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February 18, 2009

Carve Your Style In Wet Cement


Wet Cement honors the extraordinary power and rare uniqueness of each human. Environmentally conscious with organic cotton mix, the clothes are handmade and each piece is custom screened with images of life - as it happens. The fabric is soft slub cotton and sheer with a unique feel and look, just as unique as each person that wears it. Wet Cement pays homage to the unique moldable form cement takes as it dries. It conveys our ability to create and then imprint the journey of our life with each new experience.

Wet Cement isn't just a brand but a way of life, blending one-of-a-kind designs while inspiring the wearer to remember all that is possible in the world. Life is what you make, nothing more and nothing less, so leave your mark with shirts as individual as you.

February 16, 2009

HX Shop Til You Drop

The HX and Universal Gear "Shop Til You Drop" event was a hit! Patrons gladly exchanged their empty cocktail glasses for stuffed UG shopping bags. Hipsters, Socialites and Fashionistas mingled and shopped all night while discussing every thing from the gossip to the fresh trends that debuted at fashion week, and believe me our ears were perked and poised. Couldn 't make it? Check out a few photos below by WilsonModels. As always do not forget to check us out at Universal Gear.


February 12, 2009

Is This A Trick?

Untitled-1 copy.jpg

This is no Optical Illusion; the 2(x)ist team has set their laser sights on designing the most spectacular underwear collection in the company's 15 year history. Let's take a look at the fresh, new Optic collection.

The Optic collection, from legendary underwear line 2(x)ist, is visually stunning and spectacular, reminiscent of a sunset on some far off exotic tropical island (you know the type where you sip on cocktails in coconuts while soaking up the rays). A refreshing break from the monotony of tighty whities, the Optic collection dips into a very passionate color spectrum using Fiji Orange, Turquoise, Bright Purple, Black and White. And while yes, they do look hot, more importantly they feel amazing! Using 94% Modal and 6% spandex, the fabrication comes together to form a silky smooth underwear line that is going to take this industry by storm. 2xist offers originality with their micro-fiber, screen-printed elastic band that comes in a multitude of colors and reflects the most sensual tropical sunsets and breath taking sunrises.

miniwhttrunk.jpg miniblktrunk.jpg

2(x)ist offers this collection in their signature styles such as the popular no show brief (perfect for low rise jeans), classic trunk, crew neck tee and tank. Let the 2xist Optic collection add a little tropical vacation to your everyday life... I think I'll have myself a little mango margarita to celebrate! Cheers!


February 06, 2009

Michael In St. Michaels

There's no better cure for the recession blues, than a weekend boating getaway on a beautiful Friday afternoon with a handsome model named Michael for our Spring 2009 fashion photo shoot.



Born and raised in Belle, West Virginia, Michael is a true grandma's boy. Sweet and spirited, Michael has a curious wonderment of each new experience on life's curvy road. That sense of wonderment was clearly evident in Michael's ocean blue eyes when we arrived at the marina and boarded Sinquanon, a 50 foot boat for a weekend jaunt down to St. Michaels.

The skies were deep blue, and the water sparkled with the sun's reflective rays, warming everything in its sight to a balmy 75 degrees.

Bags in hand, we loaded up the boat with a weekends worth of provisions including a few trunks worth of Universal Gear's Spring 2009 collections. We fired up the mighty twin diesel engines and headed down to St. Michaels MD, a charming historic town on the Eastern Shore of Maryland's Chesapeake Bay. We arrived by late afternoon and docked at Harrison Yacht Club. Although Michael didn't know his spring line from his aft line, he sure did know how to handle those ropes. We scoped out shoot locations for various scenes and worked up an appetite for a delicious dinner at the 1927 restaurant, in a charming early 20th century storefront on Main Street, next to the 3 Crazy Ladies gift shop. After a delicious dinner in town, we turned in to get an early start on our first day's shoot.


