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Universally Hard


OK, I’m not one to usually brag but... I’m actually sporting a Hard 8 right now. You know what? I’m not Afraid to tell you about it. In fact, I am going to brag about it. It’s hot, and looks damn good. Don’t worry, if you haven’t personally been Blessed with one already, you’re Forgiven. This baby was specifically designed with you in mind and Universal Gear is the one and only place it can be Found.

afraid.jpg found.jpg
That’s right, Universal Gear has teamed up with Hard 8 to bring you an exclusive series of high end shirts. For those who don’t know, Hard 8 is a t-shirt company out of Los Angeles. They hand print, sew and grind every detail with loving care right there in the City of Angels. The name could mean a few things but it’s actually a long-shot bet in the game of craps. Rolling a double 4 makes a "HARD 8" and it pays about 10 to 1(about the same odds as making it in the fashion business, jokes Victor Mizrahi, founder.)

blessed.jpg forgiven.jpg
The I AM series was designed to be profound, pert and above all else personal. Each shirt can be read in a number of different ways but is up to the wearer to make the final statement of who they are. All the designs are American made and hand printed on high quality ultra soft cotton. The V-Necks have also been hand grinded around the edges and feature and unique ribbed under-sleeve, which helps to accentuate those beautiful arms you’ve been working so hard on. So go ahead, don’t be afraid to make statement. Get out there and show them who you are!

-- Chord