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Let's Get Soak'n Wet!

Holla! If you're wondering why I'm in such a good mood it's because it's almost Summer! As a native Floridian some of my fondest memories of my teen years are of me and my friends just chilling on the beach, catching rays and talking 'til dusk. Summer always has me longing for the sea, sun, and serenity. To leave the hustle of the city and forget everything. This year, I will be spending Memorial Day weekend back home in Florida with my crew, as always laying out at beach and doing absolutely nothing! (Isn't it great!)

My upcoming vacation brings me to our latest installment of Unzipped. Whether going to the local pool or on beach vacation, you should always look your best. No worries, we can help; Universal Gear has always prided itself on having a wide range of styles and selection in our swimwear department. For 16 years, we have helped the community look its best and this year is no different..Follow me along for the 2009 Swim Wear Guide.

getsoakdbikini.jpg A fan favorite and always sure to grab a look, this cut is suited for the daring. Guys who are slim, well toned, or have a tight compact body wear this style the best. We have a great assortment of the Bikini cut from Andrew Christian, Diesel, Blueman, Hugo Boss, LASC, & Pistol Pete.

Army Cut
getsoakedarmy.jpgThe Army Cut (or brief) is the slightly more modest cousin of the Bikini. With a little more fabric to cover the front and back, the Army cut is great match for men who are lean, slightly muscular, or well toned. The Army Cut is great for highlighting muscular legs. Look for amazing styles from Blueman, Diesel, Thomas Christopher, LASC, & Pistol Pete.

Square Cut
getsoakedsquare.jpgWhile the Square Cut is still a head turner, it covers more skin then our previously mentioned styles. This is a good beginner style for those who want to try riskier swim wear. The Square Cut is great for guys who are well toned, lean, slim, muscular, or have an average build. You can find the hottest Square Cut styles from Andrew Christian, Blueman, Thomas Christopher, Diesel, Hugo Boss, & Pistol Pete.

Short Board Short
getsoakedshortbrd.jpg Slightly shorter that the classic version, this style still has a conservative feel while showing a little leg. This cut is great for all body types (although, for guys who are very slim this style can look a bit baggy, if it doesn't look right try the Square Cut). You can find Short Board Short styles at UG from Andrew Christian, Thomas Christopher, G-Star, Hugo Boss, Penguin, & of course, Universal Swim.

Board Short
getsoakdboardsr.jpg The Board Short is classic and great for any body type. Its a swim wear staple. Here at Universal Gear, you can find great Board Short styles from Thomas Christopher, G-Star, Hugo Boss, Penguin, & Universal Swim.

Other helpful Aquatic tips:
*If you are going out of town on a vacation or cruise, pack several different styles- I say three for good measure.
* Pack Light. No one likes to lug a mess of baggage to and from the beach. Bring a small satchel and pack a Towel, Sun block, & one personal item.
*Accessorize! This may sound silly, but you have a better chance of being noticed in crowd of 100 plus shirtless men if you have a hemp necklace on or some other small water friendly accessory.