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More than just Underwear

Andrew Christian is well known for his form fitting underwear and signature cross logo. So, the one thing most people don't know about this "as seen on tv," undie-slinging designer, is that he's kind of shy. Yes, it's true. I had a chance to catch up with Mr. Christian at a meet-and-greet at our new flagship store in Washington DC. When I first met him he was very soft spoken and a little bit reserved (luckily I am not). After "twisting" his arm a bit I convinced him to grab a cocktail with me. AC gave me the rundown of latest styles and a heads up of what's to come. No worries Andrew, my lips are sealed!

It was a great event with an amazing turn out. Guests sipped on the Universal Gear signature cocktail, white cran and vodka, while they mingled with underwear models and Andrew Christian. Laughs were had and plenty of photos were taken. Until next time (or the next party) take care and have a look at our current collection of Andrew Christian.

Here is what Andrew Christian himself had to say about the event,
"I had such an amazing time at my in store visit at Universal Gear in Washington DC.
Having a fashionable tready line is so much work, so it's refreshing to actually get to meet my customers in person. The Universal Gear staff and customers were such a delight to meet. They were all so supportive of my designs.
This is a true source of inspiration for me and definitely makes all of the hard work it takes to create my line well worth it.
I am definitely looking forward to the next time where I can come back to Universal Gear."