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Meet the Authors vol 2

Some of the faces have changed over the years at UG, so we thought it was the perfect time to introduce you to the new voices of Unzipped; Universal Gear's blog where you can find hear tell on the latest in trends, fashion hot spots, and get the low down on our models and designers.

The Extrovert blogdustin1.jpg

Hailing from the warm shores of Florida, Dustin has been with Universal Gear since he was 18 (2003). This ex Goth is responsible for accessorizing the Universal Gear client but not to worry you won't find spiked collars or platform boots in our stores anytime soon. Though the guyliner remains his look tends to be more hipster than that of the undead. On most nights you can find him (cocktail in toe) with a group of friends playing cards or out at the local bar thrashing about. Rarely shy or quite for that matter; Dustin brings a sense of energy and 'go get em ' attitude to the mix.

Favorite Brands: Diesel, Energie, Marc Jacobs
Favorite Movie: toss up Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Cruel Intensions
Favorite Bands: Mindless Self Indulgence & Britney Spears?
Favorite Cocktail: Raspberry Cosmo

The Ladies Man blogwill.jpg

Originally from Wisconsin (there's not enough cheese jokes in the work day). Will joined our team in the fall of '07 but by no means is new to the game. With years of retail behind his belt not to mention his expertise in the graphic design field, Will landed the job as the Web Coordinator for our online store. When he's not setting up photo shoots or providing the online store with new merchandise you can most assuredly find him at the local dive bar talking up the fairer sex. He brings new meaning to the term mothers lock up your daughters; in fact daughters you may want to lock up your mothers with you. Will's mastery of sarcasm and fresh perspective make day to day office life interesting and fun.

Favorite Brands: G-Star, Diesel, Tank Farm
Favorite Movie: Home Alone, the Edukators
Favorite Bands:The Black Lips
Favorite Cocktail: Jack on the Rocks

The Artistblogjim.jpg

Mysterious, thoughtful and never content to skate on the surface, Jim a native son of Kentucky, has been with Universal Gear since 2005. He enjoys Friday nights more than most people and has quite the wardrobe, look in his closet and you'll find a killer collection of plaid and a range of clothing that could be labeled anything from hippie to bohemian. Our Creative Director can be found every year at the Burning Man Festival and always brings back hilarious stories and 'interesting' footage. Fire dancing is a part time passion but inevitably prepares him for his daily task of juggling photoshoots, marketing deadlines, e-mailings, and his continual search for new models. Jim brings heart, kindness and much needed wisdom to the UG family.

Favorite Brands: Ben Sherman, 24 Standard, G-Star
Favorite Movie: On A Clear Day
Favortie Bands: Zero 7, ACDC
Favorite Cocktail: Wild Turkey 101 Over Ice

The Roadieblogbrian.jpg

You would never guess that this ex roadie was raised on a small farm in Connecticut. Brian the newest member of the UG family is our E-Commerce Manager, making sure runs as smoothly and as efficiently as possible. After causing as much mischief on the farm as he could Brian toured with several bands as a roadie taking him on a very scenic route of north America, from Canada to New Mexico and Vegas, and then finally to Philly. Brian's style can categorized as a hybrid between rock, punk and hipster. With 35 tattoos, piercings to match, and too many bar room brawls to count (hey he was a roadie, cut him some slack) he gives a pretty intimidating first glance but once you get to know him you come to realize that he's great guy with an awesome sense of humor. We expect great things to come from this one.

Favorite Brands: Diesel, Jet Lag, Tank Farm,
Favorite Movie: the Birds
Favorite Bands: the Misfits
Favorite Cocktail: Jack & Coke