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November 24, 2009



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--Dustin Schaad

November 17, 2009

The Life of the Party - A Holiday Party Style Guide

Can you feel it? Winter is creeping up on us, and with the onset of a winter wonderland comes one of my favorite holiday traditions …the Holiday Party. From the week of Thanksgiving to the ringing in of the New Year there will be an overabundance of get-togethers, cocktail parties, and sit- down dinners. My job is to see to it that you are dressed for the occasion.

The Informal-Formal Look

holidaypartydil1.jpg copy.jpg
Don't know how formal the party is? Is it dressy or casual? What do I wear? Don't panic. Here are a few helpful outfits ideas that will not only help you blend into the scene, but maybe even steal you a bit of the spotlight. Pair a classic button up with either a pair of flat front chino pants (chino's are a dressier choice but not super formal) or nice pair of clean cut denim. If you go with denim, there are a few rules to follow: dark solid wash denim only, and clean (no rips and no abrasions). The Diesel Zatiny 88Z & Diesel Viker 88Z jean s are great choices. You should top the look off with a v-neck sweater, cardigan or sweater vest. This will add a touch of sophistication and dress up the denim combo. Complete the look with a classic belt . As for footwear, dress shoes or boots are a must (sorry boys no sneakers here). If you follow these guidelines, you'll have a look that will work with any occasion from an office party, cocktails after work, to an intimate gathering with friends.

Shaken not Stirred

When attending a holiday party that calls for a cocktail attire, go with the classics. A crisp, bold color, solid button up (go with strong colors like Crimson Red, Forest Green, Deep Purple, Charcoal, Rich Black or White) tucked into a classic black pant (no cargos or pleats please). In general , your look should be clean, crisp, and put together. If you want to have some fun with your outfit, choose a sleek black or gray vest and accent it with a skinny tie (or bow tie if you're in the mood for something a tad more fashion forward). If vests are not your thing, you can pair this look with a jewel toned v-neck sweater; try playfully tucking your tie into the sweater. This is a smart, witty ensemble that is sure to turn a few heads. If it's really cold outside, complete the look with a classic blazer (a velvet or cord blazer works as well) that you can take off when you reach your destination. Finish the look with a black dress shoe or Chelsea boot, black belt and cuff links.

Pass the Gravy

Whether with family or friends, the holidays bring about endless banquets and feasts. These gatherings tend to be informal and call for more relaxed attire. This year, we are seeing an insurgence of chunky sweaters like the Ben Sherman Rumble Shawl Collar Sweater and Twice Gold Fisherman Sweater. These are good finds because they are both ultra-comfortable and stylish, and pair perfectly with medium wash denim like the Levi's 514 Slim Straight Sky Wash Jean or the Diesel Zathan 8TA . Other feast-friendly choices are fun sweaters like the Diesel 55 Kamazzotti Neck Sweater and Twice Gold Military Detail Zip Sweater, or the cozy Dorsia Nelson Cardigan, Dorisa Fredrick Double Breasted Cardigan , and Ben Sherman Araneta Button Cardigan. Layer them over a light basic tee or thermal; Or, create a fun look by layering over a plaid button up. The key is to be comfortable yet fashionable. Complete this look with a boot or sneaker for that down-home feel. Good eats, great company and amazing style!

I wish all of you a blessed holiday season and want to leave you all with my favorite recipe for holiday cheer!

--Dustin Schaad

November 11, 2009


Men's Accessories Update

It's been a while since we checked in on the ins and outs of the Men's Accessories world. Let's see what's on the scene:

Bags: More and more, you see dudes, bros, guys, and other variations of men-folk rocking a " man-bag." Most typical is the bowling ball style or messenger bag. These are great because fellas can transport anything from gym clothes to laptops in them. The braver style mavens will sport a classic gentlemen's tote or over the shoulder bag.

Hats: While fedoras still reign supreme, we are seeing a wide resurgence of bucket caps and baseball style hats. A good number of these up-and-comers are ornately designed with embellishments, embroidery, studs, and grommets.

Footwear: Boots are in, and chunky heels are back! With pants and denim styles slimming up in shape, big chunky boots almost become an exclamation point for your look.

Ties & Bow Ties: Nerd chic is in boys, the skinny tie and poindexter bow tie have crept back en vogue. These guys can be spotted everywhere from the punk/emo movement to the ultra trendy hipster scene (often paired with skinny jeans or slacks and suspenders).

Cozy Scarfs: No longer are these only a means to keep you warm, scarfs for men have evolved into a powerful fashion statement. I'm constantly seeing new and inventive ways to wear, fold and drape these bad boys. Depending on the style and way you choose to rock this look, you can add a tone of androgyny or give yourself some serious street cred. Steven Tyler was truly a head of his time.

Jewelry: We have come a long way from the customary gold chain nestled in a thick thatch of chest hair. Guys have tons of options here, right now leather necklaces and unique one of a kind pendants are very popular as trends go. Cuff links have made their way back to the twenty something crowd (they tie in with the Nerd Chic look). Watches are always in style, but the trend has veered away from the ultra modern designs and focused more on the classic sleek look. Men who run in fashion forward circles have also been spotted sporting broaches (Not your grandmother cameo, these are more like embellished crests to be worn on jacket lapels or on a lapel of a vest).


--Dustin Schaad