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Getting RAW With G-Star

G-Star Raw is an often overlooked and underappreciated name in fashion. However, to the fashion-conscious city dweller, G-Star is a name to trust and seek out. Many designers often have a style that follows fashion trends and tend to be easy to overlook, blending in with their surroundings. G-Star truly sets itself apart from the rest.

G-Star does not try to imitate and it does not look to follow. As a company it sets the bar to be an individual and does so with great success. Its style transcends beyond the world of fashion. Its new Raw Ferry is an impressive boat that will host 25 for private events around Amsterdam. G-Star's futuristic and industrial styles were translated perfectly into this nautical masterpiece.

Though G-Star made its mark in fashion with its impressive G-Star Raw Denim it has ventured out with great success, making amazing shirts, jackets, and accessories. While other labels' clothing will have a lot of bells and whistles G-Star focuses on function with its pockets, snaps, buttons and zippers which are often abundant but not overdone on their clothing. The clothing which is unique and alternative maintains a simplistic aesthetic feel; often with a "can't put your finger on it" appeal.
But don't take my word for it. Stop into one of our stores and check out what G-Star Raw is all about or check it out on our online shop. And keep checking back as we will soon be adding more and more G-Star product.