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Make A Splash!


Dive into the new 2010 collection of hot sizzling swimwear! All of your favorites are back, Hugo Boss, Andrew Christian, Park & Ronen, Pistol Pete & Penguin, as well as new comers like the Australian brand Ristefsky Macheda and Sundek. Universal Gear has you covered, this year we have all of your favorite swimwear styles, Bikini, Army-Cut, Square-Cut, Trunk & Boardshort.

Modest - When in a setting where there will be mixed company such as parents, children or your boss, leave the Bikini at home and go for a more traditional swim suit. The Hugo Boss Andoya Boardshort and the Park & Ronen Stretch Boardshort are perfect choices, they are modest yet well fitted.

For more hot trunk or boardshort styles check out these brands Park & Ronen, Hugo Boss, Penguin & UG Swim

Show A Lil Leg - You have been in the gym all winter and you are ready to show off your well toned physic! Go with a square-cut or army cut for these. Pistol Pete has a great collection of mid-cut swimwear such as the Pistol Pete Nouveau Midcut Swim & Pistol Pete Sprint Midcut Royal as well as Ristefsky Macheda with their Ristefsky Macheda Swim Hipster Square Cut Blk.

For more fun mid-cut styles check out these brands Pistol Pete, Ristefsky Macheda, Sundek, Andrew Christian

Scandalous - Be daring and bold, just make sure your tan lines are in check. Often sexy and seductive, bikinis are great for grabbing attention if you're walking down South Beach or on a Caribbean cruise you're sure to get noticed. Some of my favorite Bikinis of this season are the Hugo Boss Crab Bikini, Pistol Pete Nouveau Bikini, Ristefsky Macheda Black Swim Brief & Andrew Christian Show-It Sailor Bikini.

For sexy bikini styles check out these brands Hugo Boss, Pistol Pete, Ristesky Macheda, Andrew Christian

--Dustin Schaad