June 05, 2015

Make a Splash!

Vendor Spotlight:ES Collection & Addicted

It's finally here - SUMMER! Which means it's time to tuck away the sweaters and jeans away and pull out the shorts and tee shirts. Up until Labor Day there is only one place you need to be: the beach. Grab a towel, some sun screen, a tank, and your bathing suit, and meet us there!

Make a Splash!

Our two most popular brands have just arrived in stores: ES Collection and Addicted! These suits are sold exclusively in our stores, so you won't be able to pick any up unless you're in town. We've decided to give you an exclusive look at why these brands are so popular with our customers:

ES Collection

ES Collection has some of our hottest styles. ES Collection is based in Barcelona, bringing European style to Universal Gear. A preview of our styles can be seen in the picture above. Most of our styles feature skin-hugging fabric, allowing you to show-off. What makes their swimwear unique is the front foam cup. The cup (which is removable) sits up front to improve the aesthetics of your silhouette and and gives your front attributes a boosted appearance without leaving marks on the front of the garment. If you like to look sexy, yet classy, ES Collection is your brand.

Addicted by ES

Addicted is our other swimwear line that keeps the summer hot. Addicted is another Barcelona based company. Their underwear sells out fast for us, and their swimwear is no exception. Like ES Collection, most of our selection feature a form-hugging style and foam cup in the front. With a pair of these, you're sure to have all eyes on you at the beach!

Shop Swim

If you want to look hot at the beach, we're here to help. Stop in either of our stores to try on a pair of ES Collection or Addicted swimwear. Or you can shop online for any of our other swim styles! Beat the heat this summer and make a splash at the beach with the latest swimwear!

--Team UG

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May 21, 2015

Fellow Barber

Vendor Spotlight: Fellow Barber

When trying to look your best, getting dressed is only half of the battle. Before you walk out the door and into the rest of the world you have to make sure your hair looks good, your skin looks clear, your facial hair is trimmed, you smell good, etc. Basically, you need to be well dressed and well groomed. Universal Gear is here to help with a wide variety of men's grooming products, the latest of which is Fellow Barber.

Shop Fellow Barber

Fellow Barber is not just a line of products, but actually a small chain of modern barber shops "committed to offering a hassle-free, yet high quality experience, without the pretensions of a salon". With three barber shops in NYC along with locations in both San Francisco and Detroit, Fellow Barber is often credited for the revival of time-honored barber shop traditions. Their success has allowed them to create their own line of products which we are bringing to you at Universal Gear.

Shave Essentials

Facial hair is always a topic of dicussion when it comes to men, and each week the internet likes to change it's mind on whether it's in or out. No matter which side of the debate you stand on, knowing how to properly manage it is important. Their Shaving Cream makes for a smooth shave. The light and airy formula gives an abundance of glide. The cream is naturally scented and will not clog up your razor. Follow up your shave with their Aftershave Lotion The lotion helps your skin recover from a shave while moisturizing your face, cleaning off dirt and grease, and tightening your pores. Scented with natural oils, it will keep you smelling as fresh and clean as your face looks.

Shower Essentials

Having healthy hair is important, after all, Fellow Barber is a barber shop. To keep your hair looking it's best you'll obviously need a superior shampoo. The Complete Shampoo is just what you need to keep your hair strong. The light cleansing formula won't strip your hair and the mild conditioning formula keeps your hair looking natural. Tip: If you shampoo daily, use in small doses.

Hair Styling Products

Your hairstyle is what really pulls together a 'look'. Unkept hair can really make you stand out for all the wrong reasons. The key is make it look deliberate, and depending on what you're going for depends on which products you should use. If you're looking for a more care-free and loose style, the Styling Cream is going to be your best friend. It has a very light hold and a hint of shine in the finish. Ideal for the man with mid to long hair or just the guy who doesn't like to be spending too long in the mirror with a comb. On the opposite end of the spectrum, if you prefer to have more precise, detailed looks, then the Texture Paste is going to be your tool. The paste has a medium hold and matte styling, so it should be applied to dry hair. Use liberally for a stronger hold, or apply small amounts to tame waves of hair. Additionally, the paste will work better for men with coarser hair.

Shop Skincare

Taking care of your appearance doesn't stop with your closet. Thankfully, Universal Gear has a wide selection of products devoted to your grooming habits. We have hair products like Fellow Barber, skin care products like Das Boom, Molton Brown, Archipelago Botanicals, and even more! Click around on our website and read up on the products we have available to see which is right for you. Or if you're in the neighborhood, why not stop in and ask one of our sales reps which products are their favorites? Helping you look your best is what we love to do!

--Team UG

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October 10, 2014

Timoteo Underwear!

Last Chance! 25% off all underwear!

It's the last weekend of our Underwear Sale - save 25% off all of our full-priced underwear.If you're feeling adventurous, now's the time! Just take a look over at our selections from Timoteo. They have everything from simple & colorful to hard & risque.

The Pop-Out line is perfect for the someone who wants to keep their business easy and colorful. The thick waistband with an old english font keeps your underwear feeling strong and masculine, and the bright solid print makes sure that you stand out! We have styles in a brief, boxer brief, and trainer jock.

Collegiate apparel just screams man, and so does Timoteo's Varsity selection. Bold stripes and royal coloring gives the style that high-class elitist look. Do yourself a favor - put on a pair, steam up your bathroom, wipe the mirror, look deep into your eyes and tell yourself "I just scored the winning touchdown". We have styles in a brief, trunk, athlete jock, & trainer jock.

Sliding into a pair of Timoteo's Grand Prix will leave you feeling hunky. The racing designed waistband and bright colors are great for the guy who wants a little more complexity in their drawers without going overboard - so taking a victory lap for finding the perfect pair is justified. Just don't forget to have your friend snap a few pics of you running in them for Instagram. #WinnersCircle We have the Grand Prix available in a square cut and a low-cut brief.

CellBlock 13 is what you would call Timoteo's "after dark" selection. Dare to be bold with the Enforcer Jock. With a thick, macho waistband and mesh pouch, everyone will know you're hard and tough. And when you get high off your own fumes and decide to take a walk down a dark alley, the bright color elastic will make sure you don't get lost.

Timoteo is great underwear for the everyday man.

If you're not as wild about these selections, don’t worry - we have plenty more styles and brands! But act fast - this is the last weekend for our Underwear Sale. 25% off! Be sure to check out our site for the latest styles and check back here for the dish on what we are selling.

--Team UG

September 26, 2014

Introducing Teamm8 Underwear

Grab Your Pair

Universal Gear is bringing back its blog, Unzipped, just in time for our semi-annual Underwear Sale. Save 25% off all of our full-priced underwear! We are bringing back the vendors everyone loves, like Andrew Christian, C-IN2, 2(x)ist, etc, while adding even more new brands into our latest selection of underwear. One of which is Teamm8.


Teamm8 is an Australian based brand that drips in athletic aesthetics and that pretty boy look. This season we are bringing you that thunder from down under for your down under in four unique styles-the MATE Brief, Racer Brief, Touch Down Brief, & Bolt Jock. Each pair brings something different to the table-from classic and sporty to sleek and sexy. There is a pair for everyone to love!

Mate Brief

The MATE Brief is a classic Teamm8 look. Similar to their swimwear, it features a solid print, the classic Teamm8 drawstring, and a super low cut. In case you forgot, underwear that features a super-low cut tends to enhance the appearance of... well... you get the drift. Super soft, super comfortable, and a sexy cut, this pair is sure to be a crowd pleaser for those of you who like to show off.

Touch Down Brief

The Touch Down Brief is another super low cut brief from Teamm8. Do not let the simple design fool you, the double piping along the bottom and side panel gives your underwear a sporty pop. Not to mention the bright color is sure to brighten up a *ahem* dark basement. And if the super fitted low-cut scares you, you can always try a size up.

Racer Brief

Teamm8 stays true to the sleek sporty look with their Racer Brief. The dynamic three-stripe detail on the front gives a sleek look with a low-rise cut. The front pouch gives a little more space than their other briefs, and with the slightly higher cut in the back, this style is perfect for the guy who has a little more love to give out.

Bolt Jock

Nothing says athletic like the Bolt Jock from Teamm8. A jock strap already drips in masculine sex appeal, and these come in three colors that scream ask me how my protein shake tastes. The double stripes are a small, simple touch that give off the fresh outta the gym vibe. Perfect for the man that is constantly on the move.

Teamm8 is the perfect mix, with all the sensuality of an Australian and energy of a gym bag.

Not a fan of the hot athletic look? No worries! We have a wide selection of different styles! Our Underwear Sale is still going on for two more weeks where you can save up to 25% off! Be sure to check out our site for the latest styles and check back here for the dish on what we are selling.

--Team UG

August 13, 2012

90's Realness - Psycho Tropix

If you haven't noticed the 90's are back! We're talking Neons, Shredder tanks, I mean full on Zack Morris realness!!! (minus the gigantic cell phone) I think it's always fun to see fashion come full circle, I love seeing what twist the next generation will add to the mix. Universal Gear, a company founded in the early 90's, has embraced this trend and offers some like totally tubular rad awesome retro styles from Psycho Tropix.

*Check out these Retro Tanks from Psycho Tropix


April 06, 2012


After returning from numerous exploratory tips to the capitals of the world, the Thomas Group launched the first collection of J.C Rags. Established 1994, J.C. Rags was born in the town of Den Bosch, 80km south of Amsterdam and quickly bencame one of the Netherlands' leading menswear labels known as the king of basics.

With unmatchable success throughout Europe the brand expanded quickly and began their international venture opening offices in Spain, Greece, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, UK, Switzerland, Austria, Portugal, Canada and the USA.

New to Universal Gear the Poplin Chino pant has become very popular! Its features include the detachable leather belt, a four button fly and prewashed vintage warn look.


