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John Varvatos, Designer of the Year?

GQ recently named John Varvatos Designer of the year and why not! If you haven't seen, worn, heard about, or had someone buy you something from his collection you probably didn't leave your house this year. It's not that Varvatos rocked the solo, its that he blew out every amplifier at the concert doing it. His Converse slip-ons were cool, comfortable, and unexpected; a welcomed take on a standard. Using this as his launching board Varvatos took the Converse name and philosophy and transformed it into a must have, not afraid to buy, for men.

Ok, so what? Big deal. Varvatos made a shoe. So why does he deserve the esteemed title of Designer of the Year? John Varvatos has succeeded in making designer clothes that the everyday man is not afraid to wear. Most of all not only are the clothes he designs universal but they exude the feeling of rockstardom while still making them easy to wear and great to look at. In a world where men dare not risk being called fashionable John Varvatos has stepped forward taken us by the hand, given us a new wardrobe, and assured us that it is ok.

Universal Gear is proud to be carrying John Varvatos as well as the John Varvatos-Converse collaboration. We recently started carrying his amazing eyewear as well. Varvatos eyewear has come to be known for its high quality craftsmanship and sharp look. Some of the eyewear lines spokesmodels have included legendary rock stars Alice Cooper and Slash. Other hot J.V. designs have also been seen sported on celebrities like Neil Patrick Harris, Geena Davis, and Scott Baio. So provide your eyes with some shade and accentuate your style with John Varvatos eyewear. Be sure to check out the new collection at Universal Gear stores and at Universal