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November 29, 2006

Warm & Fuzzy: Helping The Fight Against Aids


It's that time of year again! As you slave over your keyboard in search of the perfect gift for everyone on your list (including yourself), consider a gift that gives back. For every sweater we sell from now until December 24th, Universal Gear will donate $5 to Until There's A Cure. Started in 1993 by two concerned mothers, Until There's A Cure is a national organization dedicated to eradicating HIV/AIDS.

"Our goal is to fund prevention education, care services, and vaccine development using The Bracelet as the tool. The Bracelet will serve not only as a bridge to unite people to fight HIV/AIDS, but to help people to recognize that anyone—man, woman, or child—can be infected and that everyone should be compassionate, understanding, and responsible."


With celebrities like Destiny's Child, Susan Sarandon, The Rock and Alan Cummings helping them, Until There's A Cure has raised millions for HIV/AIDS education and research.

Get that warm and fuzzy feeling this holiday by doing your part. Click here to shop our entire selection of sweaters or to wrap your wrist in the hippest accessory of the season!

Happy holidays from the team at Universal Gear!

Learn more about Until There's A Cure by visiting their website.

-- Jon

November 20, 2006

Bigger & Better: C-IN2's New Trophy Shelf

Want a bigger bulge? Don't like dealing with hoops and rings?
Well C-IN2 has answered your prayers with the new Trophy Shelf!


By using two pleats in the fabric (see the return of everyone's favorite illustration), the underwear forces you front and center. The genius of this design is that unlike its big brother Sling Support, the Trophy Shelf has no hoops that you have to jump through (so to speak) so you stay comfortable all day long.

Because of this new design, C-IN2 can now put the Trophy Shelf in styles where the Sling Support could not go. For instance, every style in the C-IN2 Bamboo line including jockstraps feature the Trophy Shelf. But don't worry, they're all still cut low to go nicely with your low-rise jeans!

-- Jon

November 15, 2006

Fleece For All


After months of adjusting fits, prints and details our first ever fleece line has finally arrived. Now, of course, I am a little biased when it comes to this program. I worked closely with our friends over at Triple Five Soul to put together a fleece program with a Universal Gear twist. And if I do say so myself, the end product is nothing short of amazing. These are not your dad’s basic sweats.


First, we used a premium 100% cotton fleece. The fabric is so ultra soft and thick enough to keep you warm on those chilly winter nights. We then lowered the rise on the shorts and the pants to get rid of baggy excess fabric and give them a more modern fit. Both have two side pockets, a back pocket with Velcro closure, and a hidden interior pocket. Finally we added our signature city graphics for the ultimate finishing touch.

The hoodies feature the same ultra soft fabric and slimmer fit. They also have a couple hidden features of their own. The inside of the right pocket has an opening to the interior of the hoodie. There you’ll find a small pocket for iPod style headphones. When you’re ready to listen to your music you’ll find a small hook at the top of the zipper. Simple thread your headphones through the hook and pump up the jam. The hook will keep the headphone from tangling and getting in your way.


November 14, 2006

Mother Nature's Underwear: Part Two

WHAT’S NEW: a micro modal collection called POSH; a “green” collection based on bamboo

“Men are becoming more accepting of underwear that is softer, nicer, better - what Europeans always had and what’s just coming to the U.S. now,” says C-IN2 sales director Larry Meltzer. His colleague, creative director Greg Sovell, explains: “I’m not sure if the normal consumer knows the difference between a knit and a woven, but I think men have come to realize that the ‘feel’ of the fabrics is directly related to the comfort of the underwear. And I do think men are turning away from fabrics that appear effeminate, such as satins and silks.”

Sovell, who’s been in the business over a dozen years - first as founder of 2(x)ist - has become something of a fiber connoisseur. “Men know that cotton usually equates to soft and comfortable,” he says, “but it’s important to realize that 100 percent cotton doesn’t define the yarn type – which has a huge effect on the feel (e.g., open end or ring-spun). And it’s also important to realize that the premium cottons - like pima - have a totally different, really incredible hand.” Sovell’s now using “some of the relatively new versions of Modal and Tencel made by Lenzing” to create a luxury collection call “Posh” coming out later this summer. Also coming from CIN2: a bamboo collection with a patented pouch design called “Trophy Shelf.”

(this excerpt from the DNR Textile Report)

November 08, 2006

Mother Nature's Underwear: Part One

Underwear is going back to nature. The leaders in the market are looking back to cotton and ahead to soy, bamboo and Modal. Take a look at what’s top brands are doing for you.

WHAT’S NEW: a soy collection

“It’s wicking. It’s UV protectant. It’s naturally antimicrobial. It’s green. It’s got a bunch of benefits and, let’s face it, we’re living in the age of soy lattes and soy milk,””says 2(x)ist design director Jason Scarlatti about his new favorite fiber, “but the main reason we’re doing soy is that it feels better than cashmere.”

Scarlatti fell for the feel of soy quite a while ago but says, “It took a year of testing to get it right,” including laundry tests, wear tests, and various experiments that led him to add 5 percent Lycra to the fabric for recovery. Then, when he found that soy fabric in its natural state “was a kind of oatmeal color that didn’t seem especially appealing,” he moved the collection to black, sapphire and slate. Last came the promotion: 2(x)ist will put the soy collection in new packaging with a bright green band at the top and a box that’s half an inch taller so it stands slightly above the others. “Then we’ll be explaining the attributes of soy on the back of the box,” says Scarlatti.

(this excerpt from the DNR Textile Report)

November 06, 2006

Cornered: Diesel

Here it is...the first look at the new Diesel corner in our Atlanta store.

Diesel selected Universal Gear Atlanta as the next location for a Diesel corner--basically a mini-store within a store (there is only 1 other corner in the country from our friends at LASC). The combination of amazing vintage fixtures and equally amazing Diesel clothing is a site to behold. So hop in your car for a fashion road-trip and check out what Diesel's up to now!

To celebrate, join us for a unique evening of cocktails, hors d'oeuvres, music, models, fashion, Diesel give-aways and more!

Thursday November 16th 2006



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--Jon & Jim