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January 30, 2008

Dying For Diesel

When I was kid a pair of jeans that cost more then twenty dollars was too much. Somewhere in my youth Diesel popped up with hundred dollar jeans that were already faded and sometimes even torn. I recall how absurd this sounded at the time. Why would anyone pay that much for denim, especially a pair that looked like it had been worn? It just seemed silly. Now however, Diesel jeans are renowned for their amazing washes. In fact, rare is the moment when I am found in a pair of jeans that isn't Diesel.

So why the change of heart? Why did it become acceptable to wear expensive denim, and jeans that look like they have been worn already? The reason is that, besides the fact that all their jeans are all extremely well made in Italy, Diesel washes and cuts create a great aesthetic appeal and I am a firm believer in "you get what you pay for." When I put on my Zathans I often get compliments specifically on my jeans. Considering everyone wears jeans all the time, it says a lot to get complimented on your jeans. Diesel denim is clthing that can be dressed up or worn casual. Not to mention, when looking to hook up a good pair of denim never goes un-noticed.

Universal Gear is a denim-conscious, fashion forward company. As such we are dedicated to not only bringing you the latest and edgiest styles in denim, with the best washes and fits, but to making sure that the "must haves" are in stock. Our picks:
The Zathan: with a low rise, straight fit through the leg, and a slight boot cut. The Zathan is my personal jean of choice. Look for the Zathan-71S and Zathan-72H.
The Zaf: which is known for its medium rise, straight fit through the leg, and a more definitive boot cut. Check out the Zaf-8BC, and the Zaf-72J-a new wash!

Whether you are dressing up or getting down these trademark Diesel styles are wardrobe staples that you need to check out!


January 23, 2008

Hardly Your Everyday Underwear

You may have noticed that our underwear page has gotten a lot more colorful in the past few weeks. Edgy and fun, Ed Hardy underwear strays from the cookie cuter basics and provides the chance for a little day to day excitement!

Ed Hardy burst onto the fashion scene only a few years ago, but has already made a huge impact! Popular among many celebrities, this designer has been spotted on everyone from Britney Spears to Tome Cruise, Madonna to Lance Bass. A breath of fresh air in a stale tighty whitey world, Ed Hardy underwear is one of the newest additions to the company's collection. The fun colors and funky tattoo inspired graphics make this brand a much loved and welcomed addition to the family. Check out our new selection Ed Hardy underwear and add a little spice to your life.



January 21, 2008

Store Opening Video

As I am sure you know, our store opening party was a huge hit. Now you can view a video from the party by clicking the image below! Look foward to videos of events, shoots, and more in the future. Enjoy.


January 16, 2008

Getting RAW With G-Star

G-Star Raw is an often overlooked and underappreciated name in fashion. However, to the fashion-conscious city dweller, G-Star is a name to trust and seek out. Many designers often have a style that follows fashion trends and tend to be easy to overlook, blending in with their surroundings. G-Star truly sets itself apart from the rest.

G-Star does not try to imitate and it does not look to follow. As a company it sets the bar to be an individual and does so with great success. Its style transcends beyond the world of fashion. Its new Raw Ferry is an impressive boat that will host 25 for private events around Amsterdam. G-Star's futuristic and industrial styles were translated perfectly into this nautical masterpiece.

Though G-Star made its mark in fashion with its impressive G-Star Raw Denim it has ventured out with great success, making amazing shirts, jackets, and accessories. While other labels' clothing will have a lot of bells and whistles G-Star focuses on function with its pockets, snaps, buttons and zippers which are often abundant but not overdone on their clothing. The clothing which is unique and alternative maintains a simplistic aesthetic feel; often with a "can't put your finger on it" appeal.
But don't take my word for it. Stop into one of our stores and check out what G-Star Raw is all about or check it out on our online shop. And keep checking back as we will soon be adding more and more G-Star product.


January 09, 2008

John Varvatos, Designer of the Year?

GQ recently named John Varvatos Designer of the year and why not! If you haven't seen, worn, heard about, or had someone buy you something from his collection you probably didn't leave your house this year. It's not that Varvatos rocked the solo, its that he blew out every amplifier at the concert doing it. His Converse slip-ons were cool, comfortable, and unexpected; a welcomed take on a standard. Using this as his launching board Varvatos took the Converse name and philosophy and transformed it into a must have, not afraid to buy, for men.

Ok, so what? Big deal. Varvatos made a shoe. So why does he deserve the esteemed title of Designer of the Year? John Varvatos has succeeded in making designer clothes that the everyday man is not afraid to wear. Most of all not only are the clothes he designs universal but they exude the feeling of rockstardom while still making them easy to wear and great to look at. In a world where men dare not risk being called fashionable John Varvatos has stepped forward taken us by the hand, given us a new wardrobe, and assured us that it is ok.

Universal Gear is proud to be carrying John Varvatos as well as the John Varvatos-Converse collaboration. We recently started carrying his amazing eyewear as well. Varvatos eyewear has come to be known for its high quality craftsmanship and sharp look. Some of the eyewear lines spokesmodels have included legendary rock stars Alice Cooper and Slash. Other hot J.V. designs have also been seen sported on celebrities like Neil Patrick Harris, Geena Davis, and Scott Baio. So provide your eyes with some shade and accentuate your style with John Varvatos eyewear. Be sure to check out the new collection at Universal Gear stores and at Universal


January 02, 2008

Opening the New Flagship Store

On December 7th Universal Gear celebrated the opening of its new Washington DC flagship store with a red carpet event hosted by Diesel. Universal Gear opened its doors to DC’s socialites, celebrities, and fashion mongers alike. The blow out event had the refreshments flowing compliments of Peroni as well as local hot spot Halo and the music playing thanks to international DJ Sin Morera.
While the packed store was bustling with chatter, laughter, and the occasional hoot or holler the main life of the event came as the center of the store transformed into a runway for the Diesel fashion show.
As the lights dimmed, company owner David Franco came to the stage and announced the show following an on-stage interview with Fox Five News’ Will Thomas. The crowd silenced as the lights went off and the music began thumping; but the silence was soon shattered as the first model, Project Runway’s Jack Mackenroth, hit the stage. From then on a steady flow of clapping and cheering ensued as model after model walked the runway, showing off the latest styles carried by the new in-store Diesel shop (one of only two on the east coast – the other located in our Atlanta store).
Following the fashion show party-goers lingered, shopping the store and enjoying the atmosphere not to mention the chocolates from Edward Marc. The event was a smash hit and the new store is gorgeous thanks to STUDIOS architecture who have also designed for Stella McCartney and Steven McQueen. If you haven’t already been to it I would suggest going there as soon as you can. The impressive line of clothes now matches the scenery. Look for the spring collection soon.


(Photography by Zaid Hamid. Planning and Organization by The Aba Agency)

See below for more images from the event.