The Face of Denim

featuring the face of universal gear • our customer

After traveling 4,000 miles through three tornados & one hail storm, dealing with one blown engine and one broken camera we are sure you will be ‘blown away’ by our third annual fall denim catalog.

Along the way we are proud to have met and photographed some of our Universal Gear customers in the fall season’s best denim.

To celebrate YOU, the face of Universal Gear we are offering a

$25 Universal Gear Money Card

with every purchase of a full price jeans*.

Now is the time to get ready for the fall season with our great selection of denim from Diesel, ProjekRaw, G-Star, Rock & Republic, Energie, D&G, Mek, and True Religion.

Meet the faces of Universal Gear

pary | washington dc

Bright, vibrant & uninhibited are just a few ways to describe Pary. A complete opposite of what you expect a Yoga instructor to be. And if you went to Burning Man 2 years ago you might remember her from the top of a dance box at the Deep End.

The stylish washed down Viker is the perfect jean for Pary. Rather than showing up the wearer it lets them shine through with a straight leg fit that allows you to pair it with a t-shirt or button down.

And why does she shop UG? For the clothes of course ... and the men!


ryan | new york

Affectionately now known as “Papa Love”, this New Jersey native lives life a bit on the wild side. But when it comes to his jeans he opts for the basics – Diesel basics that is. The Zathan 71S is true Diesel classic style. With a comfortable fit and boot cut leg this jean will go with almost anything in your wardrobe.

And, if you are feeling a bit peckish after a day of shopping, make sure to run by a certain sushi joint in Times Square and ask for “Papa Love”.

Why UG may you ask? It calms him down after all the clogging at Hogs & Heffers.


alex | chicago

Being an engineer and fitness guru - with his own blog - you would think Alex would be boisterous, driven and wound pretty tight. Unfortunately you would be disappointed (or pleasantly surprised).

Like the Zaghor 8AT, Alex is very detailed and particular but has a great relaxed nature. This Diesel jean is a perfect compliment to a dressed up or dressed down look. The extensive detailing with the worn wash and loose fit make this jean one of the most versatile pairs of denim for the Fall.

If you want to get anywhere with Alex make sure to tell him a joke - his smile is worth it.


sam | chicago

Don’t let the brooding look fool you, smiles come easy to Sam. A Texas transplant, with no hint of an accent but with all the charm he is quick to win you over. With a bit of a rebel side, tattoo and all, he plays the shy, confident movie star role well.

ProjekRaw makes the perfect jean for Sam. It’s stylish and edgy but ultimately affordable on a college students budget.

If you want to know where his tattoo is you’ll have to ask him yourself.


jay | atlanta

When we first met Jay, we assumed he was soft spoken. When he finally opened his mouth we ended up picking ourselves up off the floor.

With a deep (we do mean deep) bass voice this Scotsman may have been a punk kid but he’s traded in his mohawk for a turntable. Jay keeps things cool at the club with fresh beats and G-Star Raw. Detailed, edgy, and cut to fit, G-Star keeps you on the cutting edge of fashion.

By the way, Jay is looking for his better half - catch him shopping at UG Atlanta.


calisto | atlanta

With the gift-of-the-gab and more anecdotal stories than you can shake a stick at, Calisto can be quite the handful. Born of Brasillian and Greek parents you can understand where his sense of adventure comes from.

The Astro Classic makes the perfect counterpoint to his personality. The straight and narrow cut allows him to go from club to café with people only noticing him and not his clothing.

If you run into him ask him to tell you the story of how he managed to break a garage gate.


marcus | washington dc

His calm demeanor hides the adventurous nature of his personality. Soft spoken but ultimately edgy, Marcus has an incredible sense of style.

Always one to turn heads as he walks down the street, adding Rock & Republic denim to his collection was a must. The deep navy denim is detailed with hand brushed fading through the seat and thighs for a cool, slightly worn look. Unpretentious is the key word for the jeans and for Marcus.

At the end of the day, Marcus is really just a puppy in wolves clothing. A quick scratch behind the ear will get you everywhere.


raphael | new york

Living life in the fast lane is all part of the game for Raphael. This model, musician, actor is constantly on the go. But you would never know it to look at him. Blessed with good genes from his parents (if we told you who they were we’d have to kill you) and very healthy eating habits he cruises seamlessly from one venue to the next.

The Henlee Ultimatum, with it’s low rise and bootcut showcase the rock and roll lifestyle he aspires to.

If you know Raphael you know there is something missing in this picture - take a guess.


*Promotion Valid on Full Price Denim Only. Not Valid with Any Other Discount or Promotion.