December 08, 2011

Happy Holidays from Andrew Christian

It looks like underwear guru Andrew Christian is getting into the holiday spirit this year! Take a look

Shop Andrew Christian right here at Universal Gear


November 21, 2011

It's in the Bag

The Holidays are upon us! There is a chill in the air and a peppermint mocha in my hand. Like most people my Holidays are filled with travel, shopping & spiked eggnog!

Recently, while enjoying said eggnog with a dear friend we starting talking about various things like what gifts we had bought and where we were traveling for the holidays and most importantly, if there was any eggnog left. We soon realized that we were both chalking up some major air miles this year and with all of this traveling we had planned between the two of us, we decided it would be nice to treat ourselves to some new "travel companions"! Now we all know that this season is all about giving to others, but you know what, every once in a while it's nice to treat yourself to a little something. And in my hunt for new sleek travel bags I came across this fun collection from Ben Sherman at Universal Gear. Not only did I find something for Moi, but I also picked up a couple of gifts as well. And as they say, I got 2 birds with 1 credit card! (ok, no one really says that...but they should!)

the Hold All

This sleek duffel upgrade is amazing! The perfect carry-on for your travels and is specious enough for all of your essentials for a weekend getaway.
Black PU strapping. W20" x H13" x D8". Imported.

the Commuter Bag

Great for the modern business man, its canvas body changes the look from stuffy to cool and casual. Optional shoulder strap gives the chance to take this from briefcase to messenger bag in an instant.
Canvas body, PU trimming. W16.5" x H12.75" x D3.5". Imported.

iPad Case

This is a great gift for your gadget man. Sleek iPad sleeve with pieced Union Jack detail and this must have comes in Black or Brown.
W11 x H 8.5" x D.75". Imported.

Safe Travels
-- Dustin Schaad

September 17, 2011

Antony Morato

Brand Spotlight: Antony Morato


Antony Morato started in 2007, and while this Italian brand may be young it is certainly making heads turn in the fashion world. Morato has a fall line with a look that is sophisticated punk rock rebel. Fitted dress shirts are tripped with zipper edges, sweaters flip their prep school heritage into a punk rock rebellion with bold shouts of yellow and deconstructed patterns, outerwear is London sheik with a dash of anarchist edge and the graphic t-shirts pull the whole thing together with loud color and brash designs.


August 31, 2011

Pipe Underwear

Thinking About Going Commando?

Well we've got you covered.. well, not really so much covered... you know what we mean. Whatever your preference, Universal Gear and Pipe Underwear can fulfill your needs.

Pipe by Palacio is the outcome of loud screams for a new trendy brand of underwear. A couple of years ago Pipe hit the scene. Inspired by a lack of color, textures and comfort in men's underwear, they decided to create a funky brand based on fashions of the day and upcoming trends. Pipe's innovative garments make you feel unique and sexy. Their philosophy is to push the boundaries of traditional underwear and make your style unique and fun. And whether you want a pair that barely covers, covers "the goods", or covers it all, Pipe is one choice we suggest for both comfort and style.

So check us out online and in-store and release your sexy side!

August 25, 2011

PANT-demonium: Ben Sherman EC1

The EC1 program is new to Ben Sherman this season! The chino is a great alternative to denim and a great way to spice up your wardrobe. Most people think pants are stuffy and boring, not the case with the EC1 line-up with the color pops and modern fits, Ben Sherman has thrown a fun twist to a classic style.

Fit is EVERYTHING! Get to know the new EC1 line

PANT-demonium: Life After Denim

Life After Denim is wonderful new brand for that has become part of the Universal Gear Family. LAD was introduced in the Summer of 2010 and this brand has become a powerhouse! Customer love their Shorts, Shirts and especially their Pants. Life After Denim is know for their fun colors and great fits. For the Pant-Demonium campaign we have taken on several new cuts and styles as well as brought back the Core Slim Fit Chino style that became a fan favorite amongst our shoppers.

August 08, 2011


Check out the new styles now available at Universal Gear & UniversalGear.Com


July 19, 2011

Underwear Spotlight: DIESEL

Typically when you drop your pants a laugh isn't the most welcomed response ... unless you are wearing underwear from Diesel's latest collection. This collection of briefs and trunks are fun and a bit cheeky (pun intended)! These are a great gift item, whether it be for a special someone - or yourself.

Check out Universal Gear's Diesel collection ONLINE or in stores.



January 21, 2011


The sexy line of mens underwear from Barcelona, Spain is back with hot new styles for 2011!

Check out the ES collection available at Universal Gear &

December 13, 2010

Holiday Style: Ben Sherman


The Brits have done it again! If you're in need of a Party Perfect Holiday outfit look no further than Universal Gear's Ben Sherman Collection.

A Helpful Guide to creating the perfect holiday look: A crisp, bold, solid button up (go with strong colors like Crimson Red, Forest Green, Deep Purple, Charcoal, Rich Black or Classic White) tucked into a classic black or grey pant (no cargos or pleats please). In general , your look should be clean, crisp, and put together. If you want to have some fun with your outfit, choose a sleek black or gray vest and accent it with a skinny tie (or bow tie if you're in the mood for something a tad more fashion forward). If vests are not your thing, you can pair this look with a fitted v-neck sweater; playfully tucking your tie into the sweater. This is a smart, witty ensemble that is sure to turn a few heads. If it's really cold outside, complete the look with a classic blazer (a velvet or cord blazer works as well) that you can take off when you reach your destination. Finish the outfit with a black dress shoe or Chelsea boot, black belt and cuff links.

--Dustin Schaad

November 21, 2010

The DNA of Diesel


The NEW Diesel Zatiny-74F Micro Boot Jean is a classic Diesel wash (one of our most requested Diesel washes btw), part of the new D.N.A. line(Dirty New Age). The ZATINY-74F has a spectacular wash and fit. Slim in the thighs and widens out at the bottom to form a mirco-boot cut. With the masterful wash and abrasion details this denim will make you feel dirty, look dirty, and act dirty...all in the name of fashion.

September 24, 2010



Nine Days
is the product of ingenuity and art using denim as a canvas. Forged from the mind that brought you PRPS, Denim Guru Donwan Harrell now brings you the color of the 70’s revolution and the attitude of the 80’s punk with fashion forward twist. Nine Days sports an average price of under $120, proving that a high fashion doesn’t have to come with a higher price point.

Using premium denim with unconventional washes and treatments, Nine Days is not for those who accept uniforms. Harrell says, “ this is for the influencers, the early adopters, the beneficiaries of the flattery which is bred by imitation.” To win the race you can’t be afraid to take the lead.

pt-C51P02N-DVT!NIN.jpg pt-C52P01U-DSR!NIN.jpg pt-C53P01H-MVT!NIN.jpg


August 24, 2010

Undie Update: SLIQ by 2(x)ist

Meet SLIQ, the newest collection from the underwear geniuses at 2(x)ist. The collection launched this week, and from what I've seen, men are loving it and you will love it, too! Made from stretch cotton, each sexy style of SLIQ "innerwear" is sleek, modern, and features a red-tipped microfiber waistband and subtle logo. So far, my personal favorite is the SLIQ Brief: an ultra low-rise undergarment with high-cut leg openings (for maximum movement) and a full back (for covering your assets). I highly recommend that you try this new line from 2(x)ist -- as if the video above hasn't already convinced you!

--Dustin Schaad

NOW AVAILABLE in-store at Universal Gear // COMING SOON to

SLIQ Brief 1759

SLIQ Trunk 1743

SLIQ Thong 1702

SLIQ V-Neck Muscle 1757

August 17, 2010

Unzipped: Men's Shapewear From Equmen

Have you ever wondered why men's shapewear is all the rage these days? In our latest video, Chord highlights our new line from Equmen and explains how shapewear can improve everything from posture and core stability to body temperature regulation and your everyday appearance. Visit us in DC and NY to try out Equmen's Precision Tank and Underwear for yourself!

August 16, 2010

Sneak Peek: New G-Star

Just because temperatures are still hovering at 90 degrees doesn't mean we aren't gearing up for fall weather! Boxes upon boxes of G-Star outerwear - plus other styles - are being unpacked at this very moment. If you stop by our DC store today, there's a good chance you'll even catch us in the act. Or you can take our word for it, since the pictures below speak for themselves.

Happy Monday!

--UG team

P.S. On a completely unrelated note: Happy Birthday, Madonna!

8.16_new-gstar_1.jpg 8.16_new-gstar_3.jpg 8.16_new-gstar_2.jpg

August 13, 2010

Friday the 13th Swimwear Advice


Friday the 13th doesn't have to be so unlucky after all! A super sexy swim selection at your fingertips plus sunny weather on the way - at least in DC and NY - means the perfect weekend to show off your new ES swimwear. Our recommendations? The ES Sport Stripe Bikini if you're going for skimpy, and the Retro Swim Short if you're after, well, a more retro look. Oh, and we also recommend avoiding Crystal Lake today. There's no use letting Jason Voorhees ruin a good party... or your new swimsuit.

ES Collection Logo.jpg

August 09, 2010

Calling All G-Star Lovers...

...because these styles won't last long! Track them down in stores and online today!

3301 Format Rider Jean
Ewing Knit Cardigan
Los Angeles V-Neck (left) & Deck Check Woven (right)
Denim Logan Worker Cap (left) & Cool Rib Polo (right)

August 06, 2010

Sneak Peek (New Diesel)


July 27, 2010

Conversation Starters // Local Celebrity, Ajaxx63, Diesel







July 07, 2010

Diesel Denim Fit Guide

Now that those 20+ new Diesel styles are unpacked and on our shelves, we thought you might appreciate a quick Diesel denim fit guide. Here's the low-down on the five fits that Universal Gear offers online and in stores.


Viker - The Diesel Viker: the every man's straight-legged jean. The great thing about straight leg denim is that it fits just about anyone. It's versatile. The right wash paired with a sharp dress shirt is the perfect look for a casual workday or a first date. Every guy should have at least one straight-legged pair of denim in his closet!

