a great model/photographer chemistry.
As for where I want to be in ten years, Ideally selling my art for millions of dollars and posing on the cover of GQ shirtless and covered in paint with an article on the artist "Dylan Davis" As for where I think I'll be, it's hard to say. Life is unpredictable and I like it that way.

dylan_0001_Layer 6.jpg
I know that you are a self-proclaimed G-Star "whore" what about this brand do you love?
What makes me a G-star whore is that I've actually had to impose sanctions on my G-star spending. My favorite thing about G-star is the patchy look of the shorts and jeans. I think the jeans have a very nice deconstructive feel to them, but are well crafted. I used to think that they were pricey, but it's well worth it. I'd rather buy one pair of jeans that I'll keep forever, rather then waisting the same amount of money on 3 pairs of crappy Jeans that end up becoming my "painting jeans"¦ which actually end of looking pretty cool once they're covered in paint, lol.

dylan_0002_Layer 3.jpg

Are there any other brands that you love?
I love Aqua (shirs, hats), red-monkey (hats), lulu moon (workout), puma (shoes, socks), diesel (everything), prada (sunglasses), Affliction (hats, shirts) and anything that is a bargain. Believe it or not, most of my shopping is bargain.

What's your favorite underwear brand?
I probably have to go with Rips. It fits me well.

dylan_0003_Layer 2.jpg
Have you been noticed more since you started our ad campaigns? (Not that you weren't already Mr. Popular, seeing as you are a very well liked bartender at one of the most notable bars in DC.)
Yes I have been noticed more. I had some friends from Chicago, NYC, and of course DC congratulate me. I'm just having fun and really don't take myself too seriously. I'm confident and not cocky, and would like to close by saying that everyone should have confidence and not let anyone drag you down.

If you could invite 3 people living or dead to a dinner party who would you choose?
Hmmm, I'd choose Michelangelo, Barack Obama and Jackie Kennedy.
What would you serve them?
Oh, I wouldn't serve them, I'd take them to my favorite restaurant, Posto

--Dustin Schaad

February 06, 2009

Michael In St. Michaels

There's no better cure for the recession blues, than a weekend boating getaway on a beautiful Friday afternoon with a handsome model named Michael for our Spring 2009 fashion photo shoot.



Born and raised in Belle, West Virginia, Michael is a true grandma's boy. Sweet and spirited, Michael has a curious wonderment of each new experience on life's curvy road. That sense of wonderment was clearly evident in Michael's ocean blue eyes when we arrived at the marina and boarded Sinquanon, a 50 foot boat for a weekend jaunt down to St. Michaels.

The skies were deep blue, and the water sparkled with the sun's reflective rays, warming everything in its sight to a balmy 75 degrees.

Bags in hand, we loaded up the boat with a weekends worth of provisions including a few trunks worth of Universal Gear's Spring 2009 collections. We fired up the mighty twin diesel engines and headed down to St. Michaels MD, a charming historic town on the Eastern Shore of Maryland's Chesapeake Bay. We arrived by late afternoon and docked at Harrison Yacht Club. Although Michael didn't know his spring line from his aft line, he sure did know how to handle those ropes. We scoped out shoot locations for various scenes and worked up an appetite for a delicious dinner at the 1927 restaurant, in a charming early 20th century storefront on Main Street, next to the 3 Crazy Ladies gift shop. After a delicious dinner in town, we turned in to get an early start on our first day's shoot.


Saturday morning brought another spectacular day and our shooting started right at the dock. A little camera shy at first, Michael quickly warmed up and his constant outfit changes caused a dockside fan club to gather, growing larger by the minute. You're sure to be a fan of Michael's too once you've seen the outtakes of this shoot. From dockside, to bayside, to the charming Maritime Museum, we captured our Spring 2009 collections, from the looks of Ben Sherman and Energie, Blue Man and Cha Cha Boy, and many others. Be sure to visit our stores for the new style directions of 2009.


Safety comes first as Michael strides down the dock with life jackets in hand wearing Energie's cotton distressed 10" Brac Short sitting right at his hips. Appropriate to the weekend, Energie's Nautical themed collection included whites and blues in super soft cottons such as the Ohio State distressed polo.

0431.jpg 0347.jpg

Ben Sherman:

With big equipment, and ropes, Michael is geared up for pile driving at Harrisons Marina. His Ben Sherman workman plaid shirt quickly snaps open when things heat up on the job.


Michael looks for some fresh rosemary to spice up tonight's dinner abroad. The late afternoon's cool temps are kept at bay by Ben Sherman's Lightweight poly nylon Navy and Rustic Red track jacket with cotton knit striped baseball collar.


Blue Man:

Michael searches the horizon for other boats, but we're happy he's stranded on the boat in his dip dye army cut Blue Man swim suit.


Michael hangs on while walking towards the plank to jump ship in his plaid board shorts from Cha Cha Boy.


Everyone want to kiss those lips, but Ace, an equally adorable Boxer pup, gives the affectionate lick on the face as Michael lounges aft in Cha Cha Boy plaid board short.


Though we had to leave charming St. Michaels and head back to reality, we compiled some great shots from the weekend to keep the memories fresh, oh yeah, and to remind us of the great collections at Universal Gear this spring.


More About Michael - We've got him unzipped and exposed with this Q & A.

