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The Final Touch


Men, the time has come to put your fears aside and accept the term "Accessorize." I know this can seem scary and foreign, what with all of the combination options, but let Universal Gear lead you through this treacherous terrain with our 2008 Accessories Guide!

For the spring and summer months to come you are going to want to keep it light yet colorful. Bright and bold colors can add that extra pop to your daily routine. I'm not encouraging you to leave your house looking like a neon Rainbow Bright but a few flashes of color will pull your outfit together. Fun baseball caps with bright color pallets are the perfect choice to pop your basic denim and tee combo. You can also compliment the outfit by pulling a color out of your hat and choosing a belt with the same hue. The goal with this trick is not to have a look that's too "matchy matchy," but to have a style that flows. Playing with color is what it's all about this year and letting your accessories do the talking is the perfect way to express your creativity.

With sunny days ahead your sunglasses almost become and extension of your personality. Whether your preference be the subtle business aesthetic of John Varvatos or an over the top Fashionista approach, eyewear designers are playing with color and texture this year. Be it a bold red arm, glossy bronze frame, or a gradient purple lens fit for a rock star; it's easy to match your mood from day to day. If you're feeling strong that day go with jet black polarized lens, in a creative mood try a novel azure blue framed aviator, or if you had a bit too much fun the night before a large wrap around will hide you from the world (and the sun that seems to be burning a bit too bright).

To close the 2008 UG Accessories Guide we will go on to my favorite subject the Man-bag or "Murse, " as I like to call it. This once controversial accessory is the key to any mans day to day existence. Briefcase style bags are really in this year along with the travel weekend bag and the ever popular messenger bag. Not only is this an essential but it's fun aswell. Not unlike our female counterparts we have the option to switch out our Murses to coordinate with our outfits and the occasion. Okay so that last step might seem a bit high maintenance but relax it's all in fun. To quote my favorite reality show "Lighten up It's just fashion" Mix and match, be bold, texture and color can be your friend.