Saturday morning brought another spectacular day and our shooting started right at the dock. A little camera shy at first, Michael quickly warmed up and his constant outfit changes caused a dockside fan club to gather, growing larger by the minute. You're sure to be a fan of Michael's too once you've seen the outtakes of this shoot. From dockside, to bayside, to the charming Maritime Museum, we captured our Spring 2009 collections, from the looks of Ben Sherman and Energie, Blue Man and Cha Cha Boy, and many others. Be sure to visit our stores for the new style directions of 2009.


Safety comes first as Michael strides down the dock with life jackets in hand wearing Energie's cotton distressed 10" Brac Short sitting right at his hips. Appropriate to the weekend, Energie's Nautical themed collection included whites and blues in super soft cottons such as the Ohio State distressed polo.

0431.jpg 0347.jpg

Ben Sherman:

With big equipment, and ropes, Michael is geared up for pile driving at Harrisons Marina. His Ben Sherman workman plaid shirt quickly snaps open when things heat up on the job.


Michael looks for some fresh rosemary to spice up tonight's dinner abroad. The late afternoon's cool temps are kept at bay by Ben Sherman's Lightweight poly nylon Navy and Rustic Red track jacket with cotton knit striped baseball collar.


Blue Man:

Michael searches the horizon for other boats, but we're happy he's stranded on the boat in his dip dye army cut Blue Man swim suit.


Michael hangs on while walking towards the plank to jump ship in his plaid board shorts from Cha Cha Boy.


Everyone want to kiss those lips, but Ace, an equally adorable Boxer pup, gives the affectionate lick on the face as Michael lounges aft in Cha Cha Boy plaid board short.


Though we had to leave charming St. Michaels and head back to reality, we compiled some great shots from the weekend to keep the memories fresh, oh yeah, and to remind us of the great collections at Universal Gear this spring.


More About Michael - We've got him unzipped and exposed with this Q & A.

Meet the Model: Michael

1 - Where are you from originally? A tiiiiiny town in West Virginia.

2 - What initially drew you to modeling? The chance to travel to new places and meet new people. And I have to admit, it is a pretty cool feeling to see yourself in stores and magazines.

3 - What do you do to stay in shape? Pretty basic really; I try to hit the gym as much as possible, at least 4 times a week. I am also sure to mix up work with play and not deprive myself of junk foods or lazy days that I feel like having.

4 - What's your least favorite body part? Favorite body part? Least would be my legs... Twigs. Favorite, I guess, is my stomach; I seem to like working on it the most.

5 - Besides modeling, what do you enjoy in life? My family and friends more than anything. I love to get outdoors, to travel, to make new friends, and to experience as much of life as I can.

6 - Who are your favorite photographers? I'm a huge fan of Adam Bouska... I would love to work with him.

7 - Who is the most famous person you have ever met? Just this past weekend, I met Mo Rocca in Florida. That would be the most famous person that I've met and actually got to hang out with... he is witty!

8 - Who is the most interesting person in your cell phone? My best friend Megan... It is ANY body's guess what I might hear on the other end when I pick up her calls... I love it!

9 - If we would give you $100,000, what would you do with it? My dream would be to take a few months off of work... make a list and plan a route of all of my friends all over the country... then travel state to state, across the U.S., spending a few days with each. (and I'll take big bulls, please :) )

10 - Tell us a secret about yourself your mother doesn't know. Hmmm... well one that won't get me killed or arrested would be that I used to play with my Christmas presents and then put them back under the tree. ;)

11 - Boxers of Briefs? Briefs.

February 03, 2009


With our bi-annual Denim Sale starting on Monday, now is the perfect time to take a look at what 's new in the denim world for spring 2009. This spring we 're back with 25% off select styles, AND we 've added several select styles at 50% off and 10% off all other full price denim.

