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Rebel Yell: A Collection Reborn

Rebel_YellRebel Yell Logo.png

For those of you old enough, we used to carry this line a while back. Rebel Yell has finally reformed and is looking better than ever! A combination of bright colors and fun vintage graphics makes for the perfect casual summer look.

The collection also boasts a compelling, beautiful story. When we read this, we simply couldn't resist bringing Rebel Yell back into your lives and ours:

Rebel Yell reflects the nostalgia of a childhood spent in the glory days of the late 70s & early 80s. From the clothing to the distinct name, the inspiration for the line comes from the many memories that owners - and brother/sister duo - Daniel and Andi Ballard shared while growing up in Virginia. What better way to epitomize their rowdy, all-American childhood than to name the brand after their favorite wooden roller coaster, The Rebel Yell?

Raised by a fashion-loving folk/rock musician mom, Daniel & Andi were introduced to and influenced by the world of style at a very young age. There was never a shortage of inspiring fashion, art and music around the house while they were growing up. With the classic rock greats they were raised on echoing through their design studio, Andi & Daniel set out to create a collection reminiscent of the clothing they grew up with: kick-ass, worn-in to perfection, and all things vintage.