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Mother Nature's Underwear: Part Two

WHAT’S NEW: a micro modal collection called POSH; a “green” collection based on bamboo

“Men are becoming more accepting of underwear that is softer, nicer, better - what Europeans always had and what’s just coming to the U.S. now,” says C-IN2 sales director Larry Meltzer. His colleague, creative director Greg Sovell, explains: “I’m not sure if the normal consumer knows the difference between a knit and a woven, but I think men have come to realize that the ‘feel’ of the fabrics is directly related to the comfort of the underwear. And I do think men are turning away from fabrics that appear effeminate, such as satins and silks.”

Sovell, who’s been in the business over a dozen years - first as founder of 2(x)ist - has become something of a fiber connoisseur. “Men know that cotton usually equates to soft and comfortable,” he says, “but it’s important to realize that 100 percent cotton doesn’t define the yarn type – which has a huge effect on the feel (e.g., open end or ring-spun). And it’s also important to realize that the premium cottons - like pima - have a totally different, really incredible hand.” Sovell’s now using “some of the relatively new versions of Modal and Tencel made by Lenzing” to create a luxury collection call “Posh” coming out later this summer. Also coming from CIN2: a bamboo collection with a patented pouch design called “Trophy Shelf.”

(this excerpt from the DNR Textile Report)