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Mother Nature's Underwear: Part One

Underwear is going back to nature. The leaders in the market are looking back to cotton and ahead to soy, bamboo and Modal. Take a look at what’s top brands are doing for you.

WHAT’S NEW: a soy collection

“It’s wicking. It’s UV protectant. It’s naturally antimicrobial. It’s green. It’s got a bunch of benefits and, let’s face it, we’re living in the age of soy lattes and soy milk,””says 2(x)ist design director Jason Scarlatti about his new favorite fiber, “but the main reason we’re doing soy is that it feels better than cashmere.”

Scarlatti fell for the feel of soy quite a while ago but says, “It took a year of testing to get it right,” including laundry tests, wear tests, and various experiments that led him to add 5 percent Lycra to the fabric for recovery. Then, when he found that soy fabric in its natural state “was a kind of oatmeal color that didn’t seem especially appealing,” he moved the collection to black, sapphire and slate. Last came the promotion: 2(x)ist will put the soy collection in new packaging with a bright green band at the top and a box that’s half an inch taller so it stands slightly above the others. “Then we’ll be explaining the attributes of soy on the back of the box,” says Scarlatti.

(this excerpt from the DNR Textile Report)