Meet the Model: Michael

1 - Where are you from originally? A tiiiiiny town in West Virginia.

2 - What initially drew you to modeling? The chance to travel to new places and meet new people. And I have to admit, it is a pretty cool feeling to see yourself in stores and magazines.

3 - What do you do to stay in shape? Pretty basic really; I try to hit the gym as much as possible, at least 4 times a week. I am also sure to mix up work with play and not deprive myself of junk foods or lazy days that I feel like having.

4 - What's your least favorite body part? Favorite body part? Least would be my legs... Twigs. Favorite, I guess, is my stomach; I seem to like working on it the most.

5 - Besides modeling, what do you enjoy in life? My family and friends more than anything. I love to get outdoors, to travel, to make new friends, and to experience as much of life as I can.

6 - Who are your favorite photographers? I'm a huge fan of Adam Bouska... I would love to work with him.

7 - Who is the most famous person you have ever met? Just this past weekend, I met Mo Rocca in Florida. That would be the most famous person that I've met and actually got to hang out with... he is witty!

8 - Who is the most interesting person in your cell phone? My best friend Megan... It is ANY body's guess what I might hear on the other end when I pick up her calls... I love it!

9 - If we would give you $100,000, what would you do with it? My dream would be to take a few months off of work... make a list and plan a route of all of my friends all over the country... then travel state to state, across the U.S., spending a few days with each. (and I'll take big bulls, please :) )

10 - Tell us a secret about yourself your mother doesn't know. Hmmm... well one that won't get me killed or arrested would be that I used to play with my Christmas presents and then put them back under the tree. ;)

11 - Boxers of Briefs? Briefs.

September 03, 2008

The Face of Denim

featuring the face of universal gear • our customer

After traveling 4,000 miles through three tornados & one hail storm, dealing with one blown engine and one broken camera we are sure you will be ‘blown away’ by our third annual fall denim catalog.

Along the way we are proud to have met and photographed some of our Universal Gear customers in the fall season’s best denim.

To celebrate YOU, the face of Universal Gear we are offering a

$25 Universal Gear Money Card

with every purchase of a full price jeans*.

Now is the time to get ready for the fall season with our great selection of denim from Diesel, ProjekRaw, G-Star, Rock & Republic, Energie, D&G, Mek, and True Religion.

Meet the faces of Universal Gear

pary | washington dc

Bright, vibrant & uninhibited are just a few ways to describe Pary. A complete opposite of what you expect a Yoga instructor to be. And if you went to Burning Man 2 years ago you might remember her from the top of a dance box at the Deep End.

The stylish washed down Viker is the perfect jean for Pary. Rather than showing up the wearer it lets them shine through with a straight leg fit that allows you to pair it with a t-shirt or button down.

And why does she shop UG? For the clothes of course ... and the men!


ryan | new york

Affectionately now known as “Papa Love”, this New Jersey native lives life a bit on the wild side. But when it comes to his jeans he opts for the basics – Diesel basics that is. The Zathan 71S is true Diesel classic style. With a comfortable fit and boot cut leg this jean will go with almost anything in your wardrobe.

And, if you are feeling a bit peckish after a day of shopping, make sure to run by a certain sushi joint in Times Square and ask for “Papa Love”.

Why UG may you ask? It calms him down after all the clogging at Hogs & Heffers.


alex | chicago

Being an engineer and fitness guru - with his own blog - you would think Alex would be boisterous, driven and wound pretty tight. Unfortunately you would be disappointed (or pleasantly surprised).

Like the Zaghor 8AT, Alex is very detailed and particular but has a great relaxed nature. This Diesel jean is a perfect compliment to a dressed up or dressed down look. The extensive detailing with the worn wash and loose fit make this jean one of the most versatile pairs of denim for the Fall.

If you want to get anywhere with Alex make sure to tell him a joke - his smile is worth it.


sam | chicago

Don’t let the brooding look fool you, smiles come easy to Sam. A Texas transplant, with no hint of an accent but with all the charm he is quick to win you over. With a bit of a rebel side, tattoo and all, he plays the shy, confident movie star role well.

ProjekRaw makes the perfect jean for Sam. It’s stylish and edgy but ultimately affordable on a college students budget.

If you want to know where his tattoo is you’ll have to ask him yourself.


jay | atlanta

When we first met Jay, we assumed he was soft spoken. When he finally opened his mouth we ended up picking ourselves up off the floor.

With a deep (we do mean deep) bass voice this Scotsman may have been a punk kid but he’s traded in his mohawk for a turntable. Jay keeps things cool at the club with fresh beats and G-Star Raw. Detailed, edgy, and cut to fit, G-Star keeps you on the cutting edge of fashion.

By the way, Jay is looking for his better half - catch him shopping at UG Atlanta.


calisto | atlanta

With the gift-of-the-gab and more anecdotal stories than you can shake a stick at, Calisto can be quite the handful. Born of Brasillian and Greek parents you can understand where his sense of adventure comes from.

The Astro Classic makes the perfect counterpoint to his personality. The straight and narrow cut allows him to go from club to café with people only noticing him and not his clothing.

If you run into him ask him to tell you the story of how he managed to break a garage gate.


marcus | washington dc

His calm demeanor hides the adventurous nature of his personality. Soft spoken but ultimately edgy, Marcus has an incredible sense of style.

