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Purple Rain


Not since pink has one color dominated a season with such accord as this Fall’s must-have color - purple. From plum to periwinkle; from sweaters to underwear, the majestic color is popping up everywhere. It’s the perfect addition to this year’s dark and somber jewel-toned landscape. It adds a flash of energy while keeping a heavy air of mystery and intrigue. Personally, I could wax rhapsodic about the heavenly hue for days but I think one of the real beauties of this color is its quite pretentious past.

You see, purple dye was - until recently - an extremely hard color to come by. The dye is said to have originated on the island of Crete some 4000 years ago. The brilliantly deep shade was produced from the mucus of various species of marine mollusks. It took about 12,000 shellfish to extract about 1.5 grams of the dye. The expense of creating purple has kept it in the hands of royalty almost exclusively until recently.

While the purple of today is a bit more accessible, the air of prestige has never diminished. The color is bold without being overbearing and It can deftly traverse the color spectrum adding compliment wherever it may land. So whether you’re wearing it as an accent or a statement, be confident that the color purple has a history as pedigreed as you.


Check out the Diesel Kinox Tartan Sweater, Energie Fresbee Sweater, Penguin Hector Sweater or the Pusch Meta Sweater. And stay tuned...there’s more to come.

-- Chord