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August 30, 2012

Fashion Rules to Break: Wearing White After Labor Day

With the holiday weekend oh-so-close, it's probably a good time to start packing your bags for whatever destination you may be headed to. When choosing the outfits you'll don over Labor Day, Universal Gear encourages you to remember one thing: the rules of fashion (like most others) are merely guidelines begging to be broken.

If you're going to violate any of the age-old pieces of stylish wisdom, the best one to choose is the overly outdated "no white after Labor Day" sentiment. Not only is winter (or fall) white more socially acceptable in today's fashion forward world, Labor Day is your last chance to sport lighter clothing before being forced to wear layers of wool and fleece. And with the season ending, now is the best time to get great deals on summer fashion essentials. Treat yourself to something new for the weekend and then tuck it away until next year--that way, you'll be ready to exercise your right-to-wear-white all season long.

Here are some of our favorite white pieces that are great for the holiday weekend:


Comfortable shoes are something that every man should have in their wardrobe, and white is no exception. These Fred Perry slip-ons are cool and cozy all at the same time, while being ideal options for the beach or bar. Worried about keeping them clean? Don't be. After all, a man on the go should have a few battle scuffs! (If you're really concerned about keeping their bright-white color, the canvas material is machine washable!)


White pants are a fashion must, especially on beach weekends like Labor Day! (And we absolutely LOVE these Scotch and Soda pants, now available at Universal Gear) In addition to being incredibly easy to match with other staple pieces, you can roll them up and run around worry-free in the wet sand. Sure, they will get very dirty--but again, that's a simple fix as well. Just throw them in a wash with warm water and bleach and they'll come out softer (and brighter) than when you bought first bought them.


For those of you that are a little intimidated by white on bottom, you can play it safe by donning it on top. In addition to being one of the most basic pieces in a man's wardrobe, a white polo shirt (like the Ben Sherman one featured here) can be worn with just about everything, all year long. And because it gives you a cool look that's easy to put together, a white polo is great for any venue or occasion. Take it off at the beach, put it in your bag, and throw it back on before happy hour. Regardless of where your day takes you, your white polo will serve you well. Guaranteed.


People always say, "when you look good, you feel good." At Universal Gear, we believe that's true--including what you look like underneath your clothes! When running between your various destinations this weekend, you want to make sure your underwear will stand with you every step of the way. After all, a good pair of mens underwear should be like a friend: light yet supportive. All of the styles featured above (Andrew Christian, Rufskin, and Timoteo) provide great coverage and support without being too constrictive. Whatever shenanigans you get into this holiday weekend, your white underwear will stand by you every time.

August 27, 2012

Town Presents Universal Gear Fashion Show with DJ Chord

Looking to extend your Labor Day celebrations for a little bit longer? Us too.


That's why we cordially invite you to keep the party going by joining Universal Gear and DJ Chord at Town DC on September 8th for great beats, hot eye-candy, and the best in mens fashion! Featuring adult film stars Max Ryder, Jake Bass, and Seth Knight, the party kicks off at 10:00 pm and will include a runway show highlighting the latest looks from the Universal Gear semi-annual denim sale!

Take advantage of this opportunity to get 25% off all regular denim styles and enjoy dancing the night away with beautiful people--a sexy combination from which you can't possibly lose.

Doors open at 10pm.
Cover is $8 from 10-11pm and $12 after 11pm.
$3 drinks before 11pm.
The Drag Show starts at 10:30pm.
Music and video downstairs by Wess.
21 and over to enter with valid government issued ID.

August 26, 2012

Fall Trends to Get Now: The Outdoor Vest

Of all the fall fashion trends for men, the outdoor vest is one not to be ignored. If worn correctly, a vest will promote a cool style that comes off as effortless, while making a strong fashion statement at the same time! Pair an outdoor vest with a graphic t-shirt or long-sleeved button-down--even if your undershirt is one primarily worn during the spring or summer, the heavier material will create a timeless autumn look.


Best of all, outdoor vests are meant to keep you insulated as the weather cools off. If you're a person who spends a considerable amount of time outside, vests are a great fall piece that will help you look stylish while staying warm at the same time. Without a doubt, vests are a staple part of any man's fall wardrobe!


