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Meet the Authors

jon.jpgThe Sarcastic E-Marketer

As our Marketing Assistant, Jon is responsible for our website visuals and our online marketing programs (including the nice emails you receive every week). Jon recently won the company's coveted "Most Improved Dresser" award for 2005. As an overachiever, he's hoping for a repeat in 2006 and is even considering really stepping out this month and buying a western shirt.

Jon is one of the more kind-hearted people around (though his sisters would probably argue with that). He is unusually intuitive, insanely sarcastic and is obsessed with science-fiction movies, sweet and sour chicken and dark chocolate.

chord.jpgThe Style Maven

Chord's philanthropic mission in life is to help former clubwear junkies (think tight YMLA shirts from the late 90's) make a full and complete recovery into Diesel, Energie and G-Star. As our Buyer, he's responsible for a good chunk of the clothing you see in our stores. He spends a lot of time on his appearance and has earned the distinction of the Charlotte of the group (with a little bit of Carrie’s passion for fabulous shoes thrown in for good measure).

Chord is a bright ray of sunshine and secretly wonders why he’s not famous yet. He enjoys running, making fashion statements and is fully immersing himself in his new hobby: finding the world's best sushi.

jim.jpgThe Crazy Creative Type

As our Creative Director, Jim oversees our promotional calendar planning window campaigns, postcards and photo shoots. He is a media junkie and subscribes to magazines and blogs most of us have never heard of (many of which might be illegal in some countries).

He is complex, somewhat mysterious, thoughtful and never content to skate on the surface. He enjoys Friday nights more than most people and has a killer collection of plaid pants and shorts. You can find Jim every Summer in a number of compromising positions at the annual Burning Man Festival.

ricardo.jpgThe Devil Who Wears Diesel

As our Vice-President, Ricardo oversees marketing, buying, operations, ecommerce and finance for UG. He is also responsible for UG's international imports and insists his annual buying trip to Rio is all work and no play (we don't believe him either).

Optimistic to a fault, Ricardo is friendly, charming and great with people. His obsessions range from Wimbledon to the Academy Awards. He lives for the beach and few things make him happier than a good meal with lots of carbohydrates. Though he owns several dozen pairs of jeans, he often complains about having nothing to wear.