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September 19, 2012

Universal Gear Ultimate Underwear Runway Event

Question: Who likes sale clothing, hot boys, and chilled drinks?

underwear fashion show invitation 2012_zpsef13b031

At Universal Gear, we aim to please. That's why we're kicking off our semi-annual underwear promotion with an in-store fashion show! On September 27th, models will walk the runway donning the latest styles from Timoteo, Andrew Christian, 2(x)ist, and Cin2, highlighting the products featured in the three-week long sale. (From September 27th to October 17th, we're offering all regularly priced underwear for 25% off!)

As if the eye candy wasn't reason enough to attend the soiree, rest assured that music and an open bar will also be provided--as DJ Matt Bailer (Mixtape) spins, MOVA DC's hottest bartenders will be pouring drinks all evening long. And because a portion of the day's sales will be donated to SMYAL, a local non-profit organization that provides assistance to LGBT youth, you can feel good while indulging in your baddest desires! (Sexy boys, clothes, and mixed drinks, of course. What were you thinking?)

Doors: 7PM
Fashion Show: 8PM
1529B 14th St NW, Washington DC 20005

Hosted by: Fox 5 Anchor Will Thomas
Sounds by: DJ Matt Bailer (Mixtape)
After Party & Drinks by: MOVA DC

September 07, 2012

Things to Keep in Mind When Buying Men's Jeans

Who said the ladies have all the fun? When it comes to denim, they don't. Now more than ever, designers are developing their men's jeans to offer a wider variety of fits, cuts, and styles.

While having options is never a bad thing (especially when it comes to clothes), the higher number of products available leaves more room for male confusion and error when it comes to picking them out. Even though jeans are among the most commonly owned piece of clothing, many are still clueless when it comes to picking the size, fit, and color best for them.


Fortunately, Universal Gear is here to help! In honor of our Fall denim sale, we're offering the following reminders for gents looking to don denim this season:

Picking the Right Jean Size

Before even looking for denim, it's important to know how to size yourself. Remember that men's jeans are measured by two things: the waist size and the inseam size. If you're unsure, take a tape measure to figure out the size of your waist--this is the first number on the tag. Afterward, use it to discern the measurement of your inseam. This will be the second number on the tag. (For example, 34x34 or 34x32)

An added benefit to men's jeans is that they are made in a variety of inseams. To get the right length, the hem of the pants should fall right at the edge of the shoe. If they're any longer, it's likely the jeans will drag or get caught during use. If the jeans are shorter, it's probably a sign that you should go up an inseam size.

Picking the Right Fit

Our favorite cuts for men's denim are the following: straight, skinny, and boot cut. (Regardless of what cut you choose, it's always best to go with a low-rise fitting jean--they'll work to hug and shape your front and bottom perfectly, giving you a slimmer, more silhouetted look!)

Low-Rise Straight

While there are many excellent qualities to the low-rise straight leg jean, the best feature is that they look great on just about everyone. Designed to be slender and straight throughout the entire leg, low-rise straight leg denim are among the most versatile available-- and with the right wash and a eye-popping dress shirt, they're perfect for a casual work day or a first date.

Brands to Try: Levi's Slim Straight, G-Star ATTACC Straight Leg, Diesel Viker, Hudson Byon, or the DL1961 Vince.


Low-Rise Skinny

Taking straight leg denim to the next level, low-rise skinny jeans are increasingly fitted and slender throughout the entire pant. By wearing this tapered cut of denim, one can easily capture an edgy look. (And because there is a bit of flare slightly cuffing the bottom, low-rise skinny jean show just a bit of ankle--ideal for a brightly colored sock!) Even though they're among the most popular and "in" type of jeans on the market right now, that doesn't mean they fit everyone well. Low-rise skinny jeans are ideal for thin, averagely proportioned men who are looking for a trendy yet raw look.

Brands to Try: Levi's Skinny Straight Leg, Diesel Safado, Scotch & Soda Ralston, or the DL1961 Russel.

Low-Rise Boot

Just like the low-rise straight leg, boot cut jeans are awesome because they're made to fit nearly every body type well. And while they're just as versatile as the straight leg, the boot cut is an excellent fit for a man with more meat on his bones. This fit works to create a visual illusion which evens out the top and bottom of the pants to perfection. And because there are a variety of washes available, it's easy to find a boot cut denim that is workable for a casual day at the office or a night on the town.

Brands to Try: Levi's Low-Rise Boot Cut, Diesel Zathan, or the Diesel Zatiny.