Safado - The Safado is Diesel's slim straight leg cut. It's slimmer than the Viker Str8 Leg, so if you feel that the Viker is too form fitting, this definitely isn't the style for you. The Safado is a nice alternative to the Skinny Jean; it's not skin tight but it gives a great slim silhouette.


Zathan - The Ultimate Boot-Cut! The Diesel Zathan has been one of Diesel's top selling and long-lasting styles. It tapers at the knee and flares out to create a sharp boot-cut. NOTE: If you have larger thighs, the Zathan may not be for you.

Zatiny - The Diesel Zatiny is a hybrid of a boot-cut and straight leg denim. Ideal for an average to lean build, it sits low on the waist and tapers at the knee to hug the thigh, making for a sexy fit.


Zhav - Looking for a pair of denim with a fuller cut? Look no further than the Diesel Zhav! This amazing boot-cut jean is perfect for the guy who wants a little extra room in the thigh area.

So, now that you're a Diesel denim expert, what are you waiting for? Click on the image below to browse all of our styles and find your perfect pair today!

--Dustin Schaad

July 01, 2010

Behind-the-Scenes with CA-RIO-CA

When you think of Brazil, what comes to mind? If flashes of its greatest World Cup moments dominate your thoughts, think again. In fact, let your imagination run wild as you watch Bradford Rogne's photoshoot for CA-RIO-CA, the Brazilian swimwear company based out of - you guessed it - Rio de Janeiro. And afterward, because you simply won't be able to resist, check out Universal Gear's sexy CA-RIO-CA swim collection!

June 25, 2010

ES: The New Brand Fresh From Spain

ES underwear and swimwear have become some of the hottest trends in the men's swim and underwear game. Until recently, the ES Underwear Collection was only available in Spain. Now, however, a limited selection is available in the US, and we were lucky enough to snatch it up just in time for summer. Since our UG customers have been raving about the comfort and fit of our sexy ES styles, we thought we'd tell you a little bit more about the brand.

The ES Collection started in 2005 and, as a fledgling business, made quite the splash. It was featured on the cover of DNA magazine and has appeared in other print and online publications. The annual unveiling of the new ES Barcelona swimsuits and the ES Underwear Collection has become a highly anticipated occasion. If you're not lucky enough to travel to Spain for these fabulous events, look no further than Universal Gear and to check out the sultry collection.

What I love about ES underwear and swimsuits is that the entire collection is made to be sexy and incredible. The use of hot colors, original styles and clean lines makes the ES Collection the outstanding brand that it is. I especially love the attention to detail and fit, which is so important to the ES design process. Every piece from collection is a masterpiece in itself. So, be bold and try something new: click here to view UG's assortment of ES Swim & Underwear!

--Dustin Schaad


June 24, 2010

Coming Soon: 20+ New Diesel Styles

In case the photos below don't give it away, next week means hot new summer apparel from Diesel! More than 20 styles of the trendiest denim, shirts, underwear and shoes will be coming your way very, very soon! That is, as soon as we finish unpacking these boxes...


June 17, 2010

Rebel Yell: A Collection Reborn

Rebel_YellRebel Yell Logo.png

For those of you old enough, we used to carry this line a while back. Rebel Yell has finally reformed and is looking better than ever! A combination of bright colors and fun vintage graphics makes for the perfect casual summer look.

The collection also boasts a compelling, beautiful story. When we read this, we simply couldn't resist bringing Rebel Yell back into your lives and ours:

Rebel Yell reflects the nostalgia of a childhood spent in the glory days of the late 70s & early 80s. From the clothing to the distinct name, the inspiration for the line comes from the many memories that owners - and brother/sister duo - Daniel and Andi Ballard shared while growing up in Virginia. What better way to epitomize their rowdy, all-American childhood than to name the brand after their favorite wooden roller coaster, The Rebel Yell?

Raised by a fashion-loving folk/rock musician mom, Daniel & Andi were introduced to and influenced by the world of style at a very young age. There was never a shortage of inspiring fashion, art and music around the house while they were growing up. With the classic rock greats they were raised on echoing through their design studio, Andi & Daniel set out to create a collection reminiscent of the clothing they grew up with: kick-ass, worn-in to perfection, and all things vintage.

May 25, 2010


For being our northern neighbors, those Canucks sure have southern California style down pat. SKMPEEZ, out of Canada, is the latest addition to our swimwear stable. Their style is a combination 70s and 80s style with a modern techno-color twist.
The collection includes two cuts: the Euroz and Squarez. The Euroz cut, as its name implies, was inspired by the shape and fit of the classic European style of swimwear. This cut sits low on the hips and features a slightly wider leg to provide more coverage than your traditional bikini cut. This is a great fit for those with shorter legs and longer torsos. The Squarez cut also sits low on the hips but features a longer leg than the Euroz. This style is perfect for those with longer legs and shorter torsos. Whatever fit you choose, you can rest assured you're not going to be skmping on style.

*Check out the SKMPEEZ line available at!*


skm_blog_d1.jpg SKM_BLOG_D3.jpgskmpeez_1.JPG

April 15, 2010

Scotch & Soda. . .I'll drink to that


When looking for tasteful well cut clothing with a youthful touch look
no further than Scotch & Soda. Their trend setting style and chic cuts make
them a must have in 2010.

This Amsterdam fashion brand does not believes in keeping their look simple,
making products they consider attractive, of good quality, contemporary,
genuine and affordable. I think that Scotch & Soda could be best described
as a smooth fusion of vintage and varsity. For Scotch & Soda it's not about
being the biggest or the boldest it's simply about making the best clothes
in the world.

What I really like about the new collection from Scotch & Soda is the soft
approach to the design that just on first sight invokes a feeling of comfort
and simple style. In my opinion the entire collection available at Universal
is an A+ , these are the type of clothes that every man wants to wear,
a great fit, comfortable feel, and modern.

Take a look at the Scotch and Soda conversation tees, not only are they super soft but they get great Sass!
I also love the lounge hoodies and cargo shorts, they are perfect for a breezy stroll on the beach after dark.

* Check out our new collection of Scotch & Soda.

--Dustin Schaad

March 08, 2010

!Fashionista Pick of the Week!


Hard and Wet! That's how I like it! Get your mind out of the gutter people, I'm talking about the fierce NEW Tees from Wet Cement! Sure to be a fashionista favorite, these three new burnout tees are a bit of hard core mixed with rebellious attitude! Hand printed and ultra comfortable these babies are a must have for the *Nista on the go.

+What is Burnout ?
"In the fashion industry, fabric with a burnout pattern is known as devore. Crafters call burnout patterns "fabric etching," because of the technique used to create them. It starts with a chemical paste, commonly containing sulfuric acid, which is applied to the fabric to create the desired pattern. The acid eats away the fibers, leaving the fabric backing behind. The fabric is rinsed to remove the acid, which does not compromise the integrity of the garment. "

--Dustin Schaad

February 24, 2010

Make A Splash!


Dive into the new 2010 collection of hot sizzling swimwear! All of your favorites are back, Hugo Boss, Andrew Christian, Park & Ronen, Pistol Pete & Penguin, as well as new comers like the Australian brand Ristefsky Macheda and Sundek. Universal Gear has you covered, this year we have all of your favorite swimwear styles, Bikini, Army-Cut, Square-Cut, Trunk & Boardshort.

Modest - When in a setting where there will be mixed company such as parents, children or your boss, leave the Bikini at home and go for a more traditional swim suit. The Hugo Boss Andoya Boardshort and the Park & Ronen Stretch Boardshort are perfect choices, they are modest yet well fitted.

For more hot trunk or boardshort styles check out these brands Park & Ronen, Hugo Boss, Penguin & UG Swim

Show A Lil Leg - You have been in the gym all winter and you are ready to show off your well toned physic! Go with a square-cut or army cut for these. Pistol Pete has a great collection of mid-cut swimwear such as the Pistol Pete Nouveau Midcut Swim & Pistol Pete Sprint Midcut Royal as well as Ristefsky Macheda with their Ristefsky Macheda Swim Hipster Square Cut Blk.

For more fun mid-cut styles check out these brands Pistol Pete, Ristefsky Macheda, Sundek, Andrew Christian

Scandalous - Be daring and bold, just make sure your tan lines are in check. Often sexy and seductive, bikinis are great for grabbing attention if you're walking down South Beach or on a Caribbean cruise you're sure to get noticed. Some of my favorite Bikinis of this season are the Hugo Boss Crab Bikini, Pistol Pete Nouveau Bikini, Ristefsky Macheda Black Swim Brief & Andrew Christian Show-It Sailor Bikini.

For sexy bikini styles check out these brands Hugo Boss, Pistol Pete, Ristesky Macheda, Andrew Christian

--Dustin Schaad

January 27, 2010

It's a Brit Thang


Sharp Smart and Sexy, those are the three S's that I would use to describe the New Ben Sherman line. Our latest from Ben Sherman is a sophisticated blend of Vintage Varsity. Perfect for the hipster gone Ivy League.

The Collegiate look is very present in this hot spring line. My favorites are the Popular Blazer and the Loughton Cardigan, both are great versatile pieces that can be dressed up or down and translate very easily from day to night. Along with these two "must haves" I am currently in love with the Red Hoodlum plaid woven. It's a great basic with a perfect fit. I say wear it over a vintage tee, roll up the sleeves and hit the streets. Comfortable yet fashionable!

*If you're looking to rock the proverbial boat you can always try the Alpha pant. It's a modern skinny twist on the basic Ben Sherman slack. Play it up with some fun pastel socks and hip pair of dress shoes. To completely pop the look get a crisp white button down, black skinny tie or bowtie and throw in the Loughton cardigan. When out and about rock the new Winchester jacket (If you have a pair of black thick framed reading glasses your look will be complete!)

