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Just Walk Away


Your travels are extensive, you've journeyed across half the known world. In your explorations you've trekked across mountain, dessert and rough terrain. You are wild and uncontrollable and refuse to be domesticated by society and civilization.

Ok, who are we kidding, the last major "excursion" you went on was last night to your neighborhood convenience store to grab some mixers and an energy drink. But let's be real. In today's world, the modern man is more likely to be climbing the corporate ladder than scaling Mount Everest. Extreme sports aside for a second (and yes I was referring to the corporate ladder), one of the most important pieces to a man's wardrobe are his shoes. Be they tattered or polished, in style or out of style, it all reflects the man's personal character.

Don't believe me? Take a look at the inner workings of your office and see for yourself. The confident "alpha" is sharply dressed and his shoes are never without shine, the chill laid back summer intern may on occasion rock the converse, and is it just me or does the angry guy in the corner, the one that's worked there far too long, always seem like his scuffed loafers are a size too small. My point here is to take pride in your appearance, people notice, in a glance, what you're wearing and associate those qualities with you.

Side Note: Not that I have a thing for feet, but men listen up: it's beach season again, so before you put on your new flip flops take a hint from the wiser gender and go get a pedicure!