Always one to turn heads as he walks down the street, adding Rock & Republic denim to his collection was a must. The deep navy denim is detailed with hand brushed fading through the seat and thighs for a cool, slightly worn look. Unpretentious is the key word for the jeans and for Marcus.

At the end of the day, Marcus is really just a puppy in wolves clothing. A quick scratch behind the ear will get you everywhere.


raphael | new york

Living life in the fast lane is all part of the game for Raphael. This model, musician, actor is constantly on the go. But you would never know it to look at him. Blessed with good genes from his parents (if we told you who they were we’d have to kill you) and very healthy eating habits he cruises seamlessly from one venue to the next.

The Henlee Ultimatum, with it’s low rise and bootcut showcase the rock and roll lifestyle he aspires to.

If you know Raphael you know there is something missing in this picture - take a guess.


*Promotion Valid on Full Price Denim Only. Not Valid with Any Other Discount or Promotion.

March 05, 2008

Do You Want To Be a Super Model?


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This is a statement I firmly believe in. However I also believe that hot is hot. We need not question whether or not a super model is beautiful. In a world of skincare, plastic surgery, $300 haircuts, personal trainers, and model saturated advertisements, one thing is for certain; beauty sells. For the fortunate few, beauty pays. If you think you have what it takes or if you have a friend who might, then this is for you.

Team DC is taking applications for men to model clothing from Universal Gear and The Leather Rack in their Fashion Show and Model Search on Friday, March 29. To apply, simply go to Team DC, and follow the prompts. The deadline to submit an application is Monday, March 10!!!

The Winning Model receives:
- $500 in Universal Gear store credit.
- A photo feature in Genre Magazine.
- A professional photoshoot (Headshot and three other looks) with Robert Mercer Photography.
- A chance to be featured in the 2009 Ripped Genes calendar....a nationally distributed calendar.
Proceeds from the event help support the Team DC College Scholarship Program for a gay or lesbian student-athlete. The event is sponsored by Team DC, Genre Magazine, The Washington Blade newspaper, Universal Gear, The Leather Rack, and Bang Hair Salon.

February 21, 2007

Carey Hess


Carey describes himself as “Just your average everyday photographer with a bit of an overactive imagination!”. He is right and wrong. He definitely has an overactive imagination but there is nothing average about his photography.

I discovered our newest photographer on a modeling and photography networking site. I was looking for something that jumped out at me - something that showed passion. His photos, although mostly of women, were great. The composition, lighting and best of all product focus. His photography reminds me of David LaCapelle but more refined.

We had our first meeting, just to see if he would be right for us, and I could tell this was the person we wanted shooting our next couple promotions. You can see his work in our current denim campaign and you can read more about our rockin’ winter shoot here.

If you don’t currently get our mailings you can sign up here.

Get to know more about Carey and his photography below.

Meet the Photographer: Carey Hess

1 - Where are you from originally? Washington, DC

2 - What made you get into photography? Well I was always into arts. But I got into photography because growing up it was my way of capturing life and keeping memories I didn’t want to forget. I remember always having a camera on me and realized that this is something I could and wanted to do.

3 - How long have you been doing photography? I’ve been doing photography for about ten years but only professionally for about a year now. I took one class in college and everything else is self-taught.

4 - What do you do when not photographing? Lately I’ve been working about 90 hours a week doing this so I’m starting to forget what a life is!! :) Seriously, when I do have time off, I’m either relaxing on my couch with my puppy catching up on good movies and good music or out with my friends doing whatever fun there is to do.

5 - What do you look for in a model? Honestly, personality. I think that it is the most important quality that I need for the style of photography that I do. I’ve learned that you can see the models having fun in my pictures and they are full of life. I’ve noticed the more quiet or serious models that walk in the door and can’t relax or open up; their pictures are never quite as good. As for looks, there is no specific look that I go for. It depends on what I want to shoot and who can fit that part. You don’t have to be beautiful supermodel to work with me and I’ve shown that in my work.

6 - If you could describe your style in three words what would those words be? I’d like to say colorful, creative, and fashionable but honestly I’m growing and learning everyday so I don’t know if three words could describe my style.

7 - Where is your favorite place to shoot? Being mostly a location photographer, I don’t have a favorite place to shoot. I’ve learned that the world is my location and I’ve shot in the most random places and made it work. From my closet, to bathrooms, large fields in the middle of nowhere, in the studio...they are all fun and push my creativity.

8 - When photographing, what body part gives you the most trouble? Haha, still don’t like shooting the backsides of models. I shoot at different angles and the butt is always a difficult part to shoot because at those angles you have to make sure it doesn’t look way too big or way too small!!

9 - What is the ultimate location you want to shoot in? I’ve yet to shoot at the beach and I can’t wait. When the weather gets warmer my plan is to do a lot of shooting at beaches up and down the east coast.

10 - What’s the funniest thing that has happened to you during a shoot? Wow, I’ve had way too many funny things happen to even begin to recall!!

11 - How about the most embarrassing thing that has happened? I would have to say when I split my pants out on a shoot. I was in a very awkward position trying to get this shot and then my pants just ripped right up the back. We had a few more hours of shooting and I had to walk around with my behind hanging out! Only me.

