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Reality Bites Atlanta


On Thrusday February 1st, Universal Gear Atlanta teamed up with cast members from the Real World Denver and The Apprentice for an amazing fashion show called REALITY BITES at the infamous
WETbar in Atlanta. The house was packed, standing room only.


The show started off with local celebrity, Genre, doing an appropriate rendention of ‘Fashionista’. Then came the models! They started on a rotating dance floor where they were all still-modeling until it was time to hit the catwalk. (The last one was a little dizzy from spinning around so many times before it was his time to strut his stuff!)


Alex and Davis from Real World Denver started off the show in Diesel and Ben Sherman. Next was Carey from The Apprentice working it in his hot Diesel outfit. Then the local hotlanta boys tore up the runway not letting their famous counterparts up-stage them. We saw outfits from Energie, G-Star, Triple 5 Soul, True Religion, and Diesel. We even saw dollars flying from the audience trying to get the boys to take off those hot clothes they had on.

As the show went on, the clothes started coming off and getting smaller and smaller, ending up in swimsuits and even hot new underwear.


The show ended with the final call back and a huge round of applause and screams. The models then mingled through the bar and chatted with the crowd.


Shawn is our Atlanta Store Manager.
Photos by Gary Salles