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My Summer Passion

Summer time is upon us. Tis' the season for margaritas, beach blankets, sand, sun, fun and friends! It's the time for getaways to tropical locations, pool side romances, and late night dips in the ocean. Summer has always been a time of romanticism. Dolce & Gabanna seems to have captured that feeling entirely with its style.

To get you in the spirit of D&G, imagine that you are the quintessential Italian man, lean with a dark tan glistening on the Mediterranean coast. The sleek D&G bathing suit grabbing the attention of your fellow beach goers while you survey the scene behind dark sunglasses, you casually kick at the sand as you walk the shores of paradise. You and your friends take the yacht out at sundown to leave the city behind, conversation crosses from fashion trends to politics with unnoticeable ease as you sip your Bellini slowly and enjoy the night breeze. Good, now you've got it.

D&G's beachwear line has a timeless elegance mixed in with an understated modern style, complimenting your shape and exuding an overall vintage look. The swimwear collection, made in Italy, is well crafted and designed. The sporty Rugby collection is unique in its style and unsurpassed comfort. The overall look and feel will draw all the right attention and you will soon find yourself bombarded with compliments.

Indulge yourself even further with the sandals from D&G. They are comfortable and the perfect summer accent piece. Last weekend I bought a pair and have already gotten several "Nice, where did you get those." Luxury is for everyone and should no longer be for the fashion elite. Be bold and confident, refine your appearance and get what you want. Dive into our new line of D&G beachwear.

-- Will & Dustin.