12 - If you were to move, where would you go? I would love to be in New York or LA.

13 - Other than photography, what are you passionate about? I would have to say my arts and music. Those are the things that I live for and can’t live without. Creativity feeds me and pushes me and it keeps the fire alive in me.

14 - What advice would you give to aspiring models? Don’t ever sell yourself short. Work with the best photographers you can and don’t settle for less. It will show in your portfolio and people will notice. Also be diverse, you want to be able to show many different sides of yourself. Push yourself to be creative because people want to see you can step out of the box and do different things and it will help you get attention.

15 - What about aspiring photographers? The best advice I tell all aspiring photographers is two very important things. The first is to learn to take criticism and learn it quick. Not everyone is going to like your work and there is nothing you can do about it. There will always be people who don’t see what you see or don’t like your style or this or that and you need to realize that it’s ok. It should only make you work harder and sometimes not make the same mistakes twice. The second, and most important advice I can give, is do what you love and stay true to you. When you’re doing what you love you’ll always be happy and everything will just fall into place.

See more of Carey’s work at And be on the lookout for his work in our upcoming underwear promotion.


February 12, 2007

Rockin' Winter Photoshoot


Compared to last year’s winter photo shoot, this year’s was just as cold and just as hot - we were in Washington DC rather than Miami. Covering our denim and our underwear promotions, the shoot took place at bebar, a great new space in DC. Once again we worked with R&L Model Management in NY to guarantee us the best models for the job. As you can tell, Anthony and Shawn fit the bill and did an amazing job.

winter_02.jpg winter_03.jpg winter_04.jpg

Our photographer is somewhat of a find. His name is Carey Hess and we were very lucky to get him early in his career. He has an amazing eye and he did a phenomenal job the day of the shoot. He was great with the models and worked tirelessly for us. The images speak for themselves, click below the out takes to see the new denim campaign images.

Our 2 amazing stylist, Jason Santiago [left] and Jesse Harbaugh [right].

Getting to show the models how great some of the shots look. [l to r] Me, Anthony, Carey and Shawn.

Now take a look at the finished product. rock your denim |1|2|3|4|5|6|

Stay tuned for our upcoming blog entries on Shawn, Carey Hess and our underwear photo shoot.


February 05, 2007



Little did we know when we booked Anthony for our rockin’ winter photo shoot that his journey into modeling started all the way back in Texas. As it turns out, one of our favorite photographers - Bruno Rand - shot Anthony a while back and brought him to New York to see the agencies. Anthony was snapped up and continues to keep working and winning clients.

You would never guess he is so young when you talk to him - he’s 20. He is personable and a hard worker, always willing to add to the creative outcome of the shoot. [The personable part probably comes from being Texan] Although Anthony is not featured on our home page he is featured on the cover of our current mailing and in our store windows. If you don’t currently get our mailings you can sign up here.

Take a minute to get to know Anthony.

Meet the Model: Anthony

1 - Where are you from originally?
Magnolia, TX

[“Magnolia, Texas is a wonderful town just north of Houston. It’s a serene area with great people, complemented by a country atmosphere. The landscape is filled with beautiful forests, peaceful pastures, rolling hills and much more.”]

2 - What initially drew you to modeling? I use to be Abercrombie shirtless greeter.

[“Today at the Abercrombie & Fitch store at The Grove they were using the easiest trick in the book to lure in teenage girls and gay men: young male flesh.”]

3 - What do you do to stay in shape? I seriously workout and obey a strict diet.

4 - What’s your least favorite body part? My feet.

5 - Besides modeling, what do you enjoy in life? I play the guitar and I’m into acting.

[Anthony, you may be a “bit young” to know this man but if you enjoy playing the guitar you need to hear him.]

6 - Who are your favorite photographers? Bruce Weber

[“Visionaire (by Bruce Weber) is a multi-format fashion and art publication released thrice yearly as collectible limited editions.” Click the image to learn more.]

7 - Who is the most famous person you have ever met? P. Diddy

[“You know how you feel when one of my records come on.”]

8 - Who is the most interesting person in your cell phone? My grandpa

[Is this the most endearing thing you have ever heard?]

9 - If we would give you $100,000, what would you do with it? Invest it and move into a better apartment.

[Oh wow, completely took away any southern hospitality idea we had about you. I think New York has taken over. ;)]

10 - Tell us a secret about yourself your mother doesn’t know. I tell my mother everything

[Good boy]

11 - Boxers or Briefs? Boxers

12 - What brand would we find most in your closet? Dickies

[Hmmm, we don't know how to respond to this.]

13 - What’s playing in your iPod right now? underoath

[“Underoath have single-handedly given hope to a genre ripe with rip-offs, carbon copies, and flavor of the week musical acts. ” Click the image to learn more.]

Some more shots of Anthony from our great “rockin’ winter shoot”. |1|2|3|4| Stay tuned for more updates about our winter shoot.


December 12, 2006



I met Dominic at an open call our photographer, Bruno Rand, held at our New York store. I didn’t have to think twice about booking him. With those eyes and those lips combined with strong features and a great personality (although a little shy, which added to his charm) I knew he would be great. Unfortunately, for the fans of our advertising campaigns, we were shooting fall and winter merchandise - he definitely would look good in our swimwear.