--Dustin Schaad

January 15, 2010

Fashionista Pick Of The Week


"Walk Walk Fashion Baby. . ." to quote my favorite Lady of the moment (can't get that song out of my head!). Most definitely a conversation piece and not for the faint of heart, these man-bags are from the legendary fashion icon himself, Christian Audigier. The man behind hit brands like Von Dutch and Ed Hardy is at it again but this time putting his own name in the spotlight. Fashionistas, you too will be caught in a Bad Romance with this NEW bag collection from Christian Audigier, sold now at Universal Gear and

--Dustin Schaad

December 18, 2009

Seven...My Lucky Number

sevendilblog1.jpeg.jpgspacer.gifSeven for All Mankind, a Universal Gear customer favorite is back! Not only are they back, but they are better than ever. The fit is still one of the best in the industry and they are as comfortable as ever before. One of the reasons why this brand became so popular with the UG customer was the cut and fit. I always tell my friends if you want a great pair of jeans that will accentuate your "assets" go with Sevens. And it's true these jeans do wonders with your backside.

They have reinvented their denim styling, the new Slimy Straight and Standard Straight are nice depart from the old boot cut look of years past. These two new cuts are great slim jean styles. What I find most appealing about this brand (besides how they make my derriere look) is that these jeans are completely versatile. They transition from Day to Night with great ease. Whether it's casual Friday at the office or a night on the dance floor this brand has you covered.

Click here to check out more styles from this brand.

--Dustin Schaad


October 23, 2009

Brand Spotlight: ALKEMY

Alkemy derived from Alchemy
♦ Pronunciation: \'al-ke-me\
♦ Function: noun
♦ Definition: Combining philosophy, science and magic. Any miraculous power of transformation. (Scott Foresman Dictionary)

Just in time for Fall 09, one of our newest brands, Alkemy, is on the scene with a fantastic collection of fall outerwear, vests, sweaters and button downs. What I love about this brand is their ability to uniquely detail a piece while still maintaining a clean overall look. A lot of the collection has a modern twist to a classic look, which I find very refreshing. My favorite piece from their line is the wool vest, rather than giving us your basic run of the mill fall zip vest, Alkemy has created magic. Accented with a ribbed pop collar and hoodie, this vest is quite versatile, not to mention well crafted with its four pocket design and adjustable back strap (to slim your silhouette). The fit and taste of Alkemy meshes perfectly with the Universal Gear style, I believe this brand will be a smash with our clientele.

Defining Alkemy in their own words:
Philosophy: "We understand and appreciate that every man has his own individual style. Therefore our Philosophy is to create an impeccable clothing line for all of his occasions and needs."

Science: "With many years of design experience, we bring Science to our innovative fabrics and great fits allowing our clients to feel complete comfort in our clothes."

Magic: "As promised, you will see and feel Magic when dressed in Alkemy."

Alkemy is a new and welcomed addition to Universal Gear and Click here to view our online collection.
Until next time, Love Peace and all things Fashion.

--Dustin Schaad

September 22, 2009

Undie Update: Papi Underwear

Papi! Welcome to the luxurious world of Papi underwear! Internationally inspired, this new line of sexy undies are sure to become a popular brand here at Universal Gear. Known for their sultry designs and buttery fabrics, Papi Underwear can be described as expressive, athletic and body conscious. This brand encourages confidence and exudes pure sexuality. A perfect way to spice up your day to day.

Available in:


As a Papi enthusiast I have to say the selling point for me was the comfortable fit and feel of this brand. Their underwear has an amazing four-way stretch so you never feel bound or uncomfortable in your manties. Papi is a premium lifestyle brand that targets today's consumer, the man who knows luxury is important in all aspects of his life. To insure all aspects are covered this brand is available in several uniquely designed collections. Here is a brief bio on the collections available at Universal Gear and


The Papi Modern series is made up of luxurious soft fabrics with added stretch for a perfect body contouring fit and ease of movement. The modern stretch is like a second skin. The microfiber waistband is specially designed with the softest fibers to give you freedom with support.


The Papi platinum series is made up of luxurious soft fabrics with a four way stretch feature for a custom contoured fit and ease of movement. The centered Papi logo waistband is made with microfiber for superior comfort and softness.

Cool 2

The Papi Cool 2 series is made up of a cool and comfortable lightweight fabric. It stretches to your body for a perfect fit and comes with Papi's signature soft comfort waistband and fresh graphic designs.


The Papi Motion series combines natural softness with superior fit. During the knitting process of this fabric the yarn is infused with Spandex, resulting in a four-way stretch to provide body-contouring fit. The natural cotton blend adds softness for maximum comfort and appeal. The Motion collection comes with a matching Papi color logo waistband.

Put some Latin flavor in your life and ask yourself "Who's your Papi?" There's nothing like the right pair to spice up the day. Moi Caliente!

--Dustin Schaad

August 20, 2009

Undie Update: 2(x)ist

What's new in the world of underwear? Mantie Guru, 2(x)ist, has been cooking up a storm in the design room and has come out with some pretty hot new designs. Buckle up boys and let's take a look and the NEW TWO!

2 Cool 4 School

The new Campus line draws inspiration from the prep school, rugby, cricket and soccer lifestyles. And while these new undies may get you sent to the Headmaster, they certainly get an A+ in my book. Crafted with a blend of cotton, micro-modal, and spandex, they have a soft feel that is both luxurious and sporty. Give into this new preppy look.


Heavy Metal

Fresh for fall 09, the Metal line introduces a sleek new evolution in fashionable underwear. Metal sports a split-level engineered elastic band with the 2(x)ist logo in metallic accents. The fabric is form fitting, supportive and has an superbly rich feel. The Metal line is essentially modern, sleek, and above all else, SEXY. Try this new line and make a few sparks.


Optical Illusions

Launched earlier this year, the 2(x)ist Optic line is a favorite amongst Universal Gear customers, and I am happy to announce that two NEW colors are now available in store! Click here to read more about the Optic Line.


2(x)ist offers these collection in their signature silhouettes, such as the popular no show brief (perfect for low-rise jeans), classic trunk, crew neck tee and tank. Let these new collections add a little change to your everyday life. Whether you're a boxers or briefs guy, Universal Gear has you covered! Until next time, love, peace and all things fashion.

--Dustin Schaad

July 30, 2009

Let’s keep it Private

In late June Universal Gear launched its Summer 09 Private Label athletics line, Universal Athletics. Since 2004 UG has designed and created its own brand of unique athletic wear, each line is inspired by our customers and the cities Universal Gear calls home. This is year is no exception, keeping with the times we have incorporated burn out fabrics and distressed prints to give a youthful edgy look while still maintaining the brands athletic core. These Tees, Tanks, and Muscles are sold exclusively at Universal Gear and Universal, and let me just say that this years batch is probably one of my favorites. Check out our full assortment at

Universal Athletics; mixing style and comfort since 2004

--Dustin Schaad


July 08, 2009

Put some muscle into It

From the neon spandex clad 80's (thanks Olivia) to the classic grey and black cotton combos of the 90's (thanks Calvin), fashion and physical fitness have always been the best of friends. Well guys, it's 2009 and it's high time you checked your look...are you still wearing the passe A&F tank (so 2000) or have you stepped up your game?
andrewvert copy.jpg
For freshness in the athletics realm we look to fashion designer turned reality star, Andrew Christian for a few pointers. Andrew has come out with a fun collegiate inspired athletic line that has a comfortable fit mixed with a cool retro-jock feel. Using a lot of heathers and navy's with a touch of red, the Andrew Christian line has an All-American look. It's complimented with contrast stitching and retro 70's piping with patchwork lettering and vintage detailing. Christian plays with lengths and silhouettes in this line; here you can find your basic crew necks and tanks along with a few new v-neck styles as well as shorts ranging from long, medium and upper thigh lengths. Click here to view the entire Andrew Christian line sold here at Universal Gear.

* In case the name Andrew Christian sounds familiar, it's probably because you've seen him on Bravo's hit TV reality series, The Fashion Show. Click here to catch up on this celebrity designer.
Until next, love, peace and all things fashion.
--Dustin Schaad

June 23, 2009

Wicked Minds & Black Hearts


blackheartsvert.jpgBehind this label are three wickedly brilliant minds that introduced a fresh in your face style to the fashion world. In the fall 2005 Black Hearts Brigade hit the scene, their designs smoldering with the raw sex of punk rock and old school Hollywood. The brand was destined for success.
If some of the designs look familiar it's probably because you've seen them on television or in the magazines. BHB has had an amazing run so far in their young career, both American Idol hotties David Cook & David Archuleta have been spotted sporting the brand as well as the fetching Dean McDermott from TV's Tori & Dean. You may have also spotted this up and coming brand in the pages of Details and Rolling Stone or perhaps on the hit television show Lost. Black Hearts Brigade is a welcomed addition to the Universal Gear family (and might I add a very popular one too), for those of you who want to feel the raw sex of BHB click here to see our online selection or take a trip down to your local UG and get into it. Until next time, love, peace and all things fashion.

March 31, 2009

Smash and Grab

Ready to Rock! Smash has a raw edgy aesthetic that lends very well to today's fashion scene. With everything going retro, Smash brings back a little bit of the rebellious punk/metal 80's (thankfully without the Regans) with their detailed leather side bags. Perfect for your camera, mp3 player, cell phone, these bags are detailed with distressed leather, skulls, studding, and contrast stitching. If you're like me and you like to put a little extra into your look, Smash is the brand for you.



March 19, 2009

Chip & Pepper U

Calling all co-eds! The Chip & Pepper University line has arrived just in time for summer. Chip & Pepper partnered with Universities all of America to bring you these authentic vintage looks sold exclusively at boutiques. Not only do these tees have great vintage designs but they are also well made with a terrific fit and feel. While some of the tees are 100% Cotton others have undergone a unique finishing process to make them burnout tees. This means they have a more weathered look and are extra thin, giving them a super soft feel and unique look. So support your favorite teams in style like the Duke Blue Devils or the Florida Gators, or just look like a diehard fan (we won't tell.)


