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It's All About What you (Under)Wear!


Fashion has evolved to fit, accentuate, and impress on a daily bases. Shirts are more fitting, pants are low rise, and underwear can be seen. Whether you are sitting at a bar or getting dressed in front of you significant other, chances are that your oh-so-personals are not so personal.
It is fortunate then that there are brands out there which are just as fashion conscious and body conscious as we are. It is possible to find well designed and well fitting underwear. Underwear can be bold, fun, athletic, sexy, playful, understated, outrageous, or elegant. It can make you look good or look bad. It can wear you all day or make you adjust, scratch, and shift. It is an essential part of a man's everyday wardrobe yet few men are willing to take the time to think about and actually shop for it. The underwear you buy makes a difference in how comfortable you are in your clothes and in your self esteem. Have you ever been complimented on your underwear? If not then you should be paying more attention to what you're putting on.
Universal Gear has a huge and diverse selection of underwear to choose from. We carry the latest in hot brands such as Diesel, 2(x)ist, C-IN2, and D&G. We carry many different styles and cuts to fit your personal style. Be sure to check it out at the Universal Gear website and check out the video below from our in-store fashion show, showcasing many of our styles.