Meet the Model: Dominic

1 - Where are you from originally? New Haven, CT

2 - What do you do when not modeling? College, working [construction], acting.

3 - How old are you? 21

4 - What’s your work out routine like? Intense weight lifting [obviously] everyday and running every other day.

5 - What’s your favorite body part to work out? I don't have a favorite body part to work out because I believe your body needs to be evenly sculpted but if I was forced to pick it would be my chest or biceps.

6 - What body part gives you the most trouble? Calves, no matter how hard I workout my calves they just don't get bigger.

7 - What’s your favorite body part? My favorite body part would be my abs

8 - 5 years from now where do you see yourself? I hope to see myself still working in the modeling/entertainment industry. In television or in my first film.

9 - What’s your favorite vacation spot? Cancun. Mexico for spring break.

10 - Do you have pets? 2 cats and 1 dog

11 - What’s your favorite piece of clothing on It would have to be all the diesel jeans(5 of which are now on sale)

12 - What brand would we find most in your closet? Armani or Guess

13 - Boxers or Briefs? Boxer briefs

14 - What do you like to do for fun? Partying with my friends and working out.

15 - What’s your favorite place to just hang out and relax? My boat in the middle of the ocean with tons of sun.

16 - Funniest thing that has happened to you? Well, it actually happened during the photo shoot for Universal Gear. Standing on a New York city street waiting for the second part of the shoot to start, people walking by started starring and asking “You are that kid, aren't you?” Not sure who they thought I was but it must be someone famous.

17 - Most embarrassing thing that has happened to you? Unfortunately my most embarrassing moment has been recorded for history. I was at football practice taking a much needed break ... relieving myself near a tree. Little did I know the year book photographer was near and just so happened to snap a picture which ended up in the football year book. Mom was so proud.

18 - If you moved where would you go? New York city or California

19 - What are you passionate about? I'm passionate about life.

View Dominic’s campaign posters. |1|2|3|


October 31, 2006

Bruno Rand


Do you like our recent cashmere campaign? If you answer yes (and you'd better) then allow me to introduce you to the man responsible, Bruno Rand! Bruno is a fashion photographer based out of both Washington DC and New York City (although he often shoots in locations like Miami and LA). He approached us a little over a year ago about doing some work on our upcoming photoshoots. Since that time he has been responsible for several of our campaigns including the ultra-sexy shoot for our Spring 2006 Underwear Sale (image below). After this most recent shoot, we thought it would be fun to introduce you to the man behind the camera.

Meet The Photographer: Bruno Rand

Where are you from originally? Arkansas

What made you get into photography? I was living in Los Angeles, working as a playwright and writing screenplays, and all my friends, who were actors and models, started asking me to shoot their headshots and portfolios after seeing some of my snapshots... I enjoyed the more serious photography so much that I started pursuing it as part-time profession.

How long have you been doing photography? As a hobby, all my life... more seriously, six years.

What do you do when not photographing? Writing.

What do you look for in a model? Personality, personality, personality! I think the best models are the ones with the best personalities, not the best looks. As for the look of the model, it depends on what I'm shooting... if I'm shooting fashion, I look for the more traditional fashion model, thin, exotic looks... if I'm shooting physique studies or artistic nudes, I look for more muscular, more all american looks. But not even the best looks can overcome a boring personality. The camera knows!!

If you could describe your style in three words what would those words be? Definitely still learning.

Where is your favorite place to shoot? An unusual looking location, i.e. an old warehouse, an old house, or someone's house that is decorated with very modern, trendy furniture with lots of color.

When photographing, what body part gives you the most trouble? Hands when shooting... hair when styling, I can't do hair.

What is your ultimate location you want to shoot in? My own studio in Soho, New York with the most expensive lights money can buy!

What's the funniest thing that has happened to you during a shoot? Trying to explain to male models during an underwear shoot why they need to "fluff it up".

How about the most embarrassing thing that has happened? Trying to explain to male models during an underwear shoot why they need to "fluff it up", haha.

If you were to move, where would you go? I'm actually moving back to New York City.

Other than photography, what are you passionate about? Writing, politics, movies, television, pop culture.

What advice would you give to aspiring models? Do your homework. No lawyer would go into a courtroom without studying law, no doctor would take a patient without studying medicine, yet models think they can just show up and model, without studying the profession, the business or the skills needed. It's a definite formula for failure. Don't be lazy, do your homework.

What about aspiring photographers? Shoot what you love. The worst stuff I've ever shot was produced when I was trying to shoot things that someone else wanted. Shoot what you love, and if you're work is good, someone will find it and like it.

View some of Bruno's past campaign images! [1] [2] [3] [4]

Photography Bruno Rand.

-- Jon

October 17, 2006



Matt, our third model from our summer shoot, definitely didn’t come accross as a first timer. He was easy to work with and had a great sense of humor (albeit, a little bit on the raunchy side).

One thing that did shock us about him was discovering he had nipple rings. They weren’t there in any of the pictures we saw of him when we booked him. At first we weren’t sure whether to have him leave them in or take them out. So we tried both ways. In the denim part of the shoot you can see Matt’s piercings. In the other parts of the shoot we had him take them out. Unfortunately for Matt, by the end of the day the piercing holes had closed and he had to have them redone. Ouch!