February 18, 2009

Carve Your Style In Wet Cement


Wet Cement honors the extraordinary power and rare uniqueness of each human. Environmentally conscious with organic cotton mix, the clothes are handmade and each piece is custom screened with images of life - as it happens. The fabric is soft slub cotton and sheer with a unique feel and look, just as unique as each person that wears it. Wet Cement pays homage to the unique moldable form cement takes as it dries. It conveys our ability to create and then imprint the journey of our life with each new experience.

Wet Cement isn't just a brand but a way of life, blending one-of-a-kind designs while inspiring the wearer to remember all that is possible in the world. Life is what you make, nothing more and nothing less, so leave your mark with shirts as individual as you.

February 12, 2009

Is This A Trick?

Untitled-1 copy.jpg

This is no Optical Illusion; the 2(x)ist team has set their laser sights on designing the most spectacular underwear collection in the company's 15 year history. Let's take a look at the fresh, new Optic collection.

The Optic collection, from legendary underwear line 2(x)ist, is visually stunning and spectacular, reminiscent of a sunset on some far off exotic tropical island (you know the type where you sip on cocktails in coconuts while soaking up the rays). A refreshing break from the monotony of tighty whities, the Optic collection dips into a very passionate color spectrum using Fiji Orange, Turquoise, Bright Purple, Black and White. And while yes, they do look hot, more importantly they feel amazing! Using 94% Modal and 6% spandex, the fabrication comes together to form a silky smooth underwear line that is going to take this industry by storm. 2xist offers originality with their micro-fiber, screen-printed elastic band that comes in a multitude of colors and reflects the most sensual tropical sunsets and breath taking sunrises.

miniwhttrunk.jpg miniblktrunk.jpg

2(x)ist offers this collection in their signature styles such as the popular no show brief (perfect for low rise jeans), classic trunk, crew neck tee and tank. Let the 2xist Optic collection add a little tropical vacation to your everyday life... I think I'll have myself a little mango margarita to celebrate! Cheers!


February 02, 2009

Just Like Steve McQueen

Steve McQueen tees are quite the hot item right now from runway to the street, and I have to admit we have done a great job at capturing the essence of this iconic figure that has been synonymous with fashion both in his time and ours.
2 copy.jpg3 copy.jpg

These tees give you instant fashion cred. Especially when paired with vintage styled denim by the Cult of Individuality. I really like the pairing of the Steven McQueen Solar Racing T with the Hagen straight leg Ron wash by the Cult of Individuality, the two really make a statement that defines what cool should be all about and the details in the jean pick up the colors in the McQueen shirt well.
4 copy.jpg

My only other suggestion, a pair of old school kicks to compliment the vintage appeal or take it a little forward with an updated fashion sneaker by Ben Sherman.

-- Kristopher

June 11, 2008

Go Green!


It seems today everyone is "going green." Well, why not? After all Earth is ours and if we don't take care of it we will have to live with the consequences. With all our waste and emissions we have made for unclean air, overflowing landfills, and of course Global Warming. Not to mention a lot of the clothing that is made by popular brands is made in sweat shops! But have you ever been to a "green clothing store?" Those hippies sure don't know how to put an outfit together. I doubt that they've ever even glimpsed into a fashion magazine. Cue Green Collective: An eco-friendly clothing company with, dare I say, style! According to Green Collective their mission is to
"design, develop and produce premium contemporary clothing in an environmentally friendly matter. We strive to leave the earth in as good or better condition for future generations, by using organic and sustainable fabrics and by dying using low--impact dyes or vegetable dyes."
Fortunately Green Collective delivers on their promise and has managed to produce some truly unique and great looking designs. Check out our current Green Collective collection. And, as Green Collective has printed on all their clothing

"Be the change you wish to see in the world."
-Mahatma Gandhi


Here's a little guide to what they are talking about.

Organic Fabrics: Organic fabrics are made from cotton grown in soil free of pesticides, herbicides, and poisons. The cotton itself is made without the use of harsh chemicals which tend to effect cotton. This means organic fabrics are stronger, softer, and last longer.

Sustainable Fabrics: Sustainable Fabrics are all about reducing your environmental footprints. Sustainable Fabrics are made from recycling and reusing materials.

Low-Impact Dyes: According to "A low-impact dye is a dye that has been classified by the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 (an international certification process) as eco-friendly. Generally, low-impact dyes do not contain toxic chemicals or mordants (which fix the dye to the fabric), require less rinsing and have a high absorption rate in the fabric (70%). High absorption rates and a decreased use of rinse water create less waste water."

Vegetable Dyes: Well this one is a no-brainer. These dyes are made from plants! Again this avoids the use of chemicals and offers a natural solution which has less of an impact on the environment.

Here are a few links to some great Green websites. Check them out.

The Daily Green
Essential Green
Tree Hugger
Modern Green Living
Green Home

May 13, 2008

Meet the Man Behind the BlueMan Brand

bluemanlogo.jpgThe longevity of the brand could be enough evidence to recognize him as a man with rare talents. After all, it’s not easy to maintain the freshness year after year that David Azulay seems to bring to each summer with BlueMan swimwear. What’s really amazing about David however, is that he’s triumphed in a milieu that is so foreign to him. He’s not a stylist, never studied design, is not considered the most personable guy (which at times gets him in trouble in the Brazilian fashion industry), doesn’t like working too hard and has little patience for marketing. And yet, he’s managed to be solely responsible for starting numerous trends in beachwear--especially when it comes to women’s (launched in 1972, his denim bikini was the hit of that summer’s collection).

It was quite a start for a brand that got its name from a drug trip. At 19, after dropping acid and going for a stroll on Ipanema beach in Rio, David started hallucinating while trying to envision his future as a fashion king. The acid was called Blue and his favorite brand at the time was New Man. With one foot in la-la land and one foot in reality, the brand BlueMan was born.

David arrived in Rio in the 60’s with his brother Simao and right away knew they were not destined for the career in medicine their father had envisioned for them. Instead, they took after their mother and both had a way with the sewing machine. David focused on beachwear, while his brother became the creative genius behind the denim brand Yes, Brazil through most the 80’s until dying from AIDS-related complications in 1988.

Personally, David is also not your traditional CEO. His critics say that he could double his business with a stronger focus on marketing and international sales. But David sticks to his guns, “People only think about increasing marketing and boosting sales. I now have 3 times as much as I ever dreamt of having. I have a successful business. Now, I want to enjoy life.” For the owner of BlueMan, now at 49, enjoying life includes spending quality time with his daughter, going to the beach, drinking coconut water and hitting the gym. “I’m an addict now. I can’t miss a day at the gym or I go nuts.”

See David's latest collection.

-- Ricardo

April 30, 2008

My Summer Passion

Summer time is upon us. Tis' the season for margaritas, beach blankets, sand, sun, fun and friends! It's the time for getaways to tropical locations, pool side romances, and late night dips in the ocean. Summer has always been a time of romanticism. Dolce & Gabanna seems to have captured that feeling entirely with its style.

To get you in the spirit of D&G, imagine that you are the quintessential Italian man, lean with a dark tan glistening on the Mediterranean coast. The sleek D&G bathing suit grabbing the attention of your fellow beach goers while you survey the scene behind dark sunglasses, you casually kick at the sand as you walk the shores of paradise. You and your friends take the yacht out at sundown to leave the city behind, conversation crosses from fashion trends to politics with unnoticeable ease as you sip your Bellini slowly and enjoy the night breeze. Good, now you've got it.

D&G's beachwear line has a timeless elegance mixed in with an understated modern style, complimenting your shape and exuding an overall vintage look. The swimwear collection, made in Italy, is well crafted and designed. The sporty Rugby collection is unique in its style and unsurpassed comfort. The overall look and feel will draw all the right attention and you will soon find yourself bombarded with compliments.

Indulge yourself even further with the sandals from D&G. They are comfortable and the perfect summer accent piece. Last weekend I bought a pair and have already gotten several "Nice, where did you get those." Luxury is for everyone and should no longer be for the fashion elite. Be bold and confident, refine your appearance and get what you want. Dive into our new line of D&G beachwear.

-- Will & Dustin.

January 30, 2008

Dying For Diesel

When I was kid a pair of jeans that cost more then twenty dollars was too much. Somewhere in my youth Diesel popped up with hundred dollar jeans that were already faded and sometimes even torn. I recall how absurd this sounded at the time. Why would anyone pay that much for denim, especially a pair that looked like it had been worn? It just seemed silly. Now however, Diesel jeans are renowned for their amazing washes. In fact, rare is the moment when I am found in a pair of jeans that isn't Diesel.

So why the change of heart? Why did it become acceptable to wear expensive denim, and jeans that look like they have been worn already? The reason is that, besides the fact that all their jeans are all extremely well made in Italy, Diesel washes and cuts create a great aesthetic appeal and I am a firm believer in "you get what you pay for." When I put on my Zathans I often get compliments specifically on my jeans. Considering everyone wears jeans all the time, it says a lot to get complimented on your jeans. Diesel denim is clthing that can be dressed up or worn casual. Not to mention, when looking to hook up a good pair of denim never goes un-noticed.

Universal Gear is a denim-conscious, fashion forward company. As such we are dedicated to not only bringing you the latest and edgiest styles in denim, with the best washes and fits, but to making sure that the "must haves" are in stock. Our picks:
The Zathan: with a low rise, straight fit through the leg, and a slight boot cut. The Zathan is my personal jean of choice. Look for the Zathan-71S and Zathan-72H.
The Zaf: which is known for its medium rise, straight fit through the leg, and a more definitive boot cut. Check out the Zaf-8BC, and the Zaf-72J-a new wash!

