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What's Love Got To Do With It?


As sappy as Valentines Day can be, this hormonal holiday provides the perfect opportunity to shower the one (or ones) you love with affection, chocolates, and thoughtful gifts that come from the heart. Seeing how the standard male gift on this day of love is usually ether a naughty card or raunchy novelty underwear, I thought we would pole the guys at Universal Gear's corporate headquarters and see what they thought would make the perfect Valentines Day gift. Knowing these fellas this should be interesting.

I think great gift ideas are the creative yet practical ones. I would love to get the DVD box set of Ally McBeal season one or a really killer time piece like the new D&G Medicine Man. Both are totally me. -- Dustin, Asst. Buyer

Nothing says I love you like a stuffed animal and some chocolates, but if you really want to get my attention I think the Diesel Jultras Shiny Tuxedo Blazer would be perfect. It's sophisticated fashion that's great for any occasion. -- Nick, E-commerce Manager

For those who have been in a relationship for while I would recommend buying something that guys need and want.Gift it up with a great tie and great underwear. I would compliment that with a night out followed by a romantic evening in. G-Star makes stand out ties that are stylish and versatile. Right now our store carries two G-star ties that I think are amazing. For underwear I love 2(x)ist. it's attractive, well made, and super comfortable. Try for square cut trunks. -- Will, Web Coordinator