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Get Cruised

Last night as I sat in my apartment wrapped in a soft cashmere
blanket watching the snow flurry and fall all the while cursing mother
nature. I decided it was time for me to go on a cruise to somewhere warm and
sunny. In other words, anywhere but Washington DC. I fired up my trusty
laptop, Googled winter cruises and suddenly the possibilities where endless,
destinations that were sunny, warm, and without a flake of snow or a sickle
of ice. After a bit of soul searching and bank account checking I decided
the Caribbean looked perfect. I threw off the blanket, pulled out the
luggage and dove into my closet. Like any true fashion friendly man I
started running over outfit selections and what I came up with inspired me
to write this entry.

Going on vacation is no excuse to get lazy in the wardrobe department.
Yes, you want to be comfortable but you still want to look put together (and
yes there is ban on wearing crocs, unless it's in the gym shower. Even then
it's questionable). During the day light hours neutral colors are best.
Light khakis and toned down plaids are where it's at. Alternative Apparel
has great collection of light weight tees and tanks that work perfectly in
the tropics. The best part is that these tees are very versatile. You can
dress them up or down depending on the occasion. Cargo shorts are also a
great companion for a cruise. Besides being handy when you're at port,
passports and currency can easily be stowed away, they complete the look.
Tailor Vintage has a great cargo short that is both comfortable and very
fashionable (you know I packed mine). Also, G-star is a brand known for their
fit and durability, they have a pair of shorts that are certainly a must

Night life is my favorite part of the cruise and not just because I
have a strong affinity for Blood Orange Martinis. Every night is like
fashion show, everyone is decked out in their best. Remember how the day
time was great for light, neutral colors? Well here is when you have the
chance to throw some color in the mix. Now I'm not condoning looking like a
Miami peacock but a bold color every now and again will have you stand apart
from the crowd, "Hey did you see that guy in the red? Hot right!" I always
say a well fitted jean and crisp button down is always the way to go. And
hell, you're on vacation loosen a button or two, it's alright to show a little
chest. It's generally accepted to unbutton the top 3 buttons (going any
further you take the risk of looking cheesy).


If you want to make a splash at the pool or beach swimwear selection
is key! Make sure you wear the swimsuit and the swimsuit doesn't wear you.
Hugo Boss and the Brazilian based Blueman have some really great styles this
cruise season. When buying a swim suit for vacation you want to make sure
your over all look is on point, don't be shy ask the sales associate their
opinion. Remember they are getting the full 360 view and can see angles you
don't (trust them, any sales associate worth their salt knows better than to
lie to client). Another very important rule is bring more than one suit, I
try to bring at least three different styles of swimwear. You don't want
people to say behind your back, "Didn't he wear that yesterday?".

I hope I've helped you steer clear of any cruise wear faux pas, have
fun and remember your passport, sunglasses and plenty of sunscreen. Later!