Take a chance to get to know Matt below.

Meet the Model: Matt

1 - Where are you from originally? Rome, Pa . . . One of those small towns you see in a movie with one traffic light.

2 - What do you do when not modeling? Hang out with friends, play football, lacrosse, street hockey, basketball or any other sport that I can be involved in. I love to ride four-wheeler and hang out at the beach.

3 - How old are you? 20

4 - What's your work out routine like? I usually do legs once or twice a week, I’ll hit my abs everyday and sometimes twice, I’ll do my chest real hard twice a week and then I will work my arms and back in on the other days.

5 - What's your favorite body part? My favorite body part would have to be the lower abs around where the “V” is formed.

6 - 5 years from now where do you see yourself? In five years from now I still would love to be modeling. I would also like to see DCM, a clothing line for lacrosse t-shirts that I designed, to really be hitting the market.

7 - Do you have pets? I do not have any pets, but I do like them.

8 - What's your favorite vacation spot?I would have to pick the mountains over anywhere else, I love to go there and be in that environment and get nice and muddy riding four-wheelers.

9 - What's your favorite piece of clothing on I love jeans, so I would say any of the jeans.

10 - Boxers or Briefs? This is always a popular question . . . as long as they match the shirt I am wearing I don’t care if they are boxers or briefs.

11 - How long have you been modeling? UG was my first modeling job, but I have been in the business trying to establish myself for about a year.

12 - Funniest thing that has happened to you: Having some random person come up to me and asking me if I was related to Elvis.

13 - Most embarrassing thing that has happened to you:It takes a lot to embarrass me so, if there is anything, I am not admitting to it!!!

14 - If you moved where would you go?If I could move back to my hometown of Rome and still model I would do it in a heartbeat.

15 - What are you passionate about?I am passionate about being successful in life, about seeing DCM become a successful sports clothing line and modeling.

More pictures of Matt from our HOT SUMMER SHOOT! |1|2|3|4|5|6|7|

Photography Scott Henrichsen • Model Matt R&L Model Management


September 25, 2006



After the water fight during our denim shoot, Sean needed to get out of his wet jeans. While he was throwing his jeans into the dryer, our photographer snapped the shot you see to the left and instantly we knew we had our underwear campaign!

Genuinely nice, and (not that we need to say it) extremely good looking, Sean is no stranger to modeling. He can also be found on the packaging for Play By Night underwear from Play!

To get to know him better, we sent Sean some questions and posted his answers along with some candid shots (he' off in the first one and relaxing between shots) from the photoshoot.

Meet the Model: Sean

1 - Where are you from originally? New Jersey

2 - What do you do when not modeling? Studying Math and Statistics at Rutgers University

3 - How old are you? 20 years old

4 - What's your work out routine like? Run 4 miles 5-6 times a week, and I'm in the gym for 1-2 hours a day, sometimes I go twice a day if I have timeSean1.jpg

5 - What's your favorite body part to work out? Chest

6 - What body part gives you the most trouble? Legs

7 - What's your favorite body part? Abs

8 - What's your least favorite body part? Again, legs, haha

9 - 5 years from now where do you see yourself? Hopefully making a large salary in some big corporation

10 - What's your favorite vacation spot? Acapulco spring break baby!!

11 - What's your favorite piece of clothing on Definitely Diesel jeans

12 - What brand would we find most in your closet? Diesel clothing of course!

13 - Boxers or Briefs? Boxer Briefs

14 - What do you like to do for fun? Eat sushi and party with my brothers in FIJI

15 - How long have you been modeling? 2 years, but my first photo shoot was when I was 16

16 - What's your favorite place to just hang out and relax? I rarely relax so I don't know, haha

17 - Most embarrassing thing that has happened to you? I fell off my loft onto the floor while trying to get out of bed

18 - If you moved, where would you go? California

19 - What are you passionate about? FIJI (my fraternity), Rutgers, and the gym

Sean was also featured in our recent denim catalog [1] [2] [3]

If did not receive our catalog and would like to, click here to send us your name and address and make sure you get the next edition!

(R&L Model Management New York)


September 06, 2006

Hot Summer Shoot

wash, rinse, repeat...

From the pictures to the weather, everything sizzled! In early August the temperatures in the nation's capital were hitting a scorching 97 and 98 degrees. With models and photographer in tow, we embarked on a trip throughout Washington DC to shoot our next few promotions.

DS06_02.jpgFirst stop, a local car wash. To show off our great new denim and clean new washes, Joe, Matt and Sean got down n' dirty scrubbing a bright orange, vintage 1960's Ford Bronco. The sun was intense and the blacktop was searing. The ensuing water fight was inevitable.

After that we headed indoors to the connecting laundromat to dry off the jeans and cool down a bit in the shade. While inside, inspiration struck our photographer Scott and we had an impromptu shoot. Joe (the troublemaker of the group) thought it would be fun to see if Sean would fit into one of the dryers....he did.

Hundreds of quarters and several spin cycles later, we were ready for the next stop. Check back later this month to meet the models.

Did you receive our first ever catalog featuring images from our hot summer shoot? If not click here to send us your name and address and make sure you get the next edition!

