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Matt, our third model from our summer shoot, definitely didn’t come accross as a first timer. He was easy to work with and had a great sense of humor (albeit, a little bit on the raunchy side).

One thing that did shock us about him was discovering he had nipple rings. They weren’t there in any of the pictures we saw of him when we booked him. At first we weren’t sure whether to have him leave them in or take them out. So we tried both ways. In the denim part of the shoot you can see Matt’s piercings. In the other parts of the shoot we had him take them out. Unfortunately for Matt, by the end of the day the piercing holes had closed and he had to have them redone. Ouch!

Take a chance to get to know Matt below.

Meet the Model: Matt

1 - Where are you from originally? Rome, Pa . . . One of those small towns you see in a movie with one traffic light.

2 - What do you do when not modeling? Hang out with friends, play football, lacrosse, street hockey, basketball or any other sport that I can be involved in. I love to ride four-wheeler and hang out at the beach.

3 - How old are you? 20

4 - What's your work out routine like? I usually do legs once or twice a week, I’ll hit my abs everyday and sometimes twice, I’ll do my chest real hard twice a week and then I will work my arms and back in on the other days.

5 - What's your favorite body part? My favorite body part would have to be the lower abs around where the “V” is formed.

6 - 5 years from now where do you see yourself? In five years from now I still would love to be modeling. I would also like to see DCM, a clothing line for lacrosse t-shirts that I designed, to really be hitting the market.

7 - Do you have pets? I do not have any pets, but I do like them.

8 - What's your favorite vacation spot?I would have to pick the mountains over anywhere else, I love to go there and be in that environment and get nice and muddy riding four-wheelers.

9 - What's your favorite piece of clothing on I love jeans, so I would say any of the jeans.

10 - Boxers or Briefs? This is always a popular question . . . as long as they match the shirt I am wearing I don’t care if they are boxers or briefs.

11 - How long have you been modeling? UG was my first modeling job, but I have been in the business trying to establish myself for about a year.

12 - Funniest thing that has happened to you: Having some random person come up to me and asking me if I was related to Elvis.

13 - Most embarrassing thing that has happened to you:It takes a lot to embarrass me so, if there is anything, I am not admitting to it!!!

14 - If you moved where would you go?If I could move back to my hometown of Rome and still model I would do it in a heartbeat.

15 - What are you passionate about?I am passionate about being successful in life, about seeing DCM become a successful sports clothing line and modeling.

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Photography Scott Henrichsen • Model Matt R&L Model Management