Whether you are dressing up or getting down these trademark Diesel styles are wardrobe staples that you need to check out!


January 23, 2008

Hardly Your Everyday Underwear

You may have noticed that our underwear page has gotten a lot more colorful in the past few weeks. Edgy and fun, Ed Hardy underwear strays from the cookie cuter basics and provides the chance for a little day to day excitement!

Ed Hardy burst onto the fashion scene only a few years ago, but has already made a huge impact! Popular among many celebrities, this designer has been spotted on everyone from Britney Spears to Tome Cruise, Madonna to Lance Bass. A breath of fresh air in a stale tighty whitey world, Ed Hardy underwear is one of the newest additions to the company's collection. The fun colors and funky tattoo inspired graphics make this brand a much loved and welcomed addition to the family. Check out our new selection Ed Hardy underwear and add a little spice to your life.



January 16, 2008

Getting RAW With G-Star

G-Star Raw is an often overlooked and underappreciated name in fashion. However, to the fashion-conscious city dweller, G-Star is a name to trust and seek out. Many designers often have a style that follows fashion trends and tend to be easy to overlook, blending in with their surroundings. G-Star truly sets itself apart from the rest.

G-Star does not try to imitate and it does not look to follow. As a company it sets the bar to be an individual and does so with great success. Its style transcends beyond the world of fashion. Its new Raw Ferry is an impressive boat that will host 25 for private events around Amsterdam. G-Star's futuristic and industrial styles were translated perfectly into this nautical masterpiece.

Though G-Star made its mark in fashion with its impressive G-Star Raw Denim it has ventured out with great success, making amazing shirts, jackets, and accessories. While other labels' clothing will have a lot of bells and whistles G-Star focuses on function with its pockets, snaps, buttons and zippers which are often abundant but not overdone on their clothing. The clothing which is unique and alternative maintains a simplistic aesthetic feel; often with a "can't put your finger on it" appeal.
But don't take my word for it. Stop into one of our stores and check out what G-Star Raw is all about or check it out on our online shop. And keep checking back as we will soon be adding more and more G-Star product.


December 20, 2007

Are you alive?

284775!DSL.jpgDiesel's new hit cologne, Fuel for Life, has made its way to Universal Gear! This "magic potion" is made from star anis, raspberry and authentic heliotropes; creating a light, alluring scent. Fuel for Life is the perfect gift for that special someone or even for yourself (it's nice to treat yourself every once in a while).

If you haven't seen the ads for this little cocktail from Diesel your head must be in the sand. Diesel's sexy advertisements have been plastered everywhere from the web to magazines, billboards, and Television. This cologne is absolutely a must have for 2008! Still, I highly suggest that you adhere to the Fuel for Life's slogan: "Wear with Caution,;" this cologne is not for amateurs.

Click here to view the add!


Happy Holidays

October 09, 2007

Time Goes By... So Slowly


The time has come (and yes, pun was intended) D&G Time is here! Universal Gear is proud to present the newest addition to our time piece collection. Sleek and sophisticated D&G Time is a must have for every man. Our online selection has something for everyone whether your style is sporty, fashion forward, or if you’re a man with a taste for the classics. Limited quantities are available.


September 06, 2007

Who is William Rast?

wmrast_02.jpgJustin Timberlake and Trace Ayala (below center) are the creators of the William Rast clothing line.

William Rast clothing is crafted with exquisite attention to detail and exceptional fabrics specially milled in the U.S., Japan and Italy. All pants are treated at the best dye houses and laundries in Los Angeles. This ensures the highest level of quality control for the innovative treatments, washes and finishes William Rast is famous for.

The result is like nothing you’ve ever worn, a collection of denim that feel as comfortable as your own skin.



August 17, 2007

Old School Style

ZP07IMAGE_01.jpgThis new line of energetic athletic wear comes all the way from our mates down under. Zanerobe has been leading the athletic revolution in their homeland of Australia for several years and Universal Gear is excited to be one of the first to bring this unique style of sports wear to the states.

With their excellent fits and playful color combos, Zanerobe gives a whole new look to this department. Their entertaining retro styles have a great form and fit, while the soft fabrics move with your body for the ultimate in performance results. It’s rare to find athletic clothing like this that’s both fashionable and functional. There is so much buzz on Zanerobe right now, Universal Gear decided to launch our ’08 Athletic Wear campaign with this Aussie brand front and center. Try out our exclusive online styles.



July 06, 2007

Get into Gear

Shift your look this summer with UG’s new Gear accessory line.

Much like our other private label items, the design aesthetic for Gear is grounded in vintage appeal. Each item is specially designed to look distinctive, like something you would find in your attic or buried in a bin at a street bazaar. Coins, crosses and skulls are just a few of the unique things we’ve already found for you. So sit back, relax and find the perfect artifact to suit your aesthetic.


June 21, 2007

A Brand with Character


Paul Frank

You may remember him as the man behind Julius the Monkey but Paul Frank is so much more.

The collection is very fresh, irreverent and above all fun. Every garment has a little twist that makes it quirky and unique. The best example is probably the underwear. Check out the “Butt Hugger” three-pack ($28.50 - yes a three pack of underwear for under $30), which is actually a week’s supply. The red pair has Monday printed on the outside and then flips inside-out for the Tuesday side. Wednesday/Thursday is blue and Saturday/Sunday is Grey. What happened to Friday? Paul Frank says, “Who wears underwear on Friday?”

Not convinced? Then check out the Evil Poodle T-Shirt ($24.50.) Seriously, who could say no to Poodles with frickin’ laser beams?


February 05, 2007

Scotch & Soda


When Chord and I attend the trade shows, we invariably leave excited about a new brand. In past years, those brands have included Ben Sherman, Penguin, Replay and John Varvatos/Converse. This past year, however, there was one brand that had the entire show buzzing with excitement: Scotch & Soda.

One of the fastest growing men's sportwear lines in Europe, the Amsterdam-based brand made a big splash last year at Project Las Vegas and will hit US stores for the first time in Spring 2007.

So what's so great about it? DNR magazine said, "it's that price-value combination and an appealing Abercrombie-meets-Trovata aesthetic that have helped Scotch & Soda grow from sales of less than $12 million in 2001 to $68 million in 2005." The product is innovative (including lots of unexpected layered looks) yet price points are more reasonable than fellow European brands like Diesel and Energie.

New management changes have recently helped put the brand on the map on this side of the Atlantic. To inspire its design team, the company moved to new headquarters in a former 18th century church in downtown Amsterdam. And, like Diesel, they send their design team all over the world to help inject more international flair and classic vintage styling into the designs.

Stay tuned...Scotch & Soda should be arriving at Universal Gear in February 2007.

-- Ricardo

January 17, 2007

Universally Hard


OK, I’m not one to usually brag but... I’m actually sporting a Hard 8 right now. You know what? I’m not Afraid to tell you about it. In fact, I am going to brag about it. It’s hot, and looks damn good. Don’t worry, if you haven’t personally been Blessed with one already, you’re Forgiven. This baby was specifically designed with you in mind and Universal Gear is the one and only place it can be Found.

afraid.jpg found.jpg
That’s right, Universal Gear has teamed up with Hard 8 to bring you an exclusive series of high end shirts. For those who don’t know, Hard 8 is a t-shirt company out of Los Angeles. They hand print, sew and grind every detail with loving care right there in the City of Angels. The name could mean a few things but it’s actually a long-shot bet in the game of craps. Rolling a double 4 makes a "HARD 8" and it pays about 10 to 1(about the same odds as making it in the fashion business, jokes Victor Mizrahi, founder.)

blessed.jpg forgiven.jpg
The I AM series was designed to be profound, pert and above all else personal. Each shirt can be read in a number of different ways but is up to the wearer to make the final statement of who they are. All the designs are American made and hand printed on high quality ultra soft cotton. The V-Necks have also been hand grinded around the edges and feature and unique ribbed under-sleeve, which helps to accentuate those beautiful arms you’ve been working so hard on. So go ahead, don’t be afraid to make statement. Get out there and show them who you are!

-- Chord

December 25, 2006

Update - Cornered: Diesel


Universal Gear's love affair with Diesel reached new heights last month during the Diesel Corner Launch Party in our Atlanta store. Hundreds of people came out to help us celebrate the new space, the new merchandise and to meet the folks from Diesel that came down from New York for the festivities. Highlights of the party included the hot winged models (bottom right), a poloroid station (above) and a very festive crowd.

(pictured left to right: Shawn our Atlanta Store Manager, Rasdy our Director of Operations, Carmela our Diesel Sales Manager and our Buyer Chord)

Click on any image above to see a larger version.
View more from our Diesel corner party [1] [2] [3]

Want to find out about future events? Make sure you sign up for our e-mail list!

-- Jon

See the original post "Cornered: Diesel".

December 20, 2006

Converse by John Varvatos


What happens when two American classics combine? For Converse and John Varvatos it was nothing short of perfection. Varvatos, who headed up menswear design at Calvin Klein and Polo before launching his own line, combines a connoisseur’s appreciation of soft and luxurious fabrics with a New Yorker’s casual streetwise aesthetic. His style was perfect match for the iconic Converse.

The duo first teamed up in 2001 to add a contemporary touch to the Jack Purcell shoe. From there Varvatos revolutionized the ubiquitous Chuck Taylor Low by removing the laces, adding some elastic under the tongue and making it into a slip on. Then in fall 2006 Converse launched its first luxury apparel line; Converse by John Varvatos. The line is a whimsical reflection of the Converse heritage, specifically the original basketball guru Chuck Taylor.

The first season of the apparel line has been a stunning success and like all fine things, keeps getting better with age. Keep a look out for new designs from the duo this spring.