More pictures from our HOT SUMMER shoot |1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9|10|
(Photography: Scott Henrichsen. Models: R&L Models)


June 27, 2006

Meet Jared

How do we describe Jared? Tall would be one word - he stands in at just a little over 6’2”. Driven is another word. Even though he has only started modeling recently he is progressing fast. With an agency in Chicago looking at him and another agency in New York wanting to see him as well, he is fast on his way to making a career out of modeling. Although I’m sure he’s not ready to give up his quest to become a lawyer.

When we asked Jared to come in for a test shoot we had no idea how good he would look in the clothing. He turned out to be everything we were hoping to find in a model. Every piece of clothing we put on him was a terrific fit. You can see more of Jared in our “Summer’s Top Ten Must Haves”.

As a form of introduction to all of our customers we asked Jared a few questions so everyone could get to know him a bit.

1 - Where are you from originally? Fairfax, Virginia

2 - What do you do when not modeling? Snowboard, wakeboard, lift and go to school

3 - How old are you? 21

4 - What’s your work out routine like? Gym in the a.m. for cardio and abs, back again in the afternoon for weights and more cardio - 7 days a week

5 - What’s your favorite body part to work out? Chest

6 - What body part gives you the most trouble? Chest

7 - What’s your favorite body part? Biceps

8 - What’s your least favorite body part? Back

9 - 5 years from now where do you see yourself? Practicing law

10 - What’s your favorite vacation spot? Vail Colorado

11 - What’s your favorite piece of clothing on Drifter Decore Shirt

12 - What brand would we find most in your closet? Lacoste

13 - Boxers or Briefs? Boxers

14 - What do you like to do for fun? Snowboard, wakeboard, hangout with friends

15 - What’s your favorite place to just hang out and relax? At the lake house

16 - Funniest thing that has happened to you? I was at a bar one night and saw a girl that I had a class with freshman year. We were talking all night, and I could tell she was into me but I wasn’t interested. At the end of the night I was leaving the bathroom headed for the front door and she stopped me to give me her number. Thinking to myself ‘I’m never going to call’ I pretended to put her number in my phone to be nice and just punched in 111-111-1111, with every intention of deleting it later. After I put the fake number in...she reached over and took my phone saying ‘here, let me store it!’ She saw the fake number and the look on her face almost turned me to stone. Without saying a single word I took my phone back and walked out of the bar.

17 - Most embarrassing thing that has happened to you? See #16

18 - If you moved where would you go? Alaska

19 - What are you passionate about? Being outdoors and getting into law school


May 23, 2006 Model Search

modelsearch.jpgUniversal Gear is looking for male product models for our online store.

If you are 5’9” to 6’1”, tanned and have an excellent muscular defined shape please send at least one face and one full body shot to for consideration.

--Must live in the Washington DC metropolitan area.

--Must be available for a 2-3 hour shoot per week.

--Product models are compensated with gift cards good at any of our stores.

January 26, 2006

Angelo and Charlz (Miami)

LeRoy.jpgAs the temperature was hitting the mid-30's in the Northeast in January 2006, we were packing our bags and heading south to Miami. The goal? Take pictures for our Spring 2006 campaigns featuring Levi's jeans and swimwear from Blueman as well as our own Universal Swim line. The model search was challenging, but in the end, we found Angelo and Charlz, both local Florida guys just staring their modeling careers. Behind the camera was Le Roy Rosario--a fantastic Miami photoghapher who joined us on a day's notice when our previously scheduled photographer bailed last minute.

The weather was strange: beautiful blue skies and warm at first, then--as luck would have it--30 mile an hour winds came through just in time for the swimwear portion (notice how Charlz's hair is contantly flying in the wind). The result though were some beautiful photographs that really capture the essense of our campaigns: friendship and fun in the sun.

Meet the Model: Charlz
charles.jpgThe first thing you notice when you meet Charlz is the hair. Especially during our windy photoshoot in Miami, it just blew in the wind and created a the exact feeling and laid-back attitude we wanted to create with this photoshoot. Here are the top 10 things we learned about Charlz.

1 - Where are you from originally? Blacksburg, VA Home of the VA TECH HOKIES!
2 - What do you do when not modeling? Go to the beach with friends and workout
3 - How old are you? 21
4 - What's your work out routine like? I work out one muscle group a day (chest/back/arms/shoulders/legs) and the weekends are off days!
5 - What's your favorite body part to work out? I'd have to say my chest. What body part gives you the most trouble? My legs, I have had two surgeries on my left knee and a third coming up in May, so hitting legs as hard as I used to is difficult.
6 - Five years from now where do you see yourself? I hope to own my own gym by then.
7 - What's your favorite vacation spot? A nice beach with nice waves....
8 - What's your favorite piece of clothing on All the jeans!
9 - Boxers or Briefs? Boxer Briefs
10 - Describe your perfect day. Wake up and eat a big breakfast chill out and hit the beach with friends...then hit the gym.

