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Tis' the Season - A Holiday Gift Guide


Maybe it's the frost in the air or the warm Cocoa in my cup but this time of the year always gets me in the mood for giving. I'm not sure if it's the gratification of seeing that special someone's face light up when they open my gift or the laugh I get out of watching that special someone's face as they struggle to open my intricately wrapped gift (the trick is double sided tape and tons of ribbon)! Thought and humor are amazing tools during the holidays especially when it comes to gifting. Welcome to Gift Guide 09' a quick crash course in how to be the best gift giver this holiday season!

Practical Gifts

Whether it's your best friend or your little brother, there are just some gifts that are just... well practical. Socks and underwear are always a welcomed/needed gift. Especially when they bare the name, Calvin Klein or Ed Hardy. Depending on your relationship with your intended giftee have a little fun with some novelty styles from Andrew Christian, Sexy Bastard, or Ginch Gonch. Novelty underwear always goes over well (unless you give it to your boss, awkward) Other practical gifts include scented candles like the Archipelago Blackberry Sage votive (a personal favorite of mine), Scarves, Hats. When all else fails go with a gift card, they are very practical and an assured way for the recipient to get exactly what he or she wants.

Grooming Gifts

Let's face it most men are hairy beasts, so why not give them a little hand in the maintenance department. Grooming products are often the perfect gift for any man. Whether it's your boss or your brother-in-law, Grooming and Skincare are a great safe gift. Universal Gear carries an excellent assortment from brands like Art of Shaving, Malin & Goetz, and Molten Brown. The Art of Shaving Kits are great for Dads, Bosses, and Boyfriends and the Molton Brown Atlantic Trail gifts set is perfect for Roomies, Friends, and Coeds.

Fashion Friendly Gifts

Whether you consider yourself a Carrie or a Samantha, bonding over fashion, sex and gossip is a universal thing. Give your favorite fashionista a new addition to their wardrobe this holiday season. Gifts like the Knomo Tokyo Wet Slim Briefcase and Bed Stu Steven Duffle Bag are fierce day bags that give so much attitude that any true fashionista would die over them! (JUST IN! Check out the new Christian Audigier Machine Studded Duffle!)

Accessorizing Gifts

Whether it be a sleek brief case or a fresh trucker cap, accessories make great gifting items. A personal holiday favorite of mine is to give a time piece. Watches are traditional gifts that can have a very significant meaning to them. A time piece is a perfect gift for someone special like your father or your long time boyfriend. This is a gift they will truly cherish for years. For a classic design go with the Android Vortex, it's sleek and traditional or if you want something edgier try the Diesel Face watch. Both are handsome time pieces.

Splurge Worthy Gifts

There are just some people we go that extra mile for. This holiday season there are a few things that are on your giftee wish list that are splurge worthy, kinda like my wish for a MacBook Pro (hint hint, mom...) These are items that are a little above the average price range but are well worth the smile that is sure to radiate from opening this "gift of gifts". Here is a list a few fashionable gifts to splurge on this season; the Ben Sherman Popular Blazer, the D&G Sheriff Dog tag, the Diesel Reyan 8SS, the Knomo Tokyo Wet Slim Briefcase and the Diesel Face Watch... just to name a few.

I hope that you learned a little from this crash course. Remember that it is good to give... not just in the month of December but year round. Happy Holidays from the all of us here at UG.

--Dustin Schaad