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PARTY TIME: A Holiday Party Style Guide

It's the most wonderful time of year! Prime time party season with a complete line up of holiday socials, great feasts and the biggest bash of all... New Years. Yet with every soiree we need another suave look to compliment the occasion. This is, after all, the last impression we will make in 2012. So let's make it memorable!

Cocktail Parties and Office After Hours

This is where you can cut loose and let the stress fly away....just don't cut so loose that you end up hitting on the boss...(unless you think it might actually get you that raise...wink wink... ) I always suggest that for cocktail parties sleek and chic are the best way to go. Fitted slacks or dark wash denim (clean cut - no rips, tears or abrasions) with a smart dress shoe is always a good fit. Pair a sophisticated plaid or solid button down with slim fit V-Neck sweater (fun pop colors this season; Robin Egg Blue, Kelly Green & Orchid/Purple). Don't be afraid to play with texture either. Delve into some velvet or corduroy to add an air of elegance.


Bring on the Roast Beast!

This season always brings together family and friends, and there is no better way to celebrate such a gathering than a grand seasonal feast! There are several great style options to help you look your best while sharing a meal with your loved ones (however if Mom is serving her legendary ChurDucken...perhaps you shouldn't wear your skinny jeans to the table...just sayin'') Keep it casual and don't over think the look. A simple button down shirt or sweater always matches well with a fitted jean. Accessorize with a vest or blazer to give a snazzy flare! Depending on how casual the meal is, you can rock a fun devil-may-care look with a vintage tee under a vest paired with a converse style shoe or weathered boot. Bon Appetit!


New Years - the Ultimate Party

This is your last, you better make it work! The ball is about to drop and it's your last moment in 2012... you must look your best! Start the night off right, choose a fitted dark denim and a crisp button front shirt and top it off with sleek blazer. The look that you want to convey is one of sophistication and seduction. After all this is your last night with Lady 2012 and you want to make it memorable! This look is perfect for the pre-party, drinks with friends or perhaps a light dinner. As you move closer to midnight take off the blazer, roll up your sleeves and loosen a button it's time to hit the dance floor! The time is getting close....5..4..3..2..1....


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