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He's Cumming ... to New York!



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We wanted to know a little bit more about Alan Cumming so we had Dustin sit down with him to get the scoop.

What made you decide to start a skin care and fragrance line?
I thought the world was ready.

What is your favorite product from the line?
I think the soap ( Cumming in a bar) is great because it is big and heavy and lathers up a storm and best of all it has my name on it! But if I had a gun to my head I would choose the body lotion (Cumming all over) because there's nothing better than having soft, supple skin that smells of Cumming.

Boxers or Briefs?
Briefs, always briefs. I need support down there. I've tried boxers but there's always too much cloth to tuck away and terrible VPL and everything clanks around and so I am a confirmed briefs man

What‘s the best and the worst part about being an openly gay actor in Hollywood?.
The best is knowing that the way I live my life I inspiring to people who are struggling to come to terms with theirs. The worst is having to talk about it endlessly!

What‘s your favorite genre of movie? Which roles do you prefer to play?
I don't realy have a favorite in terms of what I act in. I like to jump around a but and try out new things. Mostly I am just attracted to things on a very gut level and that can mean the film is some really intense dark thing or it can mean something fluffy and funny.

In terms of films I like to watch I actually would watch a documentary over a drama any day. I prefer real people!

Is there anything you would like to say to the Universal Gear shopper about your line?
I know that people get off on the name and the saucy nature of the pictures inside the box and all the double entendres, and I want them to, believe me, BUT I also think that the products are really great in their own right. So for me it's been great becuase I have been able to provoke people and their perceptions of celebrity endorsement, but at the same time sell then stuff that I am proud of. It's a win win situation. And you get to say 'Cumming' endlessly!

--Jim & Dustin