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August 25, 2006

New Universal Gear Athletics Line!

ANGELS-CRW-GRY!UGT_0000_Layer 3.jpg
Forget about pitcher and catcher…we really just want to know what team you play for. Are you a Chelsea Knight, Dupont Mariner, Lakeview Bruin, Hell’s Kitchen Angel or perhaps a Midtown Mustang?

This year’s line up of Universal Gear Athletic Shirts is a nod to the neighborhoods in which our stores are located. We looked around each location to find inspiration for the team names. MRNRS-MSCL-NVY!UGT_0000_Layer 3.jpgMariners, for example, is a reference to the Rear Admiral Francis Dupont, whom Dupont circle was named after. Who said you couldn’t learn anything from shopping? To give the shirts the perfect worn in feel we lightly distressed the graphics and used some new ultra soft fabrics. Each shirt was then hand printed to give it a unique personality. The same graphics
are also used on our lacrosse shorts. Stay tuned for our fall line up of sweat pants and sweat shorts.

Atlanta.jpg Chicago.jpg NewYork.jpg DC.jpg
-- Chord

August 04, 2006

First Look (Part 2)



For denim, another trend we’re seeing for Fall is the move towards cleaner washes. We saw a hint of this during the raw denim craze this past Spring and the trend continues through Fall (if you missed the boat on raw denim, it’s not too late: 2 of our favorite raw Levi’s are now on sale here. Just snag a pair, then follow Chord’s instructions on how to leave your mark on raw denim.)


If you recall, last year was all about making a statement with your denim. Most of our best selling washes had rips, tears, paint splatters or heavy whiskering to give the jean a super worn-in look. This Fall, the look will be a bit dressier (see trend #4) so the denim will follow suit with cleaner washes and more subtle detailing. Good examples include the Levi’s Matchstick Jean, the Diesel Yarik 70Y, G-Star Core Custom Baker Wash and the Diesel Viker 70Z (which, although not dressy, offers a cleaner look in a lighter wash).
-- Ricardo

firstlook3.jpg4 DRESS ME UP

The sun has long set and the city lights seem to grow dimmer by the second. You’re walking home staring at stars in the sky when suddenly the hair on the back of your neck stands tall. You weren’t expecting it but yet you knew it would come sooner or later. The cutting chill of the night breeze signals the impending return of fall and the end of summer. Yes, it is that time again -- time to start thinking less about shorts and swim and more about scarves and sweaters.

Although the crisp autumn season is still months away we here at Universal Gear have long been focusing on what to wear during the colder months. This season continues where last fall left off. Whether it’s off to a charity gala or just to the grocery store the trend is all about dressing up. This look is reminiscent of World War II era soldier meets turn of the century New York school boy. Last years textured fabric story continues with tweeds, herringbones and corduroy still on fire. Wool also makes a big comeback in outwear with tons of pea coats and three quarter length car coats. These fabrics are stylized with military inspired details like gold buttons, double breasting, and epilettes. The tuxedo shirt also makes a gallant return this fall. The versatile shirt can easily be dressed up with a pair herringbone pants or dressed down with your favorite pair of jeans. Finish off the look with a fitted dress vest and driving cap. For the really adventurous add a pair of suspenders worn down.

August 03, 2006

(MALIN+GOETZ) comes to Universal Gear!

Created by cosmetic and fashion industry veteran Matthew Malin and longtime marketing professional Andrew Goetz, MALIN+GOETZ is a modern apothecary located in New York's Chelsea neighborhood.

"Matthew Malin and Andrew Goetz have always appreciated, even celebrated, how little they have in common. 'We're opposites in every way,' said Mr. Malin, 38. 'Andrew loves to cook, and I hate to cook. He's opinionated, I'm diplomatic. The main inspiration for the pair's streamlined unisex skin care line, MALIN+GOETZ, was yet another yin and yang. 'Andrew has oily skin and mine is dry,' Mr. Malin said. 'We wanted to create products we could both use.'"(New York Times July 30th, 2006 - featured below)

is a two-step regimen for irritant-free, perfect PH balance from head to toe - face, body, and hair.

Each formula blends trusted natural ingredients with gentle performance technologies that address skin sensitivities, irritations, and allergies resulting from unnecessary products and harsh ingredients.

The key to their extraordinary cleansers is their hydration science. Gentle cleansing agents purify and hydrate. The advanced moisturizers are oil and residue-free, instead of traditionally greasy pore-clogging oils or waxes. Into both they incorporate beneficial botanical extracts that enhance performance and provide fresh, natural scents that quickly evaporate. Each ingredient is carefully chosen, resulting in formulas without unnecessary detergents or colorants.

Need more reasons to love MALIN+GOETZ? They do not test on animals and are made in the USA!

Shop MALIN+GOETZ products!

-- Jon