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Dying For Diesel

When I was kid a pair of jeans that cost more then twenty dollars was too much. Somewhere in my youth Diesel popped up with hundred dollar jeans that were already faded and sometimes even torn. I recall how absurd this sounded at the time. Why would anyone pay that much for denim, especially a pair that looked like it had been worn? It just seemed silly. Now however, Diesel jeans are renowned for their amazing washes. In fact, rare is the moment when I am found in a pair of jeans that isn't Diesel.

So why the change of heart? Why did it become acceptable to wear expensive denim, and jeans that look like they have been worn already? The reason is that, besides the fact that all their jeans are all extremely well made in Italy, Diesel washes and cuts create a great aesthetic appeal and I am a firm believer in "you get what you pay for." When I put on my Zathans I often get compliments specifically on my jeans. Considering everyone wears jeans all the time, it says a lot to get complimented on your jeans. Diesel denim is clthing that can be dressed up or worn casual. Not to mention, when looking to hook up a good pair of denim never goes un-noticed.

Universal Gear is a denim-conscious, fashion forward company. As such we are dedicated to not only bringing you the latest and edgiest styles in denim, with the best washes and fits, but to making sure that the "must haves" are in stock. Our picks:
The Zathan: with a low rise, straight fit through the leg, and a slight boot cut. The Zathan is my personal jean of choice. Look for the Zathan-71S and Zathan-72H.
The Zaf: which is known for its medium rise, straight fit through the leg, and a more definitive boot cut. Check out the Zaf-8BC, and the Zaf-72J-a new wash!

Whether you are dressing up or getting down these trademark Diesel styles are wardrobe staples that you need to check out!