Our new ad slogan is "Dive into Denim" which is fitting considering that the choices we have in denim this year are as vast as the ocean is deep. Our styles and price points cover all the bases. All of the big hitters are here (Diesel, G-Star, Energie), but this year we are seeing some new faces (Project Raw) as well as revisiting a few fond favorites(Levi's, Buffalo). We are seeing a re-emerging of boot-cut and flare leg styles as well as the straight and skinny jeans that were so strong in 2008. I 'm going to give you a run-down of some of our best denim styles along helpful hints to help you along in '09.

Dark wash denim really is where you want to be; it is versatile, fresh and slimming to the body. Diesel has three styles that are a wardrobe must for every man. The Zathan-8IW, Viker-88Z, Zaf-81W are all perfect day to night jeans. The dark wash and clean cut make them completely adaptable; pair these with a sharp dress shirt for a relaxed work day or a hip v neck tee for night out with the guys.
Come here often? For the guy who has an active social life choosing the right style of denim can be a great conversation starter at any gathering. "Your jeans are hot, where'd you get them?" There are a lot of great styles out there for all social occasions. Project Raw and Levi 's have rock star worthy styling that is sure to turn a few heads. The Project Raw jean has a killer fit with edgy leather studded accents that would make Dave Navarro jealous. Levi's has that classic James Dean black wash and sexy fit that screams bad boy. And, while not everyone can pull off the rocker look there are other great alternatives that still say "Hey I'm here to party." The Buckley-DZ jean from Energie has a fun medium wash with minor abrasion detailing, low rise, and great fit. These styles definitely lend themselves to fun accessorizing, and are affordable at $44.63-$97.13 during the sale.
Light Denim always reminds me of spring and summer; the sun is shining, the gloom of winter is gone and it's time to rebuild my tan! There are some great styles from G-Star and Levi's that capture this feeling exactly. The Script boot-cut from G-Star and the Welder straight leg from Levi's are both light-weight denim with complementing fits that are perfect for the warm days soon to come. Light wash denim usually has a laid back casual look; I like to play that aspect up by pairing them with flip flops or Converse and a fitted tee or tank.
With all the denim options out there it's key to have different styles in your collection. You don't want to be a one trick pony. Give yourself a good assortment of light to dark washes, always have at least one boot-cut in the mix and don't be afraid to play with your look. White tees are a natural pairing with jeans but they are not your only option. Dress up your denim with a dress shirt and blazer. Pair this combo with a clean dress shoe or boot and voila! You have a sophisticated outfit without looking stuffy or over dressed. Denim is universal and style is a must, it's a new year and a new you. So toss aside those old worn out jeans and dive into a fresh pair.

The Denim sale is February 4th-24th See you there!


HX Premiere Magazine Cocktail Party

HX magazine, the premier guide to Gay New York, is hosting a special "Shop 'Til You Drop" evening at our New York store (140 8th Ave., (212) 206-9119). Come join us as we celebrate the evening with free cocktails courtesy of Bulldog Gin, and I have heard that HX readers get an EXTRA 15% OFF of their purchases. Free giveaways throughout the evening and a special gift bag with purchases ; now that is something to shop for! And if you can't make it to NYC in time for our event, make sure to check out our website.

February 02, 2009

Just Like Steve McQueen

Steve McQueen tees are quite the hot item right now from runway to the street, and I have to admit we have done a great job at capturing the essence of this iconic figure that has been synonymous with fashion both in his time and ours.
2 copy.jpg3 copy.jpg

These tees give you instant fashion cred. Especially when paired with vintage styled denim by the Cult of Individuality. I really like the pairing of the Steven McQueen Solar Racing T with the Hagen straight leg Ron wash by the Cult of Individuality, the two really make a statement that defines what cool should be all about and the details in the jean pick up the colors in the McQueen shirt well.
4 copy.jpg

My only other suggestion, a pair of old school kicks to compliment the vintage appeal or take it a little forward with an updated fashion sneaker by Ben Sherman.

-- Kristopher