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Put some muscle into It

From the neon spandex clad 80's (thanks Olivia) to the classic grey and black cotton combos of the 90's (thanks Calvin), fashion and physical fitness have always been the best of friends. Well guys, it's 2009 and it's high time you checked your look...are you still wearing the passe A&F tank (so 2000) or have you stepped up your game?
andrewvert copy.jpg
For freshness in the athletics realm we look to fashion designer turned reality star, Andrew Christian for a few pointers. Andrew has come out with a fun collegiate inspired athletic line that has a comfortable fit mixed with a cool retro-jock feel. Using a lot of heathers and navy's with a touch of red, the Andrew Christian line has an All-American look. It's complimented with contrast stitching and retro 70's piping with patchwork lettering and vintage detailing. Christian plays with lengths and silhouettes in this line; here you can find your basic crew necks and tanks along with a few new v-neck styles as well as shorts ranging from long, medium and upper thigh lengths. Click here to view the entire Andrew Christian line sold here at Universal Gear.

* In case the name Andrew Christian sounds familiar, it's probably because you've seen him on Bravo's hit TV reality series, The Fashion Show. Click here to catch up on this celebrity designer.
Until next, love, peace and all things fashion.
--Dustin Schaad