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February 24, 2010

Make A Splash!


Dive into the new 2010 collection of hot sizzling swimwear! All of your favorites are back, Hugo Boss, Andrew Christian, Park & Ronen, Pistol Pete & Penguin, as well as new comers like the Australian brand Ristefsky Macheda and Sundek. Universal Gear has you covered, this year we have all of your favorite swimwear styles, Bikini, Army-Cut, Square-Cut, Trunk & Boardshort.

Modest - When in a setting where there will be mixed company such as parents, children or your boss, leave the Bikini at home and go for a more traditional swim suit. The Hugo Boss Andoya Boardshort and the Park & Ronen Stretch Boardshort are perfect choices, they are modest yet well fitted.

For more hot trunk or boardshort styles check out these brands Park & Ronen, Hugo Boss, Penguin & UG Swim

Show A Lil Leg - You have been in the gym all winter and you are ready to show off your well toned physic! Go with a square-cut or army cut for these. Pistol Pete has a great collection of mid-cut swimwear such as the Pistol Pete Nouveau Midcut Swim & Pistol Pete Sprint Midcut Royal as well as Ristefsky Macheda with their Ristefsky Macheda Swim Hipster Square Cut Blk.

For more fun mid-cut styles check out these brands Pistol Pete, Ristefsky Macheda, Sundek, Andrew Christian

Scandalous - Be daring and bold, just make sure your tan lines are in check. Often sexy and seductive, bikinis are great for grabbing attention if you're walking down South Beach or on a Caribbean cruise you're sure to get noticed. Some of my favorite Bikinis of this season are the Hugo Boss Crab Bikini, Pistol Pete Nouveau Bikini, Ristefsky Macheda Black Swim Brief & Andrew Christian Show-It Sailor Bikini.

For sexy bikini styles check out these brands Hugo Boss, Pistol Pete, Ristesky Macheda, Andrew Christian

--Dustin Schaad

February 12, 2010

Work the Runway


That's right kids! Universal Gear is gearing up for another one of our legendary fashion shows! This time the focus is purely on Denim. In honor of February's Denim Sale (you know that incredible promotion where all jeans are 25% off, yeah. . .that's the one) we will be showcasing all of the hottest styles to hit the streets in 2010. And guess what. . .you're invited!


For all of you Washingtonians we are giving you a much needed break from Blizzard boredom, head on down to Town Danceboutique for a night of fashion, dancing and cocktails. You can mingle with our models after the show. Show time @ midnight.

Gotham City, no stranger to runways or fashion, will host the Universal Gear 2010 Denim Fashion show at Club 57 located NYC's Hell's Kitchen neighborhood. Showtime @ 11pm.

Can't make it? No worries, here are a few of our fashion shows from years past.

Universal Gear DC - Diesel Fashion Show

Universal Gear DC - Spring 08 Fashion Show

Universal Gear DC - Swim Fashion Show

--Dustin Schaad

February 02, 2010

Days of Denim


There is just something sexy about a man in a plain white tee and a pair of jeans. If you don't believe me look to some of Hollywood's leading men, James Dean, Marlon Brando, John Travolta (during his Grease days) and Mark Wahlberg. . . all of these tinsel town hunks have one thing in common. . .they sure could fill out a great pair of denim.

What I like about denim, and please forgive the pun, is that it's universal. In today's culture jeans have become the most common piece of clothing we are likely to wear in our day to day lives. If asked how would you describe the perfect pair of denim I would have to say that they'd have to be well fitted, comfortable, and versatile. I like a jean that you can dress up or dress down. A great pair of jeans are to men what the little black dress is to women, we all should have at least one and it should go with almost everything we own.

I believe in having a decent smattering of denim in ones' collection. There should always be a dark wash and a light wash, a lazy jean (for pure comfort-sake) and a say something jean (for when you just broke up with your ex and you're on the hunt). Also don't be afraid to try new things. I was a boot-cut purest for years until I stumbled upon the Diesel Viker Straight Leg and fell in love! I can't stand it when people say that they can't rock a skinny jean, to this I often reply you just haven't found the right one. In fact I was with a customer the other day who said the very same thing to me and then I introduced him to the 7 For All Mankind Slimmy. He was shocked, he had never actually tried a skinny jean, he just thought that they weren't for him. It's all about variety. Right now worn in denim is really hot, Adriano Goldschmied has an amazing collection of aged denim that is put through a unique process to look like worn and rugged. For example, the Protege 5 year is a great straight leg jean that has been aged to look like it's been worn for 5 years. The same goes for the Protege 8 year, but note that the 8 year is more distressed. It's such a unique concept.

*Universal Gear is launching their annual spring Denim Sale on February 3 rd 2010. During the Days of Denim Sale you will be able to get all of your favorite jeans at 25% off. . .this is the first time we are offering ALL denim at 25% off. We're talking Diesel, G-Star, Rock N Republic, Project Raw, and Levi's plus NEW denim brands like 7 for All Mankind, Adriano Goldschmied , and 1921. Take advantage of this great sale before it ends on February 23 rd 2010.

--Dustin Schaad