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Little did we know when we booked Anthony for our rockin’ winter photo shoot that his journey into modeling started all the way back in Texas. As it turns out, one of our favorite photographers - Bruno Rand - shot Anthony a while back and brought him to New York to see the agencies. Anthony was snapped up and continues to keep working and winning clients.

You would never guess he is so young when you talk to him - he’s 20. He is personable and a hard worker, always willing to add to the creative outcome of the shoot. [The personable part probably comes from being Texan] Although Anthony is not featured on our home page he is featured on the cover of our current mailing and in our store windows. If you don’t currently get our mailings you can sign up here.

Take a minute to get to know Anthony.

Meet the Model: Anthony

1 - Where are you from originally?
Magnolia, TX

[“Magnolia, Texas is a wonderful town just north of Houston. It’s a serene area with great people, complemented by a country atmosphere. The landscape is filled with beautiful forests, peaceful pastures, rolling hills and much more.”]

2 - What initially drew you to modeling? I use to be Abercrombie shirtless greeter.

[“Today at the Abercrombie & Fitch store at The Grove they were using the easiest trick in the book to lure in teenage girls and gay men: young male flesh.”]

3 - What do you do to stay in shape? I seriously workout and obey a strict diet.

4 - What’s your least favorite body part? My feet.

5 - Besides modeling, what do you enjoy in life? I play the guitar and I’m into acting.

[Anthony, you may be a “bit young” to know this man but if you enjoy playing the guitar you need to hear him.]

6 - Who are your favorite photographers? Bruce Weber

[“Visionaire (by Bruce Weber) is a multi-format fashion and art publication released thrice yearly as collectible limited editions.” Click the image to learn more.]

7 - Who is the most famous person you have ever met? P. Diddy

[“You know how you feel when one of my records come on.”]

8 - Who is the most interesting person in your cell phone? My grandpa

[Is this the most endearing thing you have ever heard?]

9 - If we would give you $100,000, what would you do with it? Invest it and move into a better apartment.

[Oh wow, completely took away any southern hospitality idea we had about you. I think New York has taken over. ;)]

10 - Tell us a secret about yourself your mother doesn’t know. I tell my mother everything

[Good boy]

11 - Boxers or Briefs? Boxers

12 - What brand would we find most in your closet? Dickies

[Hmmm, we don't know how to respond to this.]

13 - What’s playing in your iPod right now? underoath

[“Underoath have single-handedly given hope to a genre ripe with rip-offs, carbon copies, and flavor of the week musical acts. ” Click the image to learn more.]

Some more shots of Anthony from our great “rockin’ winter shoot”. |1|2|3|4| Stay tuned for more updates about our winter shoot.