December 15, 2006

Holiday Gift Guide


It's that time of year again to give 'til it hurts! Yes, we know some people are impossible to shop for, but don't despair. Rather than giving the traditional fruitcake, this year try something with a bit more style. That's where Universal Gear comes to the rescue!

First, practical gifts are always...well...practical. Things like hats and gloves, or even socks and underwear! These are items that everybody needs, but might not think to ask for. Both Diesel and Goorin break the monotony of dull accessories with an assortment of hats and gloves with both style and funk. Not quite what you were looking for? Try a gift that's sure to make them blush. Underwear is something no one ever asks for but everyone needs. "What kind of underwear should I buy?", you might ask yourself. As luck would have it, 2(x)ist and C-IN2 have both come out with new organic lines (new Soy from 2(x)ist and C-IN2 Bamboo) for the season.

If the practical gifts won't cut it, try the gift of beauty. A healthy skin-care regiment is something everyone needs. The famed Malin+Goetz skincare line makes the perfect stocking stuffer. From body cleansers and moisturizers, to shaving cream and exotic soaps, there's something for everyone. Haven't heard of MALIN+GOETZ? Read our post "MALIN+GOETZ Comes to Universal Gear".

Finally, there's that special someone. This year treat your loved one with the one gift no one can resist...Diesel jeans. Stylish and comfortable, giving someone a pair of Diesel jeans really lets them know they're loved! Or if denim doesn't quite work, try a time piece. Watches are always a great gift to give.

Still not sure? Get the gift you KNOW they will use…a gift card! This is one gift you can't go wrong with!

Happy Holiday Shopping!

-- Dustin
(Dustin is a member of our eCommerce Team and a contributor to UG Unzipped.)

November 20, 2006

Bigger & Better: C-IN2's New Trophy Shelf

Want a bigger bulge? Don't like dealing with hoops and rings?
Well C-IN2 has answered your prayers with the new Trophy Shelf!


By using two pleats in the fabric (see the return of everyone's favorite illustration), the underwear forces you front and center. The genius of this design is that unlike its big brother Sling Support, the Trophy Shelf has no hoops that you have to jump through (so to speak) so you stay comfortable all day long.

Because of this new design, C-IN2 can now put the Trophy Shelf in styles where the Sling Support could not go. For instance, every style in the C-IN2 Bamboo line including jockstraps feature the Trophy Shelf. But don't worry, they're all still cut low to go nicely with your low-rise jeans!

-- Jon

November 15, 2006

Fleece For All


After months of adjusting fits, prints and details our first ever fleece line has finally arrived. Now, of course, I am a little biased when it comes to this program. I worked closely with our friends over at Triple Five Soul to put together a fleece program with a Universal Gear twist. And if I do say so myself, the end product is nothing short of amazing. These are not your dad’s basic sweats.


First, we used a premium 100% cotton fleece. The fabric is so ultra soft and thick enough to keep you warm on those chilly winter nights. We then lowered the rise on the shorts and the pants to get rid of baggy excess fabric and give them a more modern fit. Both have two side pockets, a back pocket with Velcro closure, and a hidden interior pocket. Finally we added our signature city graphics for the ultimate finishing touch.

The hoodies feature the same ultra soft fabric and slimmer fit. They also have a couple hidden features of their own. The inside of the right pocket has an opening to the interior of the hoodie. There you’ll find a small pocket for iPod style headphones. When you’re ready to listen to your music you’ll find a small hook at the top of the zipper. Simple thread your headphones through the hook and pump up the jam. The hook will keep the headphone from tangling and getting in your way.


November 14, 2006

Mother Nature's Underwear: Part Two

WHAT’S NEW: a micro modal collection called POSH; a “green” collection based on bamboo

“Men are becoming more accepting of underwear that is softer, nicer, better - what Europeans always had and what’s just coming to the U.S. now,” says C-IN2 sales director Larry Meltzer. His colleague, creative director Greg Sovell, explains: “I’m not sure if the normal consumer knows the difference between a knit and a woven, but I think men have come to realize that the ‘feel’ of the fabrics is directly related to the comfort of the underwear. And I do think men are turning away from fabrics that appear effeminate, such as satins and silks.”

Sovell, who’s been in the business over a dozen years - first as founder of 2(x)ist - has become something of a fiber connoisseur. “Men know that cotton usually equates to soft and comfortable,” he says, “but it’s important to realize that 100 percent cotton doesn’t define the yarn type – which has a huge effect on the feel (e.g., open end or ring-spun). And it’s also important to realize that the premium cottons - like pima - have a totally different, really incredible hand.” Sovell’s now using “some of the relatively new versions of Modal and Tencel made by Lenzing” to create a luxury collection call “Posh” coming out later this summer. Also coming from CIN2: a bamboo collection with a patented pouch design called “Trophy Shelf.”

(this excerpt from the DNR Textile Report)

November 08, 2006

Mother Nature's Underwear: Part One

Underwear is going back to nature. The leaders in the market are looking back to cotton and ahead to soy, bamboo and Modal. Take a look at what’s top brands are doing for you.

WHAT’S NEW: a soy collection

“It’s wicking. It’s UV protectant. It’s naturally antimicrobial. It’s green. It’s got a bunch of benefits and, let’s face it, we’re living in the age of soy lattes and soy milk,””says 2(x)ist design director Jason Scarlatti about his new favorite fiber, “but the main reason we’re doing soy is that it feels better than cashmere.”

Scarlatti fell for the feel of soy quite a while ago but says, “It took a year of testing to get it right,” including laundry tests, wear tests, and various experiments that led him to add 5 percent Lycra to the fabric for recovery. Then, when he found that soy fabric in its natural state “was a kind of oatmeal color that didn’t seem especially appealing,” he moved the collection to black, sapphire and slate. Last came the promotion: 2(x)ist will put the soy collection in new packaging with a bright green band at the top and a box that’s half an inch taller so it stands slightly above the others. “Then we’ll be explaining the attributes of soy on the back of the box,” says Scarlatti.

(this excerpt from the DNR Textile Report)

October 25, 2006

Premium Blend


This year’s batch of Universal Gear sweaters features an artisan blend of ultra soft cashmere and silk. The result is a refined fabric that exudes comfort, luxury and elegance. Opulence; of course, doesn’t come without work and the journey from fiber to fabric is actually a fascinating one.


Both of these fibers have intriguing histories. Cashmere on the one hand is obtained from the Kashmir goat, which is indigenous to high plateaus of Asia. The ultra soft hair grows on the underbelly of the goat and keeps it warm during the chilly winter season. Cashmere is then trimmed and separated from the rest of the goat’s hair. This process is very costly and time consuming and usually less than half of all the fiber harvested can actually be called pure cashmere. Silk on the other hand comes to us from the humble silkworm. The protein fiber is spun by the worm to create its cocoon. The cocoon is then harvested and slowly unraveled to collect the fiber, a process the Chinese have used since 3000 B.C.


Today you can find the best of both these fabrics combined into one beautiful garment. Whether you are looking for v-neck, crew neck or a scarf - you can rest assured this fascinating fabric will leave you looking flawless.


September 18, 2006

C-IN2 Supporting You!

Genius....pure genius! C-IN2 has revolutionized underwear with their Sling Support System. Found both in their No Show Brief as well as their Trunk, it's designed to give you a bigger, know.

This is achieved with an adjustable elastic sling inside the pouch that forms a ring which lifts you forward (check out the graphic R-rated illustration on the right). Cut low to accentuate your lower abs and rear assets, they're perfect with low-rise jeans!


August 25, 2006

New Universal Gear Athletics Line!

ANGELS-CRW-GRY!UGT_0000_Layer 3.jpg
Forget about pitcher and catcher…we really just want to know what team you play for. Are you a Chelsea Knight, Dupont Mariner, Lakeview Bruin, Hell’s Kitchen Angel or perhaps a Midtown Mustang?

This year’s line up of Universal Gear Athletic Shirts is a nod to the neighborhoods in which our stores are located. We looked around each location to find inspiration for the team names. MRNRS-MSCL-NVY!UGT_0000_Layer 3.jpgMariners, for example, is a reference to the Rear Admiral Francis Dupont, whom Dupont circle was named after. Who said you couldn’t learn anything from shopping? To give the shirts the perfect worn in feel we lightly distressed the graphics and used some new ultra soft fabrics. Each shirt was then hand printed to give it a unique personality. The same graphics
are also used on our lacrosse shorts. Stay tuned for our fall line up of sweat pants and sweat shorts.

Atlanta.jpg Chicago.jpg NewYork.jpg DC.jpg
-- Chord

August 03, 2006

(MALIN+GOETZ) comes to Universal Gear!

Created by cosmetic and fashion industry veteran Matthew Malin and longtime marketing professional Andrew Goetz, MALIN+GOETZ is a modern apothecary located in New York's Chelsea neighborhood.

"Matthew Malin and Andrew Goetz have always appreciated, even celebrated, how little they have in common. 'We're opposites in every way,' said Mr. Malin, 38. 'Andrew loves to cook, and I hate to cook. He's opinionated, I'm diplomatic. The main inspiration for the pair's streamlined unisex skin care line, MALIN+GOETZ, was yet another yin and yang. 'Andrew has oily skin and mine is dry,' Mr. Malin said. 'We wanted to create products we could both use.'"(New York Times July 30th, 2006 - featured below)

is a two-step regimen for irritant-free, perfect PH balance from head to toe - face, body, and hair.

Each formula blends trusted natural ingredients with gentle performance technologies that address skin sensitivities, irritations, and allergies resulting from unnecessary products and harsh ingredients.

The key to their extraordinary cleansers is their hydration science. Gentle cleansing agents purify and hydrate. The advanced moisturizers are oil and residue-free, instead of traditionally greasy pore-clogging oils or waxes. Into both they incorporate beneficial botanical extracts that enhance performance and provide fresh, natural scents that quickly evaporate. Each ingredient is carefully chosen, resulting in formulas without unnecessary detergents or colorants.

