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Meet Tracy Matthews


At a trade show we attended in Las Vegas this past February, one of the highlights was a new jewelry designer who combined classic materials with unexpected ones to create handsome and unique pieces. Here is a quick interview with the woman behind this great new brand.

Is Tracy Matthews a real person? Yes, I am real! Can you believe it?

What does she eat for breakfast? Bananas and Peanut butter...most days.

How long has the line been around? TMD men, a little over a year; Tracy Matthews Designs (women’s) 7 years.

What is the inspiration for the men’s line? The inspiration for all of my collections comes from many things: My yoga practice, fashion, art, nature, my travels, and an interest in combining the unusual. I really felt there was a void of really cool jewelry for men. I wanted to design things that are wearable, collectable and hip. In women’s jewelry, there has been a huge trend in charms and wood. My guy friends kept bugging me to make something for them, so I thought, “Why can’t I interpret these trends into something cool for a guy?” So I took some rosewood, created some current shapes, like horns and dog tags, and added some cool castings and rivets to the pieces, and voila...TMD men was created. Within a year, the collection has really evolved. The first collection only had 30 pieces and has since grown to 100 per collection.

Why do you use the materials you do? The current collection is comprised of hand carved rosewood, sterling silver rivets and oxidized sterling silver.

Where do you see the line going? Next season we are going to develop the wood and silver collections a bit more, adding more silver shapes to the wood, expanding on the more traditional aspect of the line with different shapes in cufflinks, experiment with different metal finishes and add more signature pieces. Going forward, I would like to incorporate steel into the collection...more to come. Super cool!

What else can you tell us about yourself?
Here are a few more facts about me:
- I am an avid yogini and yoga teacher. I have been practicing yoga since 1997 and have been teaching since 2001.
- I have always dreamed of being bi-coastal and am finally giving it a shot and will be living half time in NYC and SF.
- I love music and Karaoke (even though I have a horrible singing voice).
- I like to take naps on the weekend.
- Really cool people work for me and with me...without them, TMD would not be here.