A warning: don't abuse the greatness of the vest--as easily as it can be a fashion victory, it can also be a fashion crime. Never, under any circumstances, wear a vest without an a shirt underneath. Doing so will make your outfit look disheveled and give off an impression that your life is disorganized as well. (Universal Gear begs you, don't be that guy!)

Secondly, do your best to avoid leather, synthetic, or plastic material when picking out the right vest for you. The idea for your outfit is to look cool and classy, not cheap and costume-like! Avoid this major fashion mistake by opting for vests in wool, cotton, linen, or jersey fabrics. Not only do these materials work well on nearly every body-type, but they'll last longer and look sleeker as well.

Trust us, in-"vesting" in vests is a fashion choice you won't regret!

August 23, 2012

Men: Easily Transition Your Closet from Summer to Fall

Just like the weather changes in the blink of an eye, so does one's wardrobe! Generally, clothing choices are pretty cut-and-dry, heavily limited based upon the current season--it'd be especially difficult to make a pair or shorts or tank work during the dead of winter!

The transitional period between summer and fall however, gives one far more fashion wiggle room. Because the weather is a mixed bag of hot and cold temperatures, clothes worn during this time are certainly not seasonally-exclusive. The key during these "in-between" months is to find pieces that are not only comfortable, but versatile as well.

The process is simple: take a main piece with a bold pattern (such as this button-down from Scotch and Soda, for example) and pair it with a weather-appropriate bottom.


For hot afternoons that turn into colder evenings, pairing this long-sleeved shirt with khaki shorts will maintain a classically comfortable look that will easily transcend from day to night. (Without requiring you to sweat through your clothes in the process!) When the temperature is slightly chillier, take the same top and place it with long pants or jeans. Eliminating the need to wear (or carry) a bulky jacket, you'll look cool and stay warm all at the same time!


At Universal Gear, we know that fashion is all about making your clothes work, regardless of the elements. By changing something as simple as the bottoms you wear, you can get two completely different looks from very similar clothing. After all, killing two birds with one (stylish) stone is never a bad thing, right?

August 22, 2012

Clothes May Make the Man, But Accessories Make the Outfit

Just like a carefully outlined recipe, crafting a bold and eye-catching outfit takes thoughtful preparation. From the jeans to the outerwear and everything in between, not only does each piece come together to create one look, but it also says a lot about the man underneath.

Often times, guys put so much thought into their outfit that they end up overdoing it--too many colors or patterns scattered throughout can turn an otherwise sexy man into a Barney the Dinosaur-look-alike. Avoid being this eye-sore by keeping it simple, and spicing up your look with accessories instead of main pieces.

Simply adding belts, socks, or jewelry with pops of color will make your outfit noticeable without outshining the rest of your clothes (or you) in the process. And best of all, these little subtleties serve as great conversation starters too. Who doesn't want to look hot and pick up a number (or two) at the same time?
At Universal Gear, our men's accessories just went on sale allowing you to treat your outfit (and wallet) with some steamy kindness. Take your look up a notch by pairing solid tones with a multi-colored belt by Antony Morato or fun and funky socks from Happy Feet. These little touches go a long way in sealing the deal, regardless of whether you're walking the runway or to work.

August 13, 2012

Best Of...

Thank you to everyone who nominated Universal Gear for the Washington Blades BEST OF Award!
Voting has started and the polls are open!



90's Realness - Psycho Tropix

If you haven't noticed the 90's are back! We're talking Neons, Shredder tanks, I mean full on Zack Morris realness!!! (minus the gigantic cell phone) I think it's always fun to see fashion come full circle, I love seeing what twist the next generation will add to the mix. Universal Gear, a company founded in the early 90's, has embraced this trend and offers some like totally tubular rad awesome retro styles from Psycho Tropix.

*Check out these Retro Tanks from Psycho Tropix


Nautical Tanks & More

From the shores of Laguna Beach to Hyannis Port, nautical themes have been a key style this season, Universal Gear has a great range of Maritime picks from our fun Summer tanks to our G-Star collection. So, whether you are going sailing with friends or heading to the pool to catch some rays, dive into these seasonal must haves!