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May 25, 2010


For being our northern neighbors, those Canucks sure have southern California style down pat. SKMPEEZ, out of Canada, is the latest addition to our swimwear stable. Their style is a combination 70s and 80s style with a modern techno-color twist.
The collection includes two cuts: the Euroz and Squarez. The Euroz cut, as its name implies, was inspired by the shape and fit of the classic European style of swimwear. This cut sits low on the hips and features a slightly wider leg to provide more coverage than your traditional bikini cut. This is a great fit for those with shorter legs and longer torsos. The Squarez cut also sits low on the hips but features a longer leg than the Euroz. This style is perfect for those with longer legs and shorter torsos. Whatever fit you choose, you can rest assured you're not going to be skmping on style.

*Check out the SKMPEEZ line available at!*


skm_blog_d1.jpg SKM_BLOG_D3.jpgskmpeez_1.JPG

May 21, 2010



* That's right! Pandora Boxx from Rupaul's Drag Race will be hosting the Universal Gear Summer Launch fashion show Friday May 21st @ EFN Lounge in Washington DC. The fashion show will include the hottest new styles from Diesel, Skmpeez, G-Star, Ben Sherman, and many many more . . . if you're in the area be sure to check it out!

--Dustin Schaad

May 17, 2010



* Can't make it to our New York store for the event? No Worries, check out the T. Christopher line right here on UniversalGear.Com!

May 14, 2010

Model Focus - Dylan F.


I met Dylan interestingly enough on the 18 & up night at Town-Danceboutique, a local DC night club, he was with a group of mutual friends. We started talking and If any of you have noticed our recent ad campaigns, you'll understand why I was drawn to his charming James Franco-esque good looks. As it turned out we had a few things in common like cheerleading and a love for all things Lady Gaga. At the time Universal Gear was looking for a new model so I asked Dylan if he would come in for a few test shots . . . and well, the rest is history as they say. Want to know more about our newest Model/Gymnast? Check out his Model Focus interview below.

Where are you from originally?

I was born in Nashville, TN and raised in Columbia.

What do you do when not modeling?

When I'm not modeling I work as a freelance designer. I specialize in website development. I also own a business creating cheerleading and dance music for competitive teams nation-wide (

How old are you?

I am 20 years old and can't wait to be 21. Nov 5th!

What's your workout routine like?

I am an ex-competitive cheerleader. While competing I worked out for 3 hours, 4 days a week plus an additional hour a week of weight training. I currently lift 5 days a week.

What's your favorite body part?

I am always a fan of some well built arms. Good arms and pretty eyes and I'm sold.

What body part gives you the most trouble?

The chest is the hardest for me to develop. It'll slowly but surely get there ;-).

What's your least favorite body part?

Feet are definitely my least favorite body part. I have yet to meet anybody with good feet.

5 years from now where do you see yourself?

When I'm 25 I see my cheer music company going international while still getting the occasional freelance design job on the side.

What's your favorite vacation spot?

I have never been out of the United States but I would have to say that Los Angeles is my favorite vacation spot. Beautiful weather, beautiful city, beautiful people, what more could you ask for.

What's your favorite piece of clothing on

I would have to say the Wet Cement T-shirt line is my favorite.

What brand would we find most in your closet?

I currently have a lot of G-Star and Armani Exchange in my closet. Flashy and creative, thats me.

Boxers or Briefs?

Are those the only options? I love all kinds of underwear. If I had to choose I would pic the trunk. Classy, sexy, and comfortable.

What do you like to do for fun?

For fun I enjoy going out with a group of friends. Town Dance-boutique on U-street is a personal favorite for a Friday night outing.

What's your favorite place to just hang out and relax?

My house on college park is a great hangout spot. Give me a bowl of popcorn in front of my big screen TV and I'm set.

Funniest thing that has happened to you?

Oh, where to begin. I have been mistaken for James Franco and David Bromstad modelblogskimp.jpga couple of times. I just accept it and go with the flow.

Most embarrassing thing that has happened to you

Competitive cheerleading is full of embarrassments. Gotta love throwing a new skill and landing flat on your face. Most of the time the embarrassment hurts more than the fall. :-/

If you moved where would you go?

After I graduate from UMD I plan to move to NYC. Rent an apartment in Hells Kitchen.

What are you passionate about?
My astrology sign is Scorpio. I am passion. Currently I am most passionate about my career. I plan to make $1,000,000 in one year before I'm 30.

--Dustin Schaad

May 06, 2010

Fashionista Pick(s) of the Week


Casual Trend - When mixing style and comfort it's all about fabric, fit and function. Light weight cottons like the Necker Island Tee and G-Star Luke Knit Zip Jacket are both versatile and breathe well. Making these tops perfect for a day out and about or a laid back night with the boys. I'm also a huge fan of the Threads For Thoughts Destroyed Pique Polo, it's simple but has an amazing fit and comes in several hot colors for the summer (pink, green, red). When it comes to versatile bottoms look no further than Universal Gear, check out some easy going shorts like the Paper Back Newport, a new twist on the cargo short, or the classic preppy style of the Union Dalton Tan Chino. But if you're looking for the ultimate in comfort with a touch of style, look no further than the G-Star Hopkins Sweat Short (available in Black & Green) perfect for the gym or basic lounge wear.

--Dustin Schaad

May 05, 2010

Mother's Day - Gift Guide


All your life she has been there to guide you, teach you and give you her undying love and not once did she ever mention that she was in labor with you for nine hours or that you're the reason she can no longer fit a size four or that, again, she was in labor with you for nine hours. . .without the luxury of an epidural. Well boys it's that time of the year when we can give back and show Mom that we are truly grateful for all she has given us!

Give your mother all the essentials she needs to pamper herself. Universal Gear carries the best in the skin care business with brands like Molton Brown and Malin + Goetz. There are a number of products here that will have mommy dearest feeling like a princess. Below is a list of my favorite fabulous gift picks for Mother's Day. . .now make Mother Proud!


1) Molton Brown Atlantic Trail Gift Set

2) Molton Brown Warming Euclyptus & Ginger Scub
3) MALIN+GOETZ Vitamin E Face Moisturizer
4) Molton Brown Warming Euclyptus Shower Therapy
5) Malin+Goetz 8oz Peppermint Shampoo
6) Molton Brown Touring Gift Set

Happy Mother's Day
--Dustin Schaad