Picking the Right Color

Generally, one can't go wrong with denim color--all you have to do is pick one! One of the most noticeable denim trends this fall are the added splashes of color! No longer manufactured in only the staple "blue," men's designer jeans are now offered in a plethora of colorful options based on a fall jewel tone palate. Working together to add drama and intrigue to any outfit, colored denim requires minimal effort to pull off--regardless of how daring your fashion sense is! For those who are slightly apprehensive of colored jeans, try pairing them with a neutral colored top such as beige, grey, or white. (Accessories are excellent ways to add further splashes of color!) For the bold fashion-minded man, colored denim works well with a bold printed shirt. Instead of making the bottoms the focus of the outfit, this pairing option spreads color throughout the outfit and makes more of a statement. Just be sure not to overpower the look! (To prevent this, neutral-colored accessories work best to accentuate the colors you're already working with!)

September 06, 2012

Men’s Fashion Retailer Universal Gear Announces Fall Denim Sale

For Immediate Release

(Washington DC, September 5th, 2012) - With Labor Day gone and fall right around the corner, the Washington DC-based men's fashion retailer, Universal Gear is introducing color as the new blue this fall, with their semi-annual denim promotion.

Universal Gear - home to G-Star, Diesel, Levi's, and Hudson - is pushing fashion forward with more colorful denim options this fall. "The customer has been asking for something new in denim and so we went out to find the very best examples of this for our fall push," says buying manager Chord Bezerra. Using inspiration from the runways, denim designers have adapted the jewel tone color palate to a new denim canvas. With hues of burgundy, navy, forest, and grey, there are color options for every man. "Colored denim is one of the newest style trends and will only gain momentum and popularity as we move into the holiday season, eventually exploding into spring," explained Universal Gear co-founder and owner David Franco.

Running from Thursday, September 6th until Wednesday September 26th, the Universal Gear semi-annual denim promotion is offering 25% off all full-priced jeans available at any of their flagship stores (Washington DC, New York, and Delaware) or on their website. ( While already discounted styles are not included in the seasonal sale, the promotion makes usually pricey denim more affordable, and therefore more widely available for the public to purchase.

Universal Gear, founded in 1993, is a premier retailer of clothing and accessories for the fashion-conscious man and whatever it is he may be doing. "It's for the man with the universal lifestyle," said Franco. Its top brands include G-Star, Diesel, Scotch & Soda, Levis, Ben Sherman, ES Collection, Penguin, 2(x)ist, Andrew Christian, Anthony Morato and many more. They also market a private label line of t-shirts, athletic wear, cashmere sweaters and board shorts under the Universal Gear label.


September 02, 2012

Limited Edition Reebok Sneakers Inspired from Keith Haring Cartoons

As a company that boasts it's fashion forward nature, Universal Gear prides itself on regularly looking at the past for inspiration for the future. Among the most inspiring pieces we're set to receive in Spring 2013 are these sneakers by Reebok that don the designs of the late cartoonist Keith Haring.


Born in in Reading, Pennsylvania in 1958, Keith Haring was a world-renowned artist that was dedicated not only to producing art for the people in very public forums, but also pieces that depicted strong social messages. While studying at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, Haring experimented with several mediums such as performance, video, installation, and collage but always remained committed to his first love: drawing.

It was also during this time that Haring developed close collaborative relationships with other performance artists, musicians, and writers who were also members of the burgeoning art community--like those he surrounded himself with, Haring was determined to find an effective canvas for which he could spread his art (and social messages) to the masses. Eventually, Haring began creating chalk drawings on blank paper panels throughout the subway system. Between 1980 and 1985, Haring worked feverishly on his subway drawings, producing hundreds during that time period. He also became well-known with the public, as several New York commuters would engage the artist in conversation as they passed by.

Even after being diagnosed with AIDS in 1988, Haring continued his endless efforts to spread art and awareness to the public around him. The next year, he founded the Keith Haring Foundation--an organization dedicated to providing funding and imagery to AIDS organizations and children's programs, while also expanding the audience for his work. During the last years of his life, Haring used his artwork as a medium to speak about his illness as well as raise awareness about AIDS.

Although Haring sadly died in 1990 from AIDS-related complications, his brief but intense career that spanned over the course of a decade has made him a cornerstone of American art and pop culture. Since his death, Haring has been the subject of numerous international retrospectives and has his art featured in major museums worldwide.

It is because of his beautiful creations and relentless dedication to social messages that Reebok has decided to produce a very small number of limited edition sneakers that will feature Haring's cartoons. Universal Gear is very excited to have a limited number of these shoes coming to our stores in Spring 2013 and look forward to honoring Haring's legacy to social awareness and creative integrity!