Need more reasons to love MALIN+GOETZ? They do not test on animals and are made in the USA!

Shop MALIN+GOETZ products!

-- Jon

July 17, 2006

Introducing the Levi’s Matchstick Jean

(click image to see full size)


This just in! Check out the first ad from the brand new Levi's campaign for Fall. The ad features the hot new Matchstick Jean in a dark wash with light whiskering. It's low-rise with a slim (slightly-tapered) leg for an ultra sexy fit.

Get them here!

-- Jon

June 20, 2006

Creating the Universal Swim Brand


We sometimes get asked whether the Universal Swim board shorts we carry are related in any way to Universal Gear. Here's a quick snippet about how that brand came about:

Since my family is from Brazil, I usually visit Rio once or twice a year to spend some time with the folks (and to catch some rays at Ipanema beach, of course). Given the beach culture, Rio has tons of fantastic swimwear brands--including Blueman (read more about them here). The brand features bikinis, squarecuts and board shorts with great colors and designs. Given the popularity of the suits I brought back for friends, David (Universal Gear's President) and I decided to take a trip down to explore importing them to the US to be sold at Universal Gear stores.

The meetings with Blueman were fantastic and by the last day of the trip, we had ordered hundreds of suits for our Spring 2003 collection. During that same trip, David and I took some time to hit street fairs that featured clothing and accessories from local designers. Most of booths we visited couldn't supply us with the quantities we needed, or just didn't have the breadth of merchandise to really make an impact. But just as we were leaving, we stumbled upon a booth featuring board shorts in bright colors with contrast stitching.

The company, as it turns out, specialized in wholesale manufacturing and liked the idea of partnering with us to create our own private label of board shorts. We spent much of the next day looking at fabric swatches and samples of the detailing touches we could use to set the brand apart (branded laces, tags, etc.). After months of tweaking and editing, we had a collection ready to launch.

Naming the collection was easy. We wanted to tie it to our corporate brand, but we didn't necessarily want to brand it as Universal Gear--partly because we also wanted to sell it to other stores. You might, in fact, have seen our board shorts in other great stores like All American Boy (Fire Island), Body Body (Provincetown), Bravo (Provincetown), Symbology (Ft. Lauderdale and Provincetown), Palm Produce (Miami) and Motley (Ogunquit).

Universal Swim is now our #1 brand of swimwear. With the popularity of board shorts increasing, the brand was able to fill a need for body conscious styles with clean lines and handsome color combinations. If you haven't already, check out pictures of our Spring photoshoot featuring these board shorts here.

In addition to the board shorts, we're also putting the finishing touches to our collection of cashmere blend sweaters (coming in October 06) and athletic-inspired crew and muscle shirts (coming in July 06).

-- Ricardo

June 12, 2006

Meet Tracy Matthews


At a trade show we attended in Las Vegas this past February, one of the highlights was a new jewelry designer who combined classic materials with unexpected ones to create handsome and unique pieces. Here is a quick interview with the woman behind this great new brand.

Is Tracy Matthews a real person? Yes, I am real! Can you believe it?

What does she eat for breakfast? Bananas and Peanut butter...most days.

How long has the line been around? TMD men, a little over a year; Tracy Matthews Designs (women’s) 7 years.

What is the inspiration for the men’s line? The inspiration for all of my collections comes from many things: My yoga practice, fashion, art, nature, my travels, and an interest in combining the unusual. I really felt there was a void of really cool jewelry for men. I wanted to design things that are wearable, collectable and hip. In women’s jewelry, there has been a huge trend in charms and wood. My guy friends kept bugging me to make something for them, so I thought, “Why can’t I interpret these trends into something cool for a guy?” So I took some rosewood, created some current shapes, like horns and dog tags, and added some cool castings and rivets to the pieces, and voila...TMD men was created. Within a year, the collection has really evolved. The first collection only had 30 pieces and has since grown to 100 per collection.

Why do you use the materials you do? The current collection is comprised of hand carved rosewood, sterling silver rivets and oxidized sterling silver.

Where do you see the line going? Next season we are going to develop the wood and silver collections a bit more, adding more silver shapes to the wood, expanding on the more traditional aspect of the line with different shapes in cufflinks, experiment with different metal finishes and add more signature pieces. Going forward, I would like to incorporate steel into the collection...more to come. Super cool!

What else can you tell us about yourself?
Here are a few more facts about me:
- I am an avid yogini and yoga teacher. I have been practicing yoga since 1997 and have been teaching since 2001.
- I have always dreamed of being bi-coastal and am finally giving it a shot and will be living half time in NYC and SF.
- I love music and Karaoke (even though I have a horrible singing voice).
- I like to take naps on the weekend.
- Really cool people work for me and with me...without them, TMD would not be here.


March 25, 2006

Citizens of Humanity

Jerome Dahan and Michael Glasser, the creators of Seven Jeans, have started a new line for the “citizens of humanity”. They took the amazing fit we’ve come to expect from the two, and added a dramatic new edge. Citizens of Humanity offers a clean approach to denim. Each style of Citizens will be represented with the signature “h” but with a slight twist on the logo depending on the cut on the jean. Perhaps the most exciting part of Michael and Jerome's new line has nothing to do with the jeans themselves. Dahan and Glasser will give a portion of all sales to Conservation International, truly representing the “Citizens of Humanity”.

February 25, 2006

True Religion

True Religion Jeans transcend the denim jean market with awe-inspiring originality. True Religion was founded in 2002 to take denim into a refreshing new direction. The Los Angeles-based premium denim company uses intense attention to the details, from the fashion-forward seams, to the amazing embroidery and the unique hand-sanded vintage washes that distinguish True Religion as a leader in the designer jean market.

Married couple, Jeffrey and Kim Lubell have combined his classic rock looks and her hip-hop and R&B style to produce their "True Religion", a transcending denim line made to exceed consumer's expectations of designer denim apparel. Jeff was quoted recently saying "My life is about fashion. I joined the denim revolution in 1998. There were many brands of jeans, but none I wanted to wear. So I created the Bella Dahl, Jefri Jeans, and then Hippie Brand labels. Now there is True Religion Brand Jeans. The superstar of jeans. There is always something unique, something indefinably amazing about a superstar. A superstar is constantly creating, innovating, staying ahead, like True Religion Brand Jeans."

Celebrity watch: Ryan Seacrest is often seen in his True Religions on American Idol.

October 25, 2005

Ben Sherman

Ben Sherman began making shirts in the 50's from a small factory in Brighton, England, employing only 10 people. In 1963 the company took on the name of its founder and began the first production run of the infamous button-down collared shirt. Mr. Sherman opened his first retail outlet next to the factory in the same year and the "Ben Sherman cult" was born. The shirts were adopted by the youth movements of the day, none more so than the scooter-riding mods. Aspiring to a smart tailored look influenced by sharp, modern Italian tailoring, the brand became a trademark of their style. Soon after, a Ben Sherman Original shirt became the "in" shirt; it had become a status symbol. In the late sixties and early seventies the youth culture made Ben Sherman a part of their essential uniform to be worn with Levi's and a pair of Doc Martens. Without "the shirt" one was considered a second rate Mod, but with a Ben Sherman one had instant "cool" appeal. Ben Sherman was also the first to introduce skateboards to the UK in the mid 60's. Music groups like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who, The Police, The Kinks and many others were outfitted in Ben Sherman.

7 for All Mankind

Seven for All Mankind started in the fall of 2000 in Vernon, California. The founders of the business noticed a void in the contemporary denim market. Fashion denim had not been seen in the US for over 20 years. The brand enjoyed success instantly at retail. The product has been successful because of the fit, finishes, fabrics, and attention to detail. Seven for All Mankind is now sold in over 35 countries with distributors in Western Europe, Canada, and Japan.

The design team includes designers Rebecca Danemberg, Tim Kaeding and Larissa Noble. The three of them have worked extensively in denim design and bring a vast understanding of fabrics, style and customer desire to 7 for all mankind.

As head designer for The Gap Women’s Denim for a tenure of four years, Tim designed the women's line and the 1969 premium label. He successfully contemporized the basic image using some of the best denims and laundries in the world. Before that, Tim designed exclusively for his private label, Timothy Kaeding, a high-end sportswear line based out of New York.

Rebecca joined 7 for all Mankind in September 2001, after heading design of Tahari's denim line. Prior to that, Rebecca designed and manufactured her private line in New York, selling out of her downtown store. Her designs were carried at Barney's, Linda Dresner, Saks Fifth Avenue and Fred Segal, among others.

Larissa Noble graduated from Parsons School of Design. She joined the design team at Ellen Tracy focusing on tailored jackets, outerwear, evening wear, and accessories. Larissa worked as a costume designer in Los Angeles before joining 7 for All Mankind.


Diesel design does not follow established trends. It is largely unaffected by fads occurring within the fashion circles; it is innovative and at times a bit radical, but always shows a careful attention to detail and a focus on quality in the selection of materials and production techniques. Diesel collections effectively precede trends and do not respond to them, while at the same time the emphasis on quality is never compromised. This focus on independent working methods and strong quality almost seems to translate within the company into an attitude towards living - the Diesel way.

The Style and Graphic Offices literally work side by side in one huge open space, a creative group strengthening itself through close collaboration. Diesel's stylists come from widely diverse cultures and backgrounds, and they all contribute to the creation of a truly global product. Every line is designed by a dedicated group of people (1 stylist, 1 assistant and 1 product manager), who get their inspiration from the most unpredictable places. Diesel designers are famous for their strange self-planned research trips around the world (recent trips include cities in Japan and the Norwegian tundra).

In the Spring of 2006, Diesel denim has been spotted everywhere--especially on American Idol where contestants Ace Young and (our favorite) Chris Daughtry seem to never want to wear anything other than their Diesel Zaf Jeans.