View Charlz' campaign poster. More images |1|

Meet the Model: Angelo
angelo.jpgAngelo was one of the featured models in our Miami photoshoot in the Winter of 2006. Tall, dark and handsome with a killer smile, he provided a nice contrast to the all american boy in Charlz. Here's what we learned about him:

1 - Hometown? New Brunswick, NJ
2 - What do you do when not modeling? Work, family and friends. The gym is also a favorite place to hang's a good stress reliever!
3 - How old are you? 21
4 - What's your work out routine like? I workout every other day for an hour, one major muscle and smaller one the same day.
5 - What's your favorite body part? Arms Least favorite body part? Stomach
6 - Five years from now where do you see yourself? Stable with a nice car and house, possibly marriage!
7 - What's your favorite vacation spot? Key West, FL
8 - What's your favorite piece of clothing on - Jeans
9 - Boxers or Briefs? Briefs!
10 - Describe your perfect day. Six good solid meals, the gym and a hot date!

View Angelo's campaign poster. More Images |1|


-- Ricardo

February 26, 2003

Meet the Model: Daniel

daniel.jpgTo say we stumbled upon 21 year old Daniel is an understatement. During our last trip to Brazil (where we designed and ordered most of our swimwear for this season), we were so busy creating the collection that we didn't have time to plan a model search and photo shoot. Then on our last night in Rio, we saw Daniel and his troupe performing in the street. The performance is called capoeira--a 500 year old martial art form that was developed in in Brazil by African slaves. More than martial arts, capoeira is also a form of dance, expression, play and personal interaction developed in the oppressive atmosphere and environment of slavery.

Capoeira is characterized by deceptive kicks, sweeps and rhythmic movements that lie somewhere between dance and fight. The music is a critical component--during faster tempos the players throw fast, powerful kicks and blows at each other (usually without making contact), along with movements reminiscent of the most acrobatic gymnastics. Slower tempos dictate more dance-like interaction with lyrics reflecting the action.

Watching him perform left us mesmerized. The songs, drum beats and movements were almost hypnotic and his physique (which he claims is purely from practicing capoeira) was perfectly lean and cut. After the show, we moved our schedules around for the following day and managed to squeeze in a quick photo shoot with Daniel on the beach highlighting some of his best movements and some of our best suits for the season.

During the shoot, we learned a bit about this amazing performer. Born to a poor family in Caju--a suburb of Rio de Janeiro, Daniel learned capoeira mostly on the streets. Now he spends most of the summer months travelling around the state of Rio de Janeiro performing in the streets for tips--where he says he can usually make around R$25 per day (the equivalent of less than $10) after the troupe splits the day's earnings. Besides the capoeira, Daniel does odd jobs throughout the year to get by and help his family pay the bills (his $100 paycheck from this photoshoot would "go directly to my wonderful mother to help pay the rent"). The motivation for his hard work was evident throughout our time together--Daniel wants a family more than anything--and wants to be able to give his son the financial security he didn't get from his father.

On a lighter note, we also learned that Daniel is a typical 21 year old in many ways. He's always looking for a little fun with the foreigners that visit Rio. He's currently dating an Australian woman who's travelling through Brazil, but claims he has a few other "regulars" on the side. The interview quickly got X-rated as the described his other hobbies and interests. For now (to keep the censors off our backs), we'll just say he's really into role-playing and likes it a little rough between the sheets (our guess is that the aggression of the capoeira is not cathartic enough of an outlet for this sexy 21-year old). You get the picture, right?

More Images |1|

-- Ricardo

August 26, 2002

Meet the Model: Tom

tom_01.jpgThough Universal Gear models usually garner some attention from our customers (through fan emails and love letters), few get the response we recently got from all-american boy Tom Gaynor, our Summer 2003 cover model.

Tom (who also goes by Rusty) was discovered dancing at Shampoo in Philadelphia last winter by Larry E. of Mega Men (who has since opened a majorly successful club in Philiadelphia). Since then, life has been a fast-paced, whirlwind tour of clubs all over the East Coast, fashion shows and photo shoots.

I sat down with Tom in Rehoboth Beach after our latest denim photo shoot and learned that Tom is your typical 22 year old: energetic, purposefully sexual and full of big dreams.

6 feet tall, 195 pounds
Birthdate: June 6th, 1980, Gemini
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Occupation: Dancer, Model, Student (he studies Business at a Penn State branch campus and plans on transferring to main campus this winter)
Career Goal: His dream job is to take over for Ashley in O-Town. His more realistic career goal involves working for a large corporation in a business management role. “I’ve always dreamt about working for a large successful business--you know, the kind where everyone drives their Ferraris to work,” he says.
Favorite Cities: Philadelphia, New York, Orlando, Miami
Vacation Spot: Cancun, Mexico
Favorite Show: “It used to be Making the Band, but now I guess I’d have to say American Idol”
Best Quality: Open-minded, gets along with everyone
Biggest downfall: Procrastinator
Perfect Date: Dinner at an expensive restaurant, walk on the beach followed by a little lovin’ right in the sand.
Perfect Mate: Blond, blue eyes, tan skin, beautiful body and great sense of humor
Deserted Island: What if he were stuck in a deserted island? Well, Tom would want to have his weight bench with him, lots of protein shakes, bars and GNC supplements and lastly his dream girl (we presume to spot him on his bench press sets and for other miscellaneous activities)
Word that best describes Tom in the bedroom: Passionate (this one is self-proclaimed... contrary to popular belief, no one in the crew that day learned that first hand).

From working with Tom these last few months, we can vouch for his passion. He’s committed to the success of any project he gets himself into. He’s low key, a little quiet when you first meet him and he’s up for just about anything.

More Images |1|

-- Ricardo