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Q & A With Kristine W

Kristine W has been toping the charts and flooding the dance floor with killer beats for nearly two decades. The high energy diva has recently released her new hit single "The Boss" which went on to be her eleventh number one hit on Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart in March of 2008.
While Kristine was in Washington DC on March 15th for a performance at Town Danceboutique she came to our new Flagship store for a CD signing. Looking as fabulous and flawless as ever, this Diva turned out to not be much of a "diva" at all. With all of the celebrities I've encountered, I have to say I was a little thrown off to find out how kind, sweet, and down to earth she was. Kristine graciously welcomed the crowd at Universal Gear. Between posing for photos with fans and signing autographs she made time to talk with nearly everyone who came in and most of the staff. Upon her departure she walked by our accessories display where she spotted an amazing pair of Marc Jacobs sunglasses and, being a girl after my own heart, she just had to try them on. A fashionista in her own right she couldn't leave without them. Thanking everyone at UG she posed for one final picture with the staff and left to prepare for her performance.
Later that evening I was granted backstage access to Kristine's dressing room at Town, and right as I walked in she was having the finishing touches put on her outfit,; a gorgeous black frock ( that was rhinestoned to death). While doing so, she paused to ask one of the Drag Queens and I which shoes she should wear, to which we both unanimously answered yes to the black sequined boots. I left the dressing room shortly before the show started so I could get a front row view, a goal that was much harder to achieve than I thought it would be. As I reached the performance area I was met by a sea of men jumping up and down in anticipation for the concert to start. Given my relentless personality I made my way to the front row just in time to see her start the show. Doing a range of songs from "Stronger" and "Loving You," to "Walk Away" and "The Boss;" the night was truly as incredible as her performance was. I caught up with Kristine W later on and had the opportunity to ask her a few questions.

Q&A (March 2008)

DUSTIN: What musical artist was your biggest influence?
KRISTINE: I would have to say as far as tenacity and just hanging in there I would have to give it to Donna Summer and Annie Lennox.

DUSTIN: If you could do a duet with any recording artist today who would that be?
KRISTINE: Donna Summer I adore her. I idolize her.

DUSTIN: What's your favorite Kristine W music video? Which one did you have the most fun making?
KRISTINE: Queer as Folk was the most fun, ("Some Lovin") yeah because the whole cast was there. There were just so many people, I got to meet Sharon Gless.

DUSTIN: What did you think of the new flagship Universal Gear store in DC?
KRISTINE: It's a beautiful store, I’ll tell you that, great design! I think what was the best part of the store was the staff, an amazing staff.

DUSTIN: We found out that you're a former Miss Washington do you still have your crown? If so do you ever wear it around the house please say yes!
KRISTINE: I still have the crown it's in the kitchen on a shelf (laughing) yes I have!

DUSTIN: With so many music artists crossing over into the movie industry, have you ever considered making the switch? If so what kind of role would you love to play?
KRISTINE: Not really, It'd be fun to play somebody sassy I like the role that Vanessa Williams plays (Ugly Betty( that's a great character.

DUSTIN: Is there any thing you would like to say to your fans?
KRISTINE: Thank you so much for your support your loyalty your friendship, always checking in on the website and for their feedback. Staying after the shows and chatting about the music because it's so inspirational for me and I get so many ideas.