Fall/Winter 2008 Denim Fit Guide

Hello and welcome to the Fall/Winter 2008 Universal Gear Denim Fit Guide! Allow me to "guide" you through the nasty terrifying trenches of choosing the right denim to fit your body.


Skinny Jeans: Yes,Yes these suckers are everywhere right now, but just because they are "in" doesn't mean they are for you. Thin and average proportioned men can pull this look off with out a hitch but for the guy who has bit more meat on his bones this may not be for you. (No worries if you fall into this category please check boot cut) This tapered cut of denim is great for capturing that edgy raw look, and for a bit of flair cuff the bottom hem slightly, just enough to show a bit of ankle (or a bright, funky sock).

Diesel Slammer, Diesel Safado

Straight Leg: The every man's jean, the great thing about straight leg denim is that it fits just about everyone, with the right wash and paired with a snazzy dress shirt (that's right I just said snazzy) this look is perfect for a casual work day or a first date. Every guy should have at least one straight legged jean in their closet, they are versatile and essential.

Diesel Viker, Diesel Timmen, G-Star Ruger, G-Star Radar Travis, Projek Raw Edgy

Boot Cut: Another essential for every man's wardrobe is the boot cut, while it's every bit as versatile as the straight leg it has a little bit of "umph" that is likely to turn a few heads. As mentioned above the boot cut jean is great for the guy with a little extra meat on his bones, the fit produces a great visual illusion that evens the top and the bottom out. Also depending on the wash this is also another cut that is perfect for the office or a night out.

Diesel Zathan, G-Star Core Custom, Diesel Zathan

Flare: When you want to give a little extra look to your outfit the flare cut is great, while not completely over the top it does add a little extra depth to your look. The flare is essentially just an exaggerated version of the boot cut, it's perfect for going out but I would keep this style out of the workplace. NOTE: For the guy with larger thighs check out the Koffha and Zaf cuts from Diesel.

Diesel Khoffa, Diesel Zaf, William Rast

NEW Hybrid Style:

Diesel has recently designed a denim cut called the Zatiny, this great cut brings the best of both worlds, Skinny and Boot, together. This style fits like a boot cut but the leg of the jean is slightly tapered like a skinny jean. It's the perfect crossover jean for those who have been hesitant to try the skinny look.

Diesel Zatiny

Tips for Body Types

If You Have a Flat Butt

-If you want to add some curves to your body look for stretch denim and slim fits.
-Avoid rigid, loose fit or wide legs jeans.
-Check out denim with a flap or zippered back pockets. Those details tend to add bulk and curvature where you need it most.

If Your Have Fuller/Muscular Thighs

-You can try a flare or a boot cut. Those jeans tend to balance out the curves of your hips and thighs with a slight flare at the bottom of the jeans. But avoid ultra-slim boot cuts like the Diesel Zathan (you won't be able to get those over your thighs). Most True Religion jeans or the Diesel Zaf have more room in the thigh and will better accentuate your body.
- Those looking to play down their curves should try a mid to low rise straight leg. The silhouette of the straight leg will deemphasize your thighs and even out the curves on the lower half of your body.

If you're on the Shorter Side.

-To elongate the leg and body go for a pair of low rise jeans with a longer leg to wear with boots.
-Look for jeans with different inseam lengths. Most jeans without inseams have a 33" or 34" length.
-Avoid wide leg, flares, or anything that will widen your shape.

Note- If you need to hem your jeans, take them to your tailor and ask to keep the original hem -- they’ll look like they are straight from the manufacturer and you'll be able to retain all the worn-in details the brand has added to the hem! But be careful not to go too short, most jeans shrink up to 1/2 an inch if you wash and tumble dry them regularly.

If you're on the Taller Side.

-Check out denim with a low rise and a narrow boot cut or straight leg.
-Stay away from wide legs or flared jeans.

Note -- To add some style and a couple extra inches you can always let out the bottom seam, which usually contains close to 1 extra inch of fabric.

-G-Star jeans are slightly shorter than most brands. If you're normally a 32 length in Diesel and Levi's, you may want to try a 34 length in your G-Stars.