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Sun, Sand, and Surf. . .in January?

For those of you who enjoy a winter getaway you'll be excited to hear that NEW swim wear is now available at Universal Gear. I've personally escaped the frigged cold of DC twice in the past few weeks to warm sunny destination spots (California and Florida). Before heading on vaca I stopped by UG to pick up some resort wear, I was relieved to see that they had everything I needed! This shopping trip served as inspiration for this blog, think of it as an unofficial Check List for all Winter Escapist.

1) Shirts - When on vaca you want a wide variety of tops to choose from, depending on the occasion. I always say pack a few light tees, some short sleeve button downs, and maybe one nice shirt (in case you go out to a nice dinner)

2) Shorts - You definitely want something comfortable yet well fitted (we always dress to impress, especially when trying to catch the eye of a local), a short that would be perfect for walking the beach or sitting at a tiki bar. Cut offs can be fun. . .as long as the cut is slightly above the knee, sorry boys leave your Daisy Dukes at home!

3) Swim wear - A must for any vaca where you will encounter a beach, pool or hot tub. I always say bring at least three different pairs. One safe (family friendly) One that shows a little leg (modest but sexy) and One Fun (you know what I'm talking about!)
Tip: if you're self conscious about being pale two weeks before your vaca hit the tanning bed one or two visits should leave you with a nice glow, thus leaving your time at the beach for perfecting your tan.

4) Footwear - Sandals and a comfortable walking shoe are all you should need to really enjoy your time in paradise, (if going dancing or to dinner with friends bring one "night out" appropriate shoe)

+Odds and ends
, unless it's a beach party if you go out dancing or to dinner bring one smart pair of denim, well fitted and dark wash, sun screen (it's hot to come back tan it's sad to come back a lobster), a light travel bag and a nice pair of sunglasses.

If you have all of these you are set to jet set out of your winter prison and escape to your vacation destination!

--Dustin Schaad