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October 23, 2009

Brand Spotlight: ALKEMY

Alkemy derived from Alchemy
♦ Pronunciation: \'al-ke-me\
♦ Function: noun
♦ Definition: Combining philosophy, science and magic. Any miraculous power of transformation. (Scott Foresman Dictionary)

Just in time for Fall 09, one of our newest brands, Alkemy, is on the scene with a fantastic collection of fall outerwear, vests, sweaters and button downs. What I love about this brand is their ability to uniquely detail a piece while still maintaining a clean overall look. A lot of the collection has a modern twist to a classic look, which I find very refreshing. My favorite piece from their line is the wool vest, rather than giving us your basic run of the mill fall zip vest, Alkemy has created magic. Accented with a ribbed pop collar and hoodie, this vest is quite versatile, not to mention well crafted with its four pocket design and adjustable back strap (to slim your silhouette). The fit and taste of Alkemy meshes perfectly with the Universal Gear style, I believe this brand will be a smash with our clientele.

Defining Alkemy in their own words:
Philosophy: "We understand and appreciate that every man has his own individual style. Therefore our Philosophy is to create an impeccable clothing line for all of his occasions and needs."

Science: "With many years of design experience, we bring Science to our innovative fabrics and great fits allowing our clients to feel complete comfort in our clothes."

Magic: "As promised, you will see and feel Magic when dressed in Alkemy."

Alkemy is a new and welcomed addition to Universal Gear and Click here to view our online collection.
Until next time, Love Peace and all things Fashion.

--Dustin Schaad

Fall 09 Trend Watch

Fall is officially in full swing and it's time to pull out all your sweaters, jackets and long sleeves. While summer is all about t-shirts and shorts, fall is about the fashion. If you're finding last year's wardrobe a bit drab and in need of an update, try picking up on some of these key trends.


Plaid shirts are no longer just for lumberjacks and librarians- they're everywhere this fall and in a good way. Pair with straight leg jeans and sneakers or high tops for a laid back look. Wear a plaid accessory such as a scarf or hat to an otherwise boring outfit for an instant update.

Double Breasted Jackets

THE hot look of the season. Double breasted coats and jackets are sophisticated, sharp, and most importantly, flattering. Choose a style with exaggerated lapels for the illusion of broader shoulders and chest. This year's styles are tailored to the body and full of interesting details.

Motorcycle Jeans

Prepare yourselves, fashionistas, motorcycle jeans are pretty badass. Stitching and seam detail across the knees give you an authentic look Steve McQueen himself would be jealous of. Wear with a simple t-shirt and scarf, or really drive it home with a fitted leather jacket and cool belt.

Fitted Cargo Pants

Ditch the baggy and embrace the new generation of cargos I like to call the "city fit." These are a great denim alternative for when jeans just won't do. Look for a straight leg style with a low rise for a flattering fit. Some styles even have stretch, for ease of movement. Unlike their baggy counterparts, these pants will take you from day to night and you won't miss a beat.

-- Natalie

October 05, 2009

Underwear Sale!

That's right boys it's BACK! Universal Gear's Semi-Annual Underwear Sale is on!

Through October 14 th you can find all of your favorite full-priced undies at 25% off; we're talking 2(x)ist, Diesel, C-IN2, Calvin Klein, G-Star, Baskit, Papi, Ginch Gonch, Jocko and many, many more! Click here to take advantage of these great deals at

*Fresh for the Sale we are launching our newest underwear brand, PAPI UNDERWEAR!