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September 22, 2009

Undie Update: Papi Underwear

Papi! Welcome to the luxurious world of Papi underwear! Internationally inspired, this new line of sexy undies are sure to become a popular brand here at Universal Gear. Known for their sultry designs and buttery fabrics, Papi Underwear can be described as expressive, athletic and body conscious. This brand encourages confidence and exudes pure sexuality. A perfect way to spice up your day to day.

Available in:


As a Papi enthusiast I have to say the selling point for me was the comfortable fit and feel of this brand. Their underwear has an amazing four-way stretch so you never feel bound or uncomfortable in your manties. Papi is a premium lifestyle brand that targets today's consumer, the man who knows luxury is important in all aspects of his life. To insure all aspects are covered this brand is available in several uniquely designed collections. Here is a brief bio on the collections available at Universal Gear and


The Papi Modern series is made up of luxurious soft fabrics with added stretch for a perfect body contouring fit and ease of movement. The modern stretch is like a second skin. The microfiber waistband is specially designed with the softest fibers to give you freedom with support.


The Papi platinum series is made up of luxurious soft fabrics with a four way stretch feature for a custom contoured fit and ease of movement. The centered Papi logo waistband is made with microfiber for superior comfort and softness.

Cool 2

The Papi Cool 2 series is made up of a cool and comfortable lightweight fabric. It stretches to your body for a perfect fit and comes with Papi's signature soft comfort waistband and fresh graphic designs.


The Papi Motion series combines natural softness with superior fit. During the knitting process of this fabric the yarn is infused with Spandex, resulting in a four-way stretch to provide body-contouring fit. The natural cotton blend adds softness for maximum comfort and appeal. The Motion collection comes with a matching Papi color logo waistband.

Put some Latin flavor in your life and ask yourself "Who's your Papi?" There's nothing like the right pair to spice up the day. Moi Caliente!

--Dustin Schaad

September 08, 2009

Seasonal Preview: FALL 09

There is definitely something in the air, fall is here my friends (or at least slowly creeping our way). With the onset of golden leaves and Chai lattes comes a whole new look for a whole new season. Take an early look at what's to come this season, we have a fall preview from brands like John Varvatos Converse, Ben Sherman, G-Star Raw, Monarchy, Alkemy, Project Raw and many others that are available now at Universal Gear and .
FALLSP09_0001_Layer 3.jpg
Above: Entire outfit by Ben Sherman


Hot brands like Alkemy, John Varvatos & Ben Sherman have spun out some awesome sweaters this year. Your classic crew neck is available but I suggest that you play with their v-necked brethren. The Plus side about v-necks is that one, they are a great way to stay warm but still show off your chest and two, they lend well to layering. The Alkemy ribbed sweaters are a great match for layering with button down wovens. This is a great way to dress for the office or, depending on the print of the woven, create a fun fashion forward look.
FALLSP09_0002_Layer 2.jpg
Above: Top and pants by Projek Raw, Shoes by Ben Sherman

Jackets, Coats & Cardigans ( oh my )

Men, listen up! The devil may be in the details but so is great fashion sense. Buckled, zipped, grommeted, and lined, fall outer wear selections from Ben Sherman, G-Star Raw & Alkemy have been detailed better than a Cadillac on MTV's Pimp My Ride. When choosing outer wear I always like to have three distinct pieces, one "Everyday Basic", one "Dressed Up" and one "Fashion Piece". The everyday coat is something you grab on your way out the door, it's a basic black or grey and goes with most anything. Its main function is to keep you warm and comfortable. The dress up jacket or coat is one that could be taken to a business lunch or on date at an upscale restaurant. The Fashion piece is that coat or jacket that has a little something extra, it's that one piece that no matter how many times your friends see you in it they always give you a compliment (begrudgingly, if they secretly covet it).
FALLSP09_0003_Layer 1.jpg
Above: Cardigan by Energie, Jeans by Diesel
You may have noticed a reacuring color combo, Greys, Navys, Olives and Khakis are very strong for Fall. Personaly I love the look of an all black outfit with the pop being a clean Khaki coat, but that's just me. Play with the color combos to work with your own personal style, the weather might be chilly but chic fashion is always hot! Until next time, Love Peace and All things Fashion.

--Dustin Schaad
FALLSP09_0000_Layer 4.jpg
Above: Outfit by John Varvatos

September 01, 2009


Nothing is hotter than a sale.. Listen up boys, Universal Gear is launching our famous Bi-Annual Denim Promotion! What does that mean for all of my fellow denim whores? First, you'll save a little cash and second, you'll increase your wardrobe with hot new styles at a great price! So what are you waiting for? The sale starts September 2 nd and only runs through September 22nd... Go GO GO! You can find your favorite denim brands like Diesel, G-Star, Rock Revival, Lev's, William Rast & Project Raw on sale. (I know right, they had me at Diesel!)

Our New York, Washington DC and Chicago stores will have select styles of denim at 50% off.

Kids, it's been fun but I have some shopping to do, so until next time, love, peace and all things fashion.
--Dustin Schaad