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“It all started with an old parachute...”


Last month, Diesel once again graciously invited us to attend the unveiling of their Spring 2007 collection in Greece. And once again, we were sworn to secrecy about the details of the collection (but don’t worry, we’ll throw some hints out there to whet your appetite).

One of the highlights for us was learning more about the design process. For inspiration, Diesel sends the design team to new locations each season. At their destination, the designers find specific locations, objects, people, local customs or even phrases that become the muses for the collection. Each season if you look closely enough, you can uncover the small details the designers sprinkled throughout the collection that go along with the theme. Sometimes, these details are obvious and boldly written across a t-shirt. Other times, they’re subtle--an embroidered symbol inside the collar or the old “For successful living” slogan written in a foreign language.

For Spring 2007, one of the items that inspired the collection was an old parachute they found in an LA vintage store (at least that’s what the slim designer from Denmark told me when we were sipping pina coladas by the pool). While watching the fashion show, I was amazed by how frequently the parachute features he described (the discoloration of the canopy, the hanging adjustable straps and toggles and the military feel) made their way into specific items in the collection.


What else can you expect? Super-soft fabrics (including luxurious cashmere tees), slimmer straight-leg jeans (look for the Safado Jean in a great bleached wash in February/March 2007) and shorter everything (including slightly shorter casual shorts). Photography during the fashion show was strictly prohibited, but we managed to snag one picture for you. Stay tuned here for more updates on Spring trends.

Like last year, the camaraderie of the Diesel family was another highlight. Every year, several hundred Diesel employees from all over the world meet for this event. Their energy and passion for the brand are absolutely contagious. Our meals together were outrageous 3-hour long events full of laughter, Greek wine and a ridiculous amount of eggplant and feta cheese (I’m not kidding, we ate more feta cheese those 3 days than I think I’ve eaten in the past 3 decades).

"Chord and Ricardo bond with their Diesel sales manager Carmela"