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Vote UG Best of DC!

Express' Best of DC competition is back, and we're here to ask for your vote! Since 1993, Universal Gear DC has been uniting the hottest and most fabulous men's fashions under one roof. Just like any 17 year old, we'd love some extra attention... We want you to nominate us for DC's Best Local Men's Store! You have til next Friday, August 13, to cast your ballots.

(To avoid bad luck on Friday the 13th, though, you might want to get them in sooner...)

Not convinced? Crank up Miley Cyrus' '7 Things' below, wait for the "7 things I like about you" verse at the end, and imagine a sultry voice serenading you with our 7 Things To Like About UG lyrics. Then go vote.

Express Best of 2010

7 Things To Like About UG

Menswear, Foursquare, our new Levi's
Our Summer Sale keeps you hypnotized
Our entire staff can help you try and
Show you why you should buy
G-Star, Diesel and Superdry
Our 2(x)ist undies fit just right
We always make
Your fashion dreams come true...

Please vote UG for Best of DC
And we'll really love you!!!

P.S. If you have a singing voice and some extra time on your hands, we'd love for you to record our lyrics over Miley's track. This is how YouTube sensations are made, people!!