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Meet Jared

How do we describe Jared? Tall would be one word - he stands in at just a little over 6’2”. Driven is another word. Even though he has only started modeling recently he is progressing fast. With an agency in Chicago looking at him and another agency in New York wanting to see him as well, he is fast on his way to making a career out of modeling. Although I’m sure he’s not ready to give up his quest to become a lawyer.

When we asked Jared to come in for a test shoot we had no idea how good he would look in the clothing. He turned out to be everything we were hoping to find in a model. Every piece of clothing we put on him was a terrific fit. You can see more of Jared in our “Summer’s Top Ten Must Haves”.

As a form of introduction to all of our customers we asked Jared a few questions so everyone could get to know him a bit.

1 - Where are you from originally? Fairfax, Virginia

2 - What do you do when not modeling? Snowboard, wakeboard, lift and go to school

3 - How old are you? 21

4 - What’s your work out routine like? Gym in the a.m. for cardio and abs, back again in the afternoon for weights and more cardio - 7 days a week

5 - What’s your favorite body part to work out? Chest

6 - What body part gives you the most trouble? Chest

7 - What’s your favorite body part? Biceps

8 - What’s your least favorite body part? Back

9 - 5 years from now where do you see yourself? Practicing law

10 - What’s your favorite vacation spot? Vail Colorado

11 - What’s your favorite piece of clothing on Drifter Decore Shirt

12 - What brand would we find most in your closet? Lacoste

13 - Boxers or Briefs? Boxers

14 - What do you like to do for fun? Snowboard, wakeboard, hangout with friends

15 - What’s your favorite place to just hang out and relax? At the lake house

16 - Funniest thing that has happened to you? I was at a bar one night and saw a girl that I had a class with freshman year. We were talking all night, and I could tell she was into me but I wasn’t interested. At the end of the night I was leaving the bathroom headed for the front door and she stopped me to give me her number. Thinking to myself ‘I’m never going to call’ I pretended to put her number in my phone to be nice and just punched in 111-111-1111, with every intention of deleting it later. After I put the fake number in...she reached over and took my phone saying ‘here, let me store it!’ She saw the fake number and the look on her face almost turned me to stone. Without saying a single word I took my phone back and walked out of the bar.

17 - Most embarrassing thing that has happened to you? See #16

18 - If you moved where would you go? Alaska

19 - What are you passionate about? Being outdoors and getting into law school