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Boot - Delicious


boots_02.jpgGo ahead, take a moment. Don’t worry... I won’t look. Take a deep breath and say that final goodbye to your flip flops. That’s right -- pack them way, close the box and put it under your bed - summer is officially over. It is time for you to trade in your sandals for something bit more substantial. Dry your tears, stand up straight and get ready for your introduction to boot camp.

That’s right; the boot is back this season with a fresh new military twist. It follows two of the seasons other hot trends, which include slimmer fitting jeans and the military inspired invasion. Kenneth Coles’ Army Gear is the perfect example of military meets Milan. The tough black boot has a rounded toe, rugged sole, worn in details and laces up to right above the ankle. The boot should be worn with slimmer fitting jeans like the Levi’s Matchstick. Tuck the bottom of the jean into the boot and only lace it up two thirds. Leave the top untied and let the tongue droop down bit. Top the look off with Affliction T over a white thermal. For those who are really looking to leave their mark complete the outfit with a pair of fingerless Andrew Christian gloves.

Now, forget about those flimsy flip flops. Get your chin up, straighten your back and get ready to march into fall the right way. Hooah!

-- Chord