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Men's Accessories Update

It's been a while since we checked in on the ins and outs of the Men's Accessories world. Let's see what's on the scene:

Bags: More and more, you see dudes, bros, guys, and other variations of men-folk rocking a " man-bag." Most typical is the bowling ball style or messenger bag. These are great because fellas can transport anything from gym clothes to laptops in them. The braver style mavens will sport a classic gentlemen's tote or over the shoulder bag.

Hats: While fedoras still reign supreme, we are seeing a wide resurgence of bucket caps and baseball style hats. A good number of these up-and-comers are ornately designed with embellishments, embroidery, studs, and grommets.

Footwear: Boots are in, and chunky heels are back! With pants and denim styles slimming up in shape, big chunky boots almost become an exclamation point for your look.

Ties & Bow Ties: Nerd chic is in boys, the skinny tie and poindexter bow tie have crept back en vogue. These guys can be spotted everywhere from the punk/emo movement to the ultra trendy hipster scene (often paired with skinny jeans or slacks and suspenders).

Cozy Scarfs: No longer are these only a means to keep you warm, scarfs for men have evolved into a powerful fashion statement. I'm constantly seeing new and inventive ways to wear, fold and drape these bad boys. Depending on the style and way you choose to rock this look, you can add a tone of androgyny or give yourself some serious street cred. Steven Tyler was truly a head of his time.

Jewelry: We have come a long way from the customary gold chain nestled in a thick thatch of chest hair. Guys have tons of options here, right now leather necklaces and unique one of a kind pendants are very popular as trends go. Cuff links have made their way back to the twenty something crowd (they tie in with the Nerd Chic look). Watches are always in style, but the trend has veered away from the ultra modern designs and focused more on the classic sleek look. Men who run in fashion forward circles have also been spotted sporting broaches (Not your grandmother cameo, these are more like embellished crests to be worn on jacket lapels or on a lapel of